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Monterey Park Hospital, ita€™s known as a€?The Doctors Hospitala€? This hospital has used Frank Da€™Amico, an Actor Comedian with DIABETES, as a guinea pig for medical research.
This story is about Monterey Park Hospital in California, and my brother Franka€™s talent manager Pat Reale.
Pat Reale sounded like a desperate man with a motive when he told me his parents Tony and Mickie Reale cannot afford the taxes anymore on their home in Purchase, New York. Special Thanks goes to Duchynski-Cherko Funeral Home for the beautiful Funeral they presented to the Ricci family, Galli Family, Petrone Family, Acuna Family, Tattora Family, Da€™Amico Family, DeMicco Family, MCgough family, Demasio Family, Bruno Family, Russo Family, Dicapua Family, Della Murra Family, Metz Family, neighbors, political friends, and thank you to all the Teamstera€™s that came to the Funeral, and Franka€™s lifetime Friends, and Comedian Friends who came from all over the tri-state area to say goodbye. The weather was very bad the day of the Funeral, so I know those that came really wanted to be there to say goodbye to Frank, and Ia€™d like to say on behalf of my brother Frank, thank you for being there with us.
All these Hollywood people, including Franka€™s sister Maria Cavalluzzi, and her husband Nick Cavalluzzi, a convicted drug dealer, and his Talent Manager Pat Reale a pauper, and his reject Outlaw Radio friends Matt Alan and Ryan Stiles, and anyone else involved in this scam. All these people mentioned above are utterly disgusting and inhumane for what they did during my brother Frank's last days!
I am ashamed of the family I come from, and my sister Maria Cavalluzzi is the worst of them all to do this to our brother Frank, she always was a low class human being as far back as I could remember growing up with her in the same house, watching her nod out with a cigarette in her mouth, and a hyperdermic needle in her arm.
I want to clearly state as a fact, that, the Ricci's do not associate with the Cavalluzzi's. PS: I heard a song on the radio today, it reminded me of my brother Frank, I listened to the words, and they were so touching that my husband and I, had tears in our eyes, a€?Did I ever tell you, youa€™re my hero, you are everything, everything I wish I could be, I would be nothing without you, thank you, thank you, thank God for you, the wind beneath my wings. Have an open world more along the lines of Witcher 3 or Skyrim instead of the narrow corridor zones of 1-3. As I played the new Tomb Raider reboot for the first time, it felt a lot like watching a friend practice really hard, to get good at something they aren't innately talented at.
One facet of the game that might have contributed to this disparity, is the incredibly frustrating use of set pieces. Tomb Raider's approach to combat is far superior to the Uncharted series that its taking cues from. There were moments during the first half of the game when I thought it had the potential to be like Resident Evil 4, which constantly threw in new, and more difficult enemy types, as you upgraded your guns and got more powerful. In usual their usual fashion, Nintendo dropped a trailer for a weird but really cool looking new game we knew nothing about, and never would have seen coming during the most recent Nintendo Direct. Before we begin lets just say that almost every sentence in this article can be preceded by “Assuming Hyrule Warriors does X.” 1.
So, without further ado, here are, 5 Big Ways “Hyrule Warriors” can experiment with the Zelda franchise, for use in future games! The standout moment of the trailer was Link taking on a Dodongo in the middle of a battlefield.
Even if “Hyrule Warriors” is a tentative title, it could suggest that the vision of the game is for us to play as multiple heroes from Hyrule. I have a bad feeling that this opportunity will be dashed in an attempt to keep some familiar gameplay elements for longtime fans. Aside from Wind Waker, every Zelda game takes place in the same Tolkienesque European fantasy world.
Generic fantasy castle placeholder for the final slightly less generic fantasy castle is generic. I love the Zelda franchise, but their stories are really “bad”, which isn’t necessarily a “bad” thing or a flaw in and of itself. But with a simpler gameplay structure, and no complex dungeon puzzles for players to work through, there should be more time to focus on the story. If only there was this really weird, and really unconventional Zelda spin-off where we could try something like this. I will admit, your concerns are grounded, especially with the game being made by a studio that is known for bad voice work.
Nintendo is already outsourcing the production of this game to a third party studio, so why don’t they just do the same for the writing and voice work. Ironically, if I were to make any criticism of the graphics, it would be that they look too good.
There have been a number of seemingly small changes to the core GOW combat in Ascension that end up having really big impacts, few of them good.
A new addition in this vein is the sliding mechanic, quite often in the game Kratos will start falling down a slope and the camera will pull back a bit and let you will have to control him to avoid obstacles. The next significant change is the Rage Meter, attack enemies without getting hit, and this meter will build until full. But the biggest problem with Rage mode, is that outside of it, you don’t have access to God of War's iconic 5 light attacks followed by 1 explosive heavy attack, and if you take one single hit you’ll lose that full meter and you’ll be back to square one. In past games if you timed a block too early you just went into a regular block and were still safe, and a successful parry made you feel skilled and empowered. Multiplayer is the biggest new feature of Ascension, and the only reason to even consider playing this game, instead of renting it.
Regardless of your weapon you still have light attacks with SQUARE, or heavy attacks with TRIANGLE. I’ll start off by saying I’m not a big COD fan, I’m a Halo guy, but by no means am I a hater of COD.
During the period when I created the RPG class to alleviate boredom, I kept asking myself, “Why are so many people still playing COD?” I was having fun because I hadn’t put this much time into a COD multiplayer since WAW, so it felt fresh to me. Certainly not all, but no doubt many players of COD are players that just started gaming seriously this generation, and COD is quite simply all they know.
I’m not saying that Infinity Ward and Treyarch are intentionally trying to make themselves the drug lords of digital crack.
A fantastic, and insanely deep Strategy JRPG that completely captured my imagination as a child.
Again, I only have the boxes for 2 and 3 here, but I owned all of them, and #1 was my first Megaman game with the traditional side scrolling Megaman gameplay. I was really into Yugioh back in middle school, and this game let me live out my Yugioh fantasies anywhere I went. In retrospect, the fact that the only new unit that this sequel added was a more powerful tank, was downright inexcusable (Advance Wars DS fixed that).
From there his exploits continued, especially during our month long “peace” after the assault on the alien base. It actually took us awhile to pin down the new UFO, and it destroyed one of our satellites before we finally shot it down. No contacts inside, the squad stacked up outside the UFO’s control room, “Whatever was inside had better be worth my best sniper” I thought to myself.
Few times when playing a video game, have I felt the death of a fictitious character as heavily as I did here. X-COM Enemy Unknown is a wonderful and personal game, because it isn’t afraid to leave gaps meant to be filled by the player.
Thank you to all who ever contributed to the magazine, your work has impacted many, and it shall never be forgotten. So a few weeks later, Capcom decides to do it to me again, and release a trailer for DMC at Gamescom that also revelas the inclusion of a very important character from the DMC universe. At that point I was like, WELL FINE, YOU ALREADY SPOILED THE CHARACTER IN THE TITLE, I MAY AS WELL WATCH IT! Two because, this does look like its from the early game, and the plot point that it spoils (in addition to the character), also looks like it will be early in the game, an the impetus for most of the games' story to kick off. Show Don't Tell, will be my title for all my posts that analyze actual gameplay of games, opposed to trailers.
The reason I'm doing this Medal of Honor demo first, is because I do wish to see more shooters compete with Call of Duty. As the squad moves up some stairs they take cover near the top, the player's reticule moves over of their AI squad mates, a button prompt appears that reads "X get ammo".
If the game contained lengthy levels, with multiple door breaches, and limited resources, door breaching could be a very tense and engaging game mechanic. To put the icing on the cake, the game throws out yet another COD trope, in the form of a drone control sequence. Sadly though this game looks like a prettier rip off of past COD games, and I'm really disappointed that EA isn't bringing more to the table this year, to compete with  Black Ops 2. Sadly the opposite happened, and Nintendo showed how it really has been stuck in a time warp the past half decade. Then came the 3rd Party montage, showcasing a bunch of games we don’t need the Wii U to play. Now while I enjoyed it, I’ll be the first to admit that the first Darksiders was a poor man’s Zelda.
Instead it felt like Nintendo spent half of the conference telling everyone that they didn’t have much time to in their press conference to show us everything. Nintendo’s 3DS lineup began with New Super Mario Bros 4, ahem, excuse me, New Super Mario Bros 2. Next I’ll admit I’ve never played a Paper Mario game, and while this demo didn’t excite me at all, I’m sure it will be a great game. The bit of news that solidifies this for me, was Miyamoto’s announcement that he is completely happy with the design of the 3DS, and that Nintendo already has ideas for their next generation of portables.
Reader, never before in my life have I felt so disappointed, infuriated and personally insulted while reading video game news.
I’ll be honest, since I’m a Kingdom Hearts fanboy, I’ll be getting a 3DS so I can play Kingdom Hearts 3DS.
Monterey Park Hospital broke the State Law a€?Power Of Attorneya€? and his talent manager Pat Reale did worse, he manipulated hospitals all over Hollywood, disregarding doctors medical advice about my brother Franka€™s health condition that his infected foot cannot be saved.
Microsoft has officially announced that it has canceled Fable: Legends, the 4 vs 1 multiplayer spin off of the titular franchise, that has consistently succeeded in making fans of the 12 year old series say “Huh?” “Ehh?” “The Fu-?” and asking the question “Why aren’t you making Fable 4?” every time it's shown off at an event. Think about it, an Asymmetrical multiplayer game where the player chooses from a cast of pre-made characters with set personalities and abilities, based on a series that became popular for letting the player make their own character. I will admit, I can’t fault them for trying something different, and they had a good idea, but as a result the world was just a little bit less fun to explore, and had a bit less potential to surprise. They gave you the choice between 3 Archetypal fantasy combat styles that were basically Knight, Rogue and Mage, with Magic usually proving to be overpowered. It became especially problematic in the Fable games where the only real choice the players had was to act like a Heavenly Saint who helps everyone in need, or the spawn of the Devil who leaves trails of dead puppies and spilled ice cream cones in their wake.
Albion needs to be a whimsical world full of righteous heroes and malevolent villains, but it also needs to have characters that fill out the spectrum in between, and give the player the choice to be one of them. Of course, hard work and self improvement is admirable, but you just can't help imagining how amazing they would be if they first mastered that which they are most talented at. Tomb Raider really wants you to be invested in its story, and how emotional its supposed to be. The game is gorgeous, high res textures, realistic lighting, and impressive physics make the jungle island come alive. Aside from one, where Laura climbs across a bridge while covered by a friendly sniper, they feel completely shoehorned in. Instead of limiting you to only holding two weapons at a time dictated by whatever the designer chose to liter the level with, Tomb Raider gives you 4 weapons which you can upgrade in any order you want, with the salvage you collect from downed enemies, animals you hunt, or from crates and Tombs in the environment.
Bowmen and Riflemen will keep you pinned down while grenadiers, and sword wielding melee foes will try to flush you out. Because it's a teaser trailer and there isn’t much about the game we can know for sure, and 2.
Since the game will be a big Dynasty Warriors style brawler, the combat is going to be unlike anything we’ve had in a Zelda game before.
In future games, if the Overworld gets bigger, it might allow Link to fight larger enemies as he’s exploring, and not just in boss battles. There was also the moment when Link is shown using a magic staff to attack enemies from afar, which was cool, but it made me concerned for another way I would like to see the franchise experiment. After all, part of the fun of the Dynasty Warriors games, and others like them, is having a variety of characters who all play differently.
Instead of getting to play as different characters, Link will acquire new items that will change his combat style.
If Link is leading an army, it is likely a war is going on, and where there’s a war, there are probably multiple kingdoms involved.
In games like Ocarina of Time, and Wind Waker, the stories are not “bad”; so much as they are simple. Ironically the beginning was the most enjoyable part for me, I didn’t feel it dragged like some say it did. With more characters other than Link and his supernatural guide, there could be lots of banter and conflict within the group, giving you a story and a world that you care about, because you actually gotten to know some of the people who live in it, other than a bunch of poor clueless villagers, and a princess who you never really get to know, but are supposed to be really attached to. Something where, even if they screw it up, it won’t put a black mark on the series shining record of quality.
There is no shortage of talented writers, actors, and voice directors (the directors being a bigger part of the process than most people realize) in the games industry as evidenced this generation by games like Mass Effect, The Walking Dead, and Bioshock, (Yes those are all ‘M’ rated games, but good story and writing has nothing to do with how adult themed they are.) people who grew up playing Nintendo consoles, and who I’m sure would love to spin a good yarn in one of Nintendo’s most mythic franchise, and that’s just from the West.
My friends and I discuss the biggest gaming news stories of November, followed by a look at the new DualShock 4. Set right after Kratos is tricked into killing his family, and Kratos is running from Ares, the god of war to whom he swore his allegiance. Kratos goes to battle with a Titan level adversary that surpasses what was done with the Titan battle from GOW3’s opening.
GOW3 looked good, but in retrospect, with all the doom and gloom going on, the graphics were too dark and muddled for it to reach its full potential.
It’s a fun addition and a great way to give the player more actual control during traditionally cinematic moments. Once full you enter rage mode and have access to a number of miniature spells called Rage Attacks, which you can perform by pressing L3 and R3.
This wouldn’t be so bad, but it is really hard to not to get hit in Ascension, the game loves to swarm you with armies of monsters, each possessing different attacks and powers. This time even when you do land the parry, all you get is a little blast from Kratos that gently knocks a few enemies away, making you feel like to trick the A.I.
It had simple controls, but the game’s numerous and varied bosses demanded they be executed skillfully and thoughtfully. Nor is this article a mindless bashing barrage of different ways for me to say “COD SUCKS BALZ!” COD World at War was one of my favorite multiplayer games of all time, my friend and I sunk many hours into it. I heard the developers say the maps are designed to keep the player in the action constantly. Every year, scores of multiplayer shooters come out, trying to imitating COD, but all their efforts are meaningless, for COD already its players under a tight grip.
But I’m starting to get the sense that they may have addicted an insatiable audience, and that eventually they’re going to run out ideas to appease their rabid customers. I loved the boxart, it was like a symbol for each game, what it represented, and why it was fun.
The gameplay was brutal and challenging, but incredibly fun and reward, then the story was a perfect entry point for new players to the series, as it followed a Zero who didn't remember his expansive past, but was determined to protect those he cared about. Pokemon Yellow was the first game I owned for my Game Boy Color, I played so much Pokemon over the next few years that I am now pretty sick of it. These days I play Magic The Gathering (A much better card game btw) but Yugioh will always hold a special place in my heart, and this game is part of that.
But the fact that this game added somewhere around a dozen new CO's which drastically alter the way you approach battle, and the widely diverse and varied single player missions, made this game worth your money.
After the assault on the alien base, where miraculously, there we’re no casualties, and I had captured the Sectoid Commander alive, things quieted down, and the aliens, we’re being bulldozed by my squad on every mission. After the first few weeks of diminished alien activity I knew it was only a matter of time before they regrouped and returned twice as strong as before.
When Hariri got to the top of the hill, a new enemy contact came into sight, a massive, bipedal alien mech.

Too many times in games these days, the characterization is just thrown at us, and we’re simply told that we should feel for them, based on whatever tragic past is pulled out of the archetype box (Not that archetypes are bad, only the way they are used more often then not). Thus, ironically, by giving you less, and asking a little more of the gamer then they may be used to, X-COM gives players an infinitely more intimate, and emotional experience then most story driven action games out there, and every developer would be wise to try and learn something from this excellent game.
I first signed up for Nintendo Power after getting The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, and mailing in the sign up card that came with it.
A game that I could barely quell my excitement for when the first trailer was released, began to fall rapidly from my most anticipated, after an E3 gameplay demo that looked painfully like Uncharted with zombies. Still its moments like these that make me want to stop going to news sites, for fear of spoilers of any kind. The pace of the entire movie felt like it was rushing through the story, trying to get to something really important, but I don't feel it ever got to that important something.
The thought being, trailers will tell us what a game is going to be about, but a gameplay demo will truly show us what a game plays like. Also for some reason this demo has really stuck out in my mind for how underwhelming it felt, even among the entirety of the underwhelming EA press conference. A few helicopter fly overhead, and the games visuals are immediately impressive, looking quite a lot like Battlefield 3, but perhaps not as bright. This squad mate also has a backpack larger then the rest of the rest, leading me to assume that the player will only be able to get ammo if they can get it from this designated ammo squad mate.
He is then presented with a large variety of options on first how to breach the door, and then what type of grenade to use before entering the room. It would also be a great mechanic if the levels had a more open, sandbox structure, where door breaching could be completely optional for some objectives.
The drone moves through the building that the player just hit with the air strike because, as an NPC put it "The building is too unstable". And if Black Ops 2 lives up to its promises, it could be the most innovative Military FPS in years. My two favorite Nintendo franchises, and both of their debut appearances on the Wii are among my most disappointing games of all time.
It started out with Pikmin 3, which looked nice enough, a good opening to a hopefully stunning presentation. First Nintendo put Batman AC: Armored Edition up on stage, and paraded it around like it was a system exclusive. As I stated before I grew up on the SNES, and I had the Super Mario All Stars collection, giving me every Super Mario Game that ever was (World is my personal favorite). After all they had just released Skyward Sword 6 months before, and based on how long that game took to make, they’re probably going to spend the next 6 months not making the next Zelda, while debating about whether or not Link should have a green hat.
New SMB 2 looked to put the final nail into Sonic’s coffin by illustrating how Mario will not only make more real world money then Sonic, but now he will amass more gold coins in one game, then Sonic has collected gold rings in his entire lifespan. I’m also sure that it will be a lot more innovative for a Paper Mario game, then either of the New SMB games will be as Mario sidescrollers. This looked like very fun kid’s version of GTA, but again, that’s not the kind of game that makes me want a Wii U, and I’ll be SHOCKED if that game is exclusive. It appears that Nintendo wishes this to be the Wii Sports of the Wii U, and it looks fun enough as the Wii U’s inevitable pack in game, but this game highlights a number of things that is wrong with the Wii U. But year after year, my belief grows that Nintendo is growing increasingly out of touch with the rest of the gaming world, and my feeling that Nintendo just isn’t for me any more, grows with it. This severally disappointed me, because I was waiting for a 3DS Lite (or whatever name) since I didn’t want to spend money on another Nintendo handheld that would be obsolete in a year.
I wish I could stay with them, but the past few years they’ve shown me that ultimately, despite whatever new fangled controller they shove in our hands, Nintendo is intensely determined to stay rooted in the past. But while closing Lionhead doesn’t automatically mean the end of the series, (since they could have another studio develop future sequels) neither MS, nor Lionhead have shown in the last half decade, that they understand what made the first two Fable games special, and haven’t yet developed a game that builds on those strengths.
Fable 3 made this even worse by stripping even more of the magic out, as Albion entered an age of industrialization and almost every enemy was a humanoid with a sword, with almost no monsters in sight. It’s the art style of the original games reaching its full potential thanks to the power of modern consoles. But by Fable 3, the small game world became boring with all of the magic stripped out of it. Unfortunately, having played this after 2013's The Last of Us, the whole production felt like watching a high school play. Even though I played the game on hard, the vast majority of my deaths came from these overblown, ill designed set pieces, that often wreck the otherwise superb pacing of the game. The Bow is the star of the show here, its ability to kill silently feels very rewarding, especially when you find a way to take out every enemy in an encounter without alerting them. Thankfully, the mechanics are incredibly smooth and fun, allowing skilled players to perform graceful combat dances.
The first half is a blast, but as you upgrade your weapons and acquire new abilities, the enemies stay virtually the same. Hopefully future installments of this reboot will focus on its best elements, and endeavor to create a truly rich gameplay experience, instead of relying on its good looks and big explosions to woo players. It is so weird and out of left field that it is the first time I’ve felt the need to buy a Wii U (Don’t judge me fanboys I’ve got a weird taste in games alright).
It’ll probably be something that wouldn’t fit into a normal Zelda game, but they might also be using this game as a way to experiment with new combat ideas since the next traditional Zelda game on Wii U won’t be making use of the Wii Remote. The magic staff seen in the trailer is cool, but I’d hate for it to come at the cost of multiple characters. If they do experiment with multiple characters, it is an idea that could translate into future games. There is a boss battle in Phantom Hourglass, where the player has to switch between controlling Link and a goron to win. It would be fun for Link to lead his army around to different kingdoms neighboring Hyrule, kingdoms that could have different cultural inspirations for geography, architecture, and art design.
Twenty plus games to explore one kingdom (and a few other kingdoms that look very similar), its time to build the world around Hyrule and give future Zelda games new epic lands to explore. They give the player a fun backdrop for the world they’re is about to explore, and it works really well. So in Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword Link’s hollow fill in the blanks yourself persona, ended up feeling really boring, instead of giving you the feeling of stepping into the shoes of a mythic hero the way past games did. How would this even be possible if every few seconds the gameplay was ground to a halt in order for the player to read dialog bubbles between characters? There are a lot of sayings out there about learning and growing you're your mistakes, pick your favorite and stick it in here. When you say you’re afraid of bad voice acting, what you’re really afraid of is bad writing, which can make even the greatest voice acting sound terrible. There is AN ENTIRE INDUSTRY full of talent in the Anime business, living right next door to Nintendo in Japan. But Kratos is being pursued by the Furries…I mean Furies a trio of primordial deity sisters who aren’t gods, but they’re not titans either…like real greek mythology it doesn’t make a lot of sense, and aside from a pre-start menu cutscene, they aren’t developed as good characters, or built up as good video game antagonists. Despite his massive size the designers still found some moments where you actually feel like you’re having a battle with this massive creature without making it feel like a giant QTE.
Don’t misunderstand me, the game wasn’t chugging to the point where it was unplayable, and the rest of the game maintains a steady frame rate. In addition the entire grab mechanic has been changed, instead of just grabbing them with his hands Kratos throws out one of his blades and impales the target, he then flies towards them to perform one of two actions.
This means that trying to dodge out of one attack usually just lands you in another, and there are so may enemies sometimes that just holding down block will snare you in a long chain of attacks that takes too long to get out of. God of War 3 steered the series away from all that, in favor of a more strait forward brawler, that tried to wow the player with spectacle, instead of trying to engage them through gameplay.
So I used the flexibility of the Pick-10 system to create a class where my only weapon was an RPG. But what I see is how the entire game is designed to deliver a drug like fix to the player.
But day after day, I’m compelled to play a few rounds, because there is stuff to unlock, and something about the game play teases a part of my brain that makes me want to go back. What keeps them from getting bored of the same formula, over and over again, year after year, when COD is arguably shallow when compared to other shooters? It already gives them everything they want, and they’re getting better at it with every annual release.
As we enter the next generation, COD is going to face stiff competition from games like Titanfall and Destiny. Over time though, I had more boxes and less space, so I began to throw some out, and store the remaining boxes in the top shelf of my bureau. Regardless, the series was one of the greatest action RPGS ever, and the Battle Network 1, will always rank among one of my favorite games of all time.
Ruby was the last Pokemon game I played passionately, I played Diamond too, but it just wasn't the same.
The beast par about Sacred Stones was the infinite tower of monsters which allowed you to level up your characters so that you could have a massive of army of high level characters that made the story missions  all the more epic. I played so much AWDS with my friends in High School, that anything from this series is hard to let go of, good thing I still have the game itself. Equipped with both Carapace Armor, and Laser Weapons, no Alien force could stand up to my elite squad.
The mech was right next to her, and Hariri only got one shot off before she was incinerated by a single blast of its massive laser cannon.
What awaited, was another new type of alien, an ‘Ethereal’, tall, thin, and wearing red robes, this floating alien immediately mind controlled my Heavy, and two Mutons emerged from behind it. Luckily the squad’s next shot on the Mutons connected, and Rodgers had done so much damage to the Ethereal, that it was easy for Wilson to move up, and stun it with the Arc Thrower. But through the few little customization options given, the game enabled me to actually put a tiny piece of myself into the soldiers of my squad. It was the first game that made me realize that games could have real stories, deep characters, and a plot that genuinely surprised you until the very end.
Still, I've decided to pre-order it because my friend is super psyched for it, and he really wants to play co-op with me. If it had just said "DMC Gamescom 2012 trailer" I would have said: that's cool but, I'm just waiting for the game at this point, I don't need to see another trailer. As the player and the squad of AI move up the beach the player is hit by a sniper bullet and stunned. This could force the player to be more careful with the ammo that they use, if the ammo man isn't somewhere you can get to quickly. Next the slow motion clearing of the room is ripped strait from COD, save for a bizzare addition to the UI. Sadly this games looks very scripted, so once you learn the best way to breach and clear each room, there won't be much reason to replay levels.
AGAIN, if this was a sandbox game, you could get one or two drones per mission, and if you lost them, that was it. Its truly befuddling that they would make such a big deal out of a game that will effectively be a year old by the time it launches (Not to mention that it will be cheaper on those older consoles). New SMB U however looks exactly like all the Mario games I played when I was young, and aside from a few brief moments from a Van Gogh inspired level, it looks to be the same running and jumping, in mostly the same worlds we’ve seen for 30 freaking years. Darksiders 2, which is essentially the first time in decades anyone has tried to make anther game in the genre of dungeon exploring and puzzle solving that Zelda created 25 years ago.
Darksiders 2 however looks to dwarf its predecessor in every respect, and an onstage presentation could have been a great way for Nintendo to go, “Look, we’re not ready to show a new Zelda, but here’s a game that is a lot like it, look at all the cool things it does with the touch screen! For a more in depth look at my feeling for New SMB 2 scroll up to see my thoughts on New SMB U.
Finally Luigi’s Mansion didn’t excite me at all, but that will probably be a good game as well.
From New SMB U to Nintendo land, all of the Wii U’s games are barely indistinguishable from the Wii games. The genius that helped gave birth to our beloved medium of entertainment, which has filled my life with endless joy, and inspired my imagination in more ways then I can express. You’d think with the oceans of money Nintendo made from the Wii, they would have hired a bunch of people and made some original games for the 3DS, like a legitimately new Zelda, or at least a new 2-D Metroid, would that have really been so hard? And making games off old franchisees is fine, but they’re not even willing to take a chance with a new IP, using their buckets of Wii money.
Microsoft seems to have finally come to a similar conclusion and canceled the troubled project.
Then in Fable 3 they tried to “Streamline” the combat mechanics in one of the few instances where player’s accusations of developers “Dumbing It Down” were warranted. More recent Fantasy RPGs like Witcher 3 and Skyrim have demonstrated how to create an RPG open world that the player can explore however they choose. It tries to have an emotional story to reboot one of gaming's most iconic heroines, it tries to blow you away with gorgeous graphics, it wants to have mind blowing action set pieces that rival Uncharted's best.
And like most High School plays, Laura represents the one actress who has any talent and will go on to acting school after she graduates. I never had any kind of frame rate hiccups, and unless you fast travel there are no loading screens. There was a section in the later half, where Laura had to get down a mountain to meet with her friends. They're fun, and if you're less experienced with games you may find these challenging, but for a veteran of the Zelda and Portal series like myself, they were easy and felt superfluous to the overall experience. Even when you do get into larger firefights, and have to rely on bullets, the gameplay is still a blast. You roll out of the way of one enemy, take him out with a well timed shotgun blast, then roll to new cover and stay there just long enough to down a sniper before a grenadier forces you out again. With a drastic shift in the core gameplay, my imagination can only run wild at what other uncharted territories the game might explore for the franchise, and more importantly, if any of those new ideas could work their way into future Zelda games. Almost every single asset looks like its reused from a previous game as a placeholder, save for Link’s character model. How awesome would it be if instead of Link having a magic staff, we got to play as Zelda, wielding deadly spells and devastating enemies from afar? I’d like to see a game where a party of characters, each with their own skills and abilities, follows Link around. What I’m afraid they will do in this game is make it a “greatest hits” nostalgia tour of all the traditional Hyrule locals. Without spoiling, all the story amounts to in the end is a standard Zelda plot, with the added bonus of a canon excuse for why the characters and plot of almost every single Zelda game are practically identical, (something that never really needed an explanation in the first place) and also gives them an excuse to never experiment with the settings, characters, and plot in future games. Other M is one of those mistakes, and we shouldn’t let one failed experiment keep the Zelda franchise from exploring new things. All they need to do is hire the right people, and we could end up with an awesome Zelda game, with a story unlike any we’ve had before. Either way, the Furies are responsible for making sure that anyone who breaks their oath with a god of Olympus is punished for their betrayal. It also adds an impressive amount of detail to every character model, and piece of the environment.
But even in the rest of the game the lower frame rate is still noticeable to the point that the animations just are not as smooth as they used to be.
If the enemy was lightly stunned, indicated by a white light above their head, then upon the grab, Kratos will throw that enemy around the environment and damage other enemies as he goes.
One of Ascension’s better ideas is doing away with the notion of trying to give Kratos new weapons and instead gives him 4 elements which he can switch between, giving him different element power and combos in and out of rage mode.
This is made more frustrating by the removal of the traditional parry and counter attack, replaced by pressing L1 AND X simultaneous. The risk does not come even remotely close to outweighing the reward.It feels like this was done so that the  block system would be the same as in multiplayer (more on that in a minute) and while it works there, in single player it simply does not fit.

As you level up you gain armor, magic, and new abilities based on which god you’re sworn to, so it’s best to level up all the way with one god before moving on to the next. Being that GOW3 was the greatest possible expression of that kind of GOW game, Ascension had the chance to try something different, or something more in line with GOW 2, instead it tries to mine a hole that’s already been striped clean of any new ideas. I had some decent fun running around and finding all the ways to use the RPG, and unlocking the skins. I no longer feel like the weapons and perks that I choose truly allow me to play as I want to. When I first felt this sensation of not having fun, but still wanting to keep playing, I was genuinely disturbed. Titanfall especially, with the creators of the addictive COD formula at its helm offering true innovation on the original gameplay.
That's right, I didn't realize it until I played Diablo 3 this summer, but these games are actually surprising deep, challenging, and addicting loot fests. Chief among them was an assault trooper by the name of Jeff Rodgers, from the glorious land of Canada. Luckily, the research on both finished up just as our Satellites were detecting a new type of UFO.
Operation Bloody Chant began much like my previous raids on downed UFO’s, only this time there we’re significantly more Mutons then in the past. What was worse, the entire squad was out flanked by the machine, and the only safe option left was to charge in gun blazing. At this point, I was afraid that killing the mind controller would also kill my mind-controlled soldier, after seeing a similar event happen between Sectoids with a mental link. So when Steve Rodgers went down, in his bright red Titan Armor, with the Canadian flag emblazoned on his back, it wasn’t just another red shirt that had died, it was Jeffery Rodgers, Captain Freaking Canada. Without the pages of Nintendo Power, I might have never learned about games like Advance Wars, Megaman Battlenetwork, Megaman Zero, and one of my all time favorites, Tales of Symphonia.
It was the first time I realized how big a game could be, and the first time I began to understand just how much went into the development of one.
Still, Capcom had to take that one step further and reveal the playability of a certain character in a certain way, in their game. As the player recovers the squad moves up the beach and engages some militia in some standard FPS fare. I don't see what this additional user interface adds, except to make the game easier by giving you confirmation that you've killed your target. In addition to that, they could also require you make sure you don't injure friendly NPC forces or civilians. But here, it looks like the same thing we've been doing since COD 4. Then when I did get my Gamecube, it was my primary system for three years before I bought a PS2 and Xbox for various games. Even if there were games that peeked my interest, there were countless other, superior looking, truly innovative games coming out on the 360 and PS3. He was so excited to tell everyone how the HD graphics of the Wii U allowed them to do so many new things.
This Death guy even has a horse to!” But, I have already pre-orderd Darksiders 2 on the PS3 so…yikes maybe Nintendo should have had something for Zelda.
To the casual player that these games are clearly trying to court, these games will look identical to the games on the Wii that they already own.
Just made it clear that he has no idea about the desires of over half of the world’s gamers, including myself.
Trying to give players choice in their combat style while simultaneously making the combat easier to execute resulted in Fable 3’s combat being boring to play. It doesn’t need to be exactly like those games, but putting less emphasis on a primary plot, and giving players a larger world where they can be whatever kind of hero should be a major part of Fable 4. It wants to have combat that bests Uncharted and Gears of War, it wants to have environmental puzzles like Portal or Zelda, and to top it all off, it wants to have the exploration and player progression of a Metroid game.
It didn't hurt the game overall, but its opening hour almost put me to sleep every time I played through it. I also appreciate the ways the game has environmental diversity despite being set in a single locale.
She finds a cable car, and instead of the game just letting Laura get down without incident, it insists that enemies ambush her and have the whole thing devolve into a boring, over complicated set piece. As a reward for completing the tombs, you're given a large bundle of XP and salvage, which exacerbates one of the game's main problems.
Sometimes though there is an over abundance of exploding barrels which the player is forced to use to be victorious.
This could have been alleviated if Tomb Raider had cashed in on its more fantastical setting to create more exotic enemy types, but it sacrifices this potential in exchange for overly complex set-pieces, graphics that were probably better than they needed to be, easy puzzles, and a story that, even during its best moments, feels like a bad episode of LOST. Or we could get to play as a Goron warrior, filling the slower but more powerful archetype. You could switch between the characters at any time and send characters to different parts of the dungeon to complete puzzles that require different characters to be in different rooms. As the stories and the worlds they take place in get bigger and more epic in scale, the simple stories just don't match.
Kratos is offered help my a mysterious stranger, and his quest for freedom begins. Sadly Ascension’s story is shallow and forgettable even for a God of War game. If they have a red light above their head, this indicates the enemy is near death and will be executed fatality style after a series of traditional God of War QTEs.
Choosing between elements is also how you choose between GOW traditional quartet of spells, only they all feel exactly the same.
This sends Kratos into an awkward parry animation, that is hard to time against enemy attacks, and leaves you seriously vulnerable when you miss, making enemies even more frustrating sometimes. Combine that with your limited number of combos outside of Rage mode, and Ascension’s gameplay makes you feel like Kratos is fighting with one armed tied behind his back while getting a third arm that comes out of his head. This is balanced by giving the heavy attacks a build up animation before they hit, so if timed correctly, a light attack can interrupt a heavy attack which can be followed up with a combo or a number of other attacks.
As a result, Ascension feels stale, boring, and the more I think about it, absolutely unacceptable, in today’s market. After being disappointed by MW2, I skipped on BlOps1 and MW3, but my friend was having fun with BlOps2, so I took the dive and bought it.
After that I started to get angry when I played, even when I won, each game filled me with anger and frustration. And if my friend wasn’t still playing the game from time to time, I would have already traded the game in weeks ago. Then you can't forget that we live in the age of the internet, where I can find official art for any game I want to, so I've decided to trash these remaing GBA game boxes and make more space in my room. You can play as almost every main character from the films, each represents a different class with plays vastly different from the other. Equipped with his Laser Shotgun, Rodgers, and his fellow assault trooper Molly Wilson, made a devastating team that would rush in and tear the enemy to shreds while their squad mates kept them covered from a distance. Clearly this was a sign that the aliens we’re making a resurgence, so I had the engineers manufacture 2 suits of Titan Armor, and one Alloy Cannon.
My two heavies fired their rockets at the mechanical nightmare, while Rodgers and Wilson moved up to do whatever damage they could.
Something that would have been left much better as a surprise when I actually played the game. I do feel like I saw the incredible moving Batman finale exists I wanted, but the glue to hold it all together got left on the (what I believe must be a massive) cutting room floor. Without even realizing what had happened, I had fallen out of love with Nintendo, and my Wii has become my family’s Netflix machine.
But its hardly a reason to buy a Wii U since it will be available on the 3DS, and it will likely be better suited for that platform. The basic formula is tried and true, so why not add a vast array of characters to choose from, each with their own special abilities. The trailer was clearly pre-rendered and only showed off the most gimmicky uses of the Wii U Pad I’ve seen thus far.
Add the fact that most of the casual and the mass media still seem to be confused that Wii U isn’t another add on, and we could be looking at a Grim future for the Wii U, which honestly, feels extremely rushed. Any time Nintendo wants to catch up and join the rest of the world, I’ll be more then happy to take them back, until then farewell Nintendo, thanks for all the memories. I also appreciated the game's approach to the supernatural, which its rival Uncharted has strayed away from, to its detriment.
Oddly the first few forest areas feel like they got significantly more attention and work done on them than later parts of the game. Being, that your primary impetus to backtrack and unlock new areas is to gain experience and gather salvage which Laura uses to upgrade her abilities and weapons respectively.
At its best, despite all the epic locals and enormous set pieces, the story feels like a small, inconsequential prologue the first God of War.
His skin has an absurd amount of detail, and it really looks like ashes have been bonded to his skin. This is not true for most enemies though, Ascension adds a new mechanic that is essentially a more interactive, and intuitive QTE without any button prompts. Swords offer a balance of speed and power, where Hammers sacrifice speed for additional power, and extra points to anyone who can guess what spears give you.
All the elements work together surprisingly well, making it the best non-traditional competitive multiplayer since Assassins Creed Brotherhood. It is worthy of neither your time or money, and you’ll probably have to wait till the 2nd or 3rd  iteration of the multiplayer before it becomes something worth spending any significant amount of time with.
I began to notice just how small all the maps were, and how often I would get spawn killed not because anyone was camping, but because my enemy was just strolling through when I spawned there.
As a result, there are only 2 play styles that one can adopt, and have very sleight variations on. But I still don't want to forget those boxes and the memories held within, so I assembled on my floor and took a nice little picture, to remember them and do a little eulogy for a few of them. Unfortunately for it, the beast had little chance against Rodgers and Wilson, clad in the two suits of Titan armor. I charged my Squad in, Rodgers hit the Ethereal dead on with his Alloy Cannon, and the others went for the Mutons with mixed success. Not only that but being the writer I am, I imagined that Rodgers and Wilson had been good friends, a deadly duo of assault troopers, who always had each other’s backs.
I knew little to nothing about Megaman before reading those articles, but they became two of my favorite series of all time. This game is using the same engine as Battlefield 3, so it destruction physics could be used to great effect. Wii Fit U actually looked promising, though I didn’t get that through its corny trailer and…wait a minute, I think I forgot to mention New Super Mario Bros U (aka New Super Mario Bros 3).
However the actual gameplay demonstrations done later at the conference got me really excited for the game. Thankfully these disparate elements are glued together so well, that the entire package is more than worth your time.
Tomb Raider definitely has more room for creativity and variety it its future than Uncharted. All of this combines to make Ascension one of the best looking games I have ever played, and almost crosses the border of looking like a next generation title. Once you grab these enemies you are locked into a position where you can attack them with Square, and dodge their attacks with the left control stick. An interesting twist is that each individual weapon has its own special attacks when you press either L1 + Square or Triangle.
The only flaw is that whenever you get a fight that’s bigger than a 2v2, things get so chaotic with all the magic spell and heavy attacks, that almost all strategy flies out the window. Instead of playing Ascension You’d be better off picking up Dante’s Inferno for cheap, its a game which takes the GOW formula and does enough different to make it feel fresh and interesting. The Beserker went down after a critical hit from Rodgers’ Alloy Cannon, and another well placed shot from my Sniper Maj Hariri. That was when it happened, the two Mutons hit Rodgers with their plasma rifle, he survived, thanks to the Titan armor, and I was hopeful. And after the squad returned to base, I imagined Wilson morning Rodger’s death, along with the rest of the squad who had been on countless missions together. Yet just as quickly, rumors began to surface that Zombi U might not even be an exclusive Wii U game, so check off another reason to buy a Wii U.
The system where if the 3D effect is turned on, you can’t tilt the system, or else it will mess up the 3D effect?
But, having invested early on in abilities that granted me more XP and salvage from almost everything, I never felt a need to backtrack for upgrades. Everything we needed to know about Kratos’ anger and the sorrow he feels for his dead family was already thoroughly explored in God of War games. Despite its unique nature, the multiplayer couldn’t hold my attention more then a few hours, and I quickly moved on to different games. Run around like a hamster on crack, and twitch shoot your way through the streamlined levels with an AR, SMG, Shotgun, LMG, or no gun at all. Either way, I think I’m going to try and stay as far away from COD as possible, it just creeps me out.
The Machine hit Wilson next, my blood froze, but the Titan Armor proved to be a priceless investment, for Wilson survived. But then, the Ethereal returned Rodgers shotgun blast with a massive psychic force push, killing him instantly. The Squad reloaded and began to approach the massive breach in the UFO’s hull, undoubtedly caused by the crash.
On their next turn the entire squad managed to focus down the Machine, and quiet the battlefield quieted yet again.
Not wanting to get surprised by anything coming out of that hole, I decided to move Hariri up to a hill overlooking the ship, so that she could spot anything coming out, before it could threaten the rest of the squad. Growing frustration made me take a closer look at the design of the entire game while I played. The entire game is designed not to engage the player, but to get them addicted to the game. A  I learned something from every man I met or exchanged emails with, and Lou taught me a few words in Spanish.A  Ole!
We can take a little walk, maybe get our feet wet, and then lie on a blanket and listen to the waves. I do the same thing myself, when the mood strikes.A  And how about this for being an "in tune with women" kinda guy?A  A few days after I had ordered myself 2 new green dresses and several in black to add to my collection from a mail order company named Newport News, he sent an email asking:A  "So, what are you wearing right now? A  For Christ Sake!!A  How about saving the Taxpayers a buck?A  In addition to that $6 million you've already blown by hovering and covering me, and scheduling a proper Face to Base meeting in your office; at my convenience?
Dramatic, but no drama.A  Short black skirt, or long black dress?A  Heels or boots?A  Camo, or commando?
Until then, as in the end,there is much more to come.A A A  Once Upon a Time, a little mushroom popped through the moss covered ground of the Southeast Alaska Rainforest. Grant, Attorney at Law, Juneau, AK From Wedding Bells to Tales to Tell: The Affidavit of Eric William Swanson, my former spouse AFFIDAVIT OF SHANNON MARIE MCCORMICK, My Former Best Friend THE AFFIDAVIT OF VALERIE BRITTINA ROSE, My daughter, aged 21 THE BEAGLE BRAYS! HELL'S BELLS: THE TELLS OF THE ELVES RING LOUD AND CLEAR IDENTITY THEFT, MISINFORMATION, AND THE GETTING THE INFAMOUS RUNAROUND Double Entendre and DoubleSpeak, Innuendos and Intimidation, Coercion v Common Sense, Komply (with a K) v Knowledge = DDIICCKK; Who's Gunna Call it a Draw?

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