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Imagine having millions, and being a charitable type, decide to spread your wealth around a bit.
It’s a fascinating concept and most of us wish we could be on the receiving end of that concept.
Season 3 (13 full episodes) Episode 13 - George & Kym Rapier: Oakridge, OR3 years agoGeorge Rapier, the founder of a successful medical management company, and his wife travel to Oakridge, Oregon, in search of deserving people and organizations in need. Secret Millionaire takes America's wealthy away from their lavish lifestyles and places them in some of the poorest neighborhoods in America. S7 E10 Jan 11, 2011The Secret Millionaire Changed My Life: Dawn GibbinsWhen she originally appeared on The Secret Millionaire, Dawn Gibbins' life was at a crossroads. Some of us actually belong to the giving, generous portion of the population and love the idea of giving to those in need. Ferber, an Internet advertiser, spent time with a man Amin, an everyday Samaritan who uses his time to give to others around him. Frustrated when his iPhone crashed, he turned a problem and a $250 investment into a universal synchronization company with global reach. Season 6, Episode 5 S6 E4 Mar 22, 2010Fil Adams-MercerFil Adams-Mercer puts his success down to a strong work ethic.

Do it through a network television program designed to help people on both sides of the “street”. But, determining who is actually needing and deserving can get complicated because greed makes many of us deceptive. Episode 10 - Debbie Johnston: Richmond, CA3 years agoSelf-made millionaire Debbie Johnston leaves her home in Richmond, Virginia, for Richmond, California in search of organizations worthy of donations. ABC takes viewers along as true life millionaires enter poverty stricken areas to live among the local citizens and upon getting to know them, donate part of their millions to one or more deserving folks or projects in the area. That’s why these secret millionaires infiltrate the poor community and try to make good decisions based on how they perceive the needs and those who deserve. Winbush directs his passion, energy and intellect into everything he does, including his dedication to education and improving the social condition.
Season 6, Episode 4 S6 E3 Mar 15, 2010Jahan AbediIranian-born Jahan Abedi, who considers himself Welsh through and through, has made millions from property. Don’t miss this inspiring television program that has been produced in the UK, Australia, and the U.S. Understanding and devoted to providing technical tools and education in both rural and urban areas, he donates resources and technology to schools nationwide and speaks frequently to organizations that promote social change like the New York Urban League, Project Enterprise and others.

Season 7, Episode 8 S7 E7 Nov 25, 2010Tom MairsTom Mairs, the son of a multi-millionaire, has become a millionaire in his own right.
He leads the CyberSynchs' executive team on the path of high growth, revolutionizing the world of data synchronization for virtually any digital device.
Season 6, Episode 3 S6 E2 Mar 8, 2010Paul RaganMulti-millionaire Paul Ragan travels to Derby. Season 7, Episode 4 S7 E3 Oct 31, 2010Marcelle SpellerSixty-year-old dotcom millionaire Marcelle Speller made her millions relatively late in life.
Season 7, Episode 3 S7 E2 Oct 24, 2010Richard NorthKarate expert and father of four Richard North is in the business of fun. Season 7, Episode 2 S7 E1 Oct 17, 2010Chris BrownGadget-mad entrepreneur Chris Brown accepts that some people might consider him a geek.

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