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Gangan Online (home of Watamote) has announced that Satsuki Yoshino's 2009 Barakamon will be adapted into anime. As previously reported, Attack on Titan is getting a Nintendo 3DS game that offers up some of the manga and anime series' Titan battlin' action in 3D. Developed by Spike Chunsoft, Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind aims to recreate the thrill of using 3D maneuver gear, and follows the anime's story with playable characters like Eren, Mikasa, and Armin. Hirano, who was best known as the voice of Haruhi Suzumiya in the Haruhi Suzumiya anime series, made her debut as a singer with 1st single "Breakthrough" from Lantis in March 2006 and released many hit singles including "Bouken Desho Desho?" (April 2006, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya OP) and "Super Driver" (June 2009, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: 2009 Edition OP) from the company. Her 2nd single (12th in total) from Universal Music Japan's "Universal Sigma" label, "Promise" will be released in Japan on October 9. At Hayao Miyazaki's retirement press conference on September 6, Studio Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki announced that the studio planned to release its next feature in summer of 2014. Miyazaki, who wrote the script for Arrietty with Keiko Niwa, clearly said at the press conference that he will not support any works by the young directors at the studio. While Kantai Collection or "Combined Fleet Girls Collection", KanColle for short hasn't registered too firmly in the conscious of international Cool Japan enthusiasts, since its launch in April, the free-to-play online social card starring anthropomorphic moe battleships by Kadokawa has become huge among Japanese otaku. In the game play as an admiral, assembling your fleet of battleship girls, going to war against alien enemies to keep things from getting too politically weird. You are reading an article written by a citizen of eRepublik, an immersive multiplayer strategy game based on real life countries. A random anime-series film that just so happens to have been co-written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Now considered Ghibli’s first full-length movie even though it was released a year before the official formation of the Studio, Nausicaa has aged a lot better than most of the other animes from that time. A Pre-Ghibli film with a good measure more heart than most of Takahata’s actual Ghibli movies.
The art direction is this movie is superb, it really brings the Castle in the Sky straight out of Gulliver’s Travels and onto the movie screen. Arguably the most well-known anime movie ever made, My Neighbor Totoro follows the exploits of two little girls, Satsuki and Mei, and how they learn to cope with their mother being constantly in the hospital through the loving help and guidance of mystical (and fuzzy!) forest spirits, the Totoro (the word Totoro usually just refers to the biggest gray one, but technically applies to all three). Spirited Away was the first of Miyazaki’s movies to win an Oscar, obviously for Best Animated Film. This movie gave some worried anime fans great assurance that Miyazaki was in no way past his prime and still able to bring an enchanted story (originally written by Diana Wynne Jones) to life. Miyazaki was challenged by someone to make another movie with the true poignancy and magic that was captured in Totoro.
Tales from Earthsea was the first Ghibli movie to be directed by Hayao Miyazaki’s son, Goro Miyazaki.
Directed by Yoshifumi Kondo, a Ghibli employee who was expected to join the ranks of Miyazaki and Takahata, but died of a brain aneurism in 1998, Whisper of the Heart is a love story at it’s core, and a really good movie. Hiroyuki Morita’s first and only directing credit, The Cat Returns, is probably the only Ghibli movie that I would liken to a Disney-style movie. The first movie to be directed by Studio Ghibli’s youngest director (at age 37) Hiromasa Yonebayashi is a bit of a melancholy one. I was so excited when I saw a friend post on Facebook this morning that the most recent Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli film, “The Secret World of Arrietty” will be in theaters in the US in February of 2012!
Studio Ghibli films are always beautifully produced, but I thought that Arrietty was even a step above their normal production. My Neighbor Totoro (??????? Tonari no Totoro), a story of two little girls who move to a new house in the country with their father. Welcome to JetWit!The de facto alumni magazine, career center, publicist and communication channel for the JET alumni community of over 55,000 worldwide. The comedy follows an arrogant young man who, upon being told that his calligraphy is "rigid and bland" by master, moves to a remote island on a quest to discover why. There's multiplayer for up to four players, you can create and train characters, and even save NPCs who are captured by Titans by cutting off their arm. The song is featured as the insert song for the upcoming live-action film Kitakitsune Monogatari: The 35th Anniversary Renewal Edition. In 2012, she moved to Universal Music Japan and released the 1st single from the company, "TOxxxIC" with the infamous PV in February 2013. The CD single also contains another insert song for the film by her, "Takaramono." The film Kitakitsune Monogatari hits Japanese theaters on October 19.
Suzuki said, "We old people will support them behind." Suzuki is now 65 yeas old and Miyazaki is 72.
Fueling the assumption that its only a matter of time before the hit franchise spawns an anime series, the game has now inspired a new manga and a light novel series.

This new adaptation joins a 4panel spoof starring the girls in school by Momoi Ryota running in Famitsu Comic Clear.
Create your own character and help your country achieve its glory while establishing yourself as a war hero, renowned publisher or finance guru. Before that time many of the writers, directors, producers and animators that would come to form Studio Ghibli worked together on several anime movies. As such, this movie contains far less crudeness and nudity than your average Lupin III fare. A cute if somewhat sedate movie about Gauche who is a cellist with a local orchestra and how he learns different important cello lessons from random talking animals that visit him every night including a tanuki, a cuckoo, a cat, and a pair of mice to prepare him for an upcoming concert. Most of their movies are great for both adults and kids, the ones that aren’t are noted within their respective reviews. The bittersweet robots that inhabit and protect the garden may even end up being some of your favourite anime characters, not because they are amusing, but because of the care and dedication that they exude whenever you see them. This is by far the most graphic of Ghibli’s movies, with gore and decapitation among other things. This magical anime follows the quest of a girl named Sophie to restore her youth that was stolen by the Witch of the Waste.
Only Yesterday follows a woman named Taeko and how she comes to grips with reality through constant flashbacks to her past. It is also in my opinion Isao Takahata’s best work (even though most people will claim his magnum opus is Grave of the Fireflies). It ended up being an alright (if somewhat pedestrian) movie, especially considering that Hayao did not consider Goro ready for the responsibility of directing a Ghibli feature film.
Not necessarily in a bad way, but the plot eventually gets to the point of being stretched a good deal. While it still has charming Ghibli undertones, this movie plays out in a rather formulaic (though fantastical) manner and seems to allude greatly to Alice in Wonderland.
With beautifully painted scenery and expressive motion, The Secret World of Arrietty features what is truly the pinnacle thus far of Ghibli’s renowned animation. The scenery from the garden around the house was exquisite… every leaf, flower and dew drop was so fresh and colorful that when you watch it on the big screen you truly feel you are the size of a Borrower, walking though the jungle of an overgrown garden.
Strangely enough, the house is inhabited by an amazing array or spirits that can only be seen by children, including the large, fuzzy, and toothy monster called Totoro and his friend the Cat Bus. A 14-year-old Borrower named Arrietty strives to prove herself by helping her father gather materials that her family needs from Sho’s new home.
However we also experienced that your browser may cause the problem if this is the case restart your browser completely and try again. In a recent interview with Asahi Shimbun which was published on September 18, Suzuki revealed the film is directed by 40-year-old Hiromasa Yonebayashi, the director of the studio's 2010 film The Secret World of Arrietty, and produced by Yoshiaki Nishimura, who is currently working on Isao Takahata's latest anime film Kaguyahime no Monogatari as a producer. These movies have much of the charm of Studio Ghibli features and are in many cases now also owned and distributed by Studio Ghibli. This movie also happens to be the general favourite in the anime out of the 5 Lupin III movies.
Laputa revolves around a boy named Pazu and the girl that floats unceremoniously down from the sky into his life, Sheeta, and how they save Laputa and the world from corruption.
The narrative follows Kiki and her witty cat Jiji as they set out for a town where Kiki can become the resident witch and earn some valuable experience in life. The movie follows Chihiro as she and her family get caught in a bizarre spirit world, and how she tries to overcome fear and adversity to escape this strange land. She seeks out Howl and his moving castle not knowing what kind of troubles and strange adventures await her. The movie follows the last few weeks in the lives of Seita and Setsuko before their untimely deaths in WWII Japan. The plot follows a clan of shape-shifting tanuki (raccoon-like animals native to Japan) as they battle against humanity, as well as other tanuki. The style of animation changes drastically at random points in the film, but serves to emphasize the mood as opposed to being plainly distracting. Basically, this is a decidedly shojo movie, but I don’t think that that should deter anyone from watching. With that said, it is still an awesome movie, with cats sooo cute that you have to see them to believe them.
To bring the audience further into the world of Mary Norton’s Borrowers, this movie also features exaggerated depth-of-field and sound effects. The soundtrack was equally amazing – ethereal and quirky, performed by the immensely talented French singer and harpist Cecile Corbel.
They bring in top-notch actors and really smooth out the dialogue while keeping close to the original meaning and feeling of the Japanese. However, Arrietty and Sho meet, breaking the rule that humans must not know about the Borrowers’ existence. Despite their age these movies are of excellent quality, even by today’s high standards, and are by all means worth a watch.

This movie follows Lupin III, a famed thief descended from Arsene Lupin, and his sidekick Daisuke Jigen as they escape from a high-profile robbery of a national casino called Monaco. An all-around solid anime movie with classic Ghibli humour and spirit, definitely recommended.
It’s really a coming-of-age story that follows the hardships and friends that they encounter while Kiki tries to develop her rather sad witch skills into something more useful for society.
The story follows Porco Rosso (a man who was inexplicably turned into a pig) (it never really is explained very well, so don’t bother trying to understand that part), and his tricked-out plane, The Crimson Pig, and how he uses it to patrol the skies and fight evil wherever it may be.
Easily one of the weirder animes in existence, but still not challenging the weirdness of some of Satoshi Kon’s works that will be mentioned later on. The animation in this movie is gorgeous and it has, in my opinion, the single best soundtrack of almost any anime to date.
The story tends to be a bit slower even than most other Ghibli movies, but as a whole it certainly doesn’t plod or drag its proverbial heels, it just pleasantly takes its time.
This is definitely a tear-jerker, and probably the saddest anime movie that I have ever seen. In addition to battles, the movie showcases their lives in times of peace, the mating season, and what happens while their habitats are slowly being demolished by people to build more houses. The movie follows the amusing day-to-day exploits of the quintessentially Japanese Yamada family, and is split into a few smaller episodes by the recitation of traditional Japanese haikus that relate to the episodes’ content. Arren ends up getting caught in the crossfire of an age-old war that had been going on between a powerful wizard and a powerful witch.
The story follows Haru, a kinda half-clumsy misfit teenager, who can only dream of being with a guy she likes.
Sounds that one would normally consider mundane, like the ticking of a clock or footsteps in the hall are given particularly booming, resonant qualities and objects in both the fore- and backgrounds are regularly blurred to both shift focus where it is required and accentuate the relative size of the world that Arrietty inhabits.
The main characters are Arrietty and her family, the last remaining Borrower family in their area. As with all Ghibli movies, this is not your typical anime fare, and definitely worth checking out. I commend Miyazaki for being able to craft such a solid and mystical story that one would swear was actual folklore, but I can’t say that this is one of my favourite animes.
It follows a little goldfish-like girl thing called Ponyo and her sudden transformation into a human after tasting human blood accidentally while healing a cut on a little boy named Sosuke’s finger.
Realistic, touching, and scary, this movie is for anime what Schindler’s List is to live action. It deals a lot with Taeko’s relationships and her life-long search for a loving husband. Much, much more unusual than what Western society normally considers a basic cartoon movie, but brilliant all the same. Definitely one of the best family anime movies around, and heart-warming to watch at any time. The story more or less plods aimlessly along throughout the movie, especially so when compared to Hayao’s masterpieces. This anime is worth the watch, but only after you’ve exhausted the other Ghibli movies in this list (with the possible exceptions of Princess Mononoke and Tales from Earthsea). As one of the most well-made Ghibli movies, it makes you sad to think that there could have been more like it if Kondo hadn’t met an untimely death. The titular Cat, Baron Humbert von Gikkingen, who was featured in Ghibli’s A Whisper of the Heart, returns to help Haru out. The story follows a family of Borrowers (little people that live in our houses between the walls and under the floorboards and borrow little things like thimbles, pins and food that won’t be missed), Arrietty and her parents, as they try to live unnoticed alongside a couple of older ladies and one of their 14-year-old nephews, Sho who is awaiting much-needed heart surgery. One day, while borrowing sugar from the house, Arrietty is seen by the sick boy who’s come to visit the house for the summer. Arrietty will be voiced by Bridget Mendler and supported by a great cast including Carol Burnett, Amy Poehler, and Will Arnet. Good times to be had by all, and a more decent story than is usually found in most non-canonical anime movies. The turning point in the story is Ponyo’s love of Sosuke and how that threatens to not only change her life permanently, but also the world at large. Depending upon your viewpoint, you could see the movie as being either pessimistic or optimistic, but the plot, while moving even more slowly than pokier Ghibli movies like Tales from Earthsea and Ponyo, is certainly worth the ride along with the gorgeous animation and audio.
There is much to be seen with this movie’s fantastic visual style, slightly different from previous Ghibli offerings with more pastels and simple shading.
A family movie at its heart, this movie is recommended especially for more optimistic viewers due to its uniquely ponderous handling of its material, but will give anyone willing to watch both a good time and something to think about when its over.

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