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Yoon Seul came when Kim Ra Im offended Chae Rin-Oska scandal (though who knows this scandal just Kim Joo Won), Oska gave Kim Ra Im a clue to immediately stop the conversation. Yoon Seul invited them (Gil Joo Won, Kim Ra Im, and Oska) to  spend the night at the golf course because (of course) this place belonged to her family. Yoon Seul met Kim Ra Im and straight forwardly asked her who actually she was intended: Choi Woo Yeong (Oska) or Kim Joo Won?
Yoon Seul also asked Kim Ra Im to go to the sauna, he initially refused, but his pervert side made him accepted that offer. Manager Choi reported that Oska’s song (which was similar to the song of another singer) had been leaked on the internet, and because of that he would be exposed to charge of plagiarism. Kim Ra Im asked if his mother often did this, giving money to other girls to send them away from his son.
At the office, Ra Im was confused because soon Joo won’s staff came to ask her to sign several projects’s approvals.
Some projects had been signed by director Park because the president rarely came to the office. Ah Yeong urgently looked for Kim Ra Im and told her how great her President was giving a lesson to a maniac customer, but then the president was taken to the police station. Kdramachoa is a blog owned by childhood best friends Rizz and Blossom, about liking Korean drama, music, and movie. Outside the police station, Oska was still upset at Joo Won because he reported him as a car thief.
He immediately got angry at Gil Joo Won for leaving him, Kim Ra Im said that he was the one asking Gil Joo Won to leave Oska. Kim Ra Im rejected it, but Gil Joo Won accepted the offer (Ra Im wanted to revenge because Joo Won had already made her look bad in front of Oska). He assumed Tae Sun was the one who leaked his song to the internet because Tae Sun found his MP4 player in Jeju. He wanted to look fancy and sexy with Ra Im’s body, and I thought it was his way to make his fantasies about Ra Im be real.

Director Park knew if the stunt woman was successfully imitating the president’s signature. Kim Ra Im asked if she would pour water into his face if she refused to do that, like the mommy said at Joo Won’s house. Ji Hyun was Joo Won’s  best friend slash therapist, but his mother worried about their friendship getting into another level. When the staff came, including director Park, Gil  Joo Won greeted them with a formal language and offered them coffee. Joo Won was really mad at Ra Im: How Ra Im could do such a stupid thing (punched VIP customer). It was raining outside and then something weird (if not magical) happened: a blue veil surrounded Kim Ra Im and suddenly… Gil Ra Im was back! We would like to share information, opinions and many things about Kdrama with people out there. Suddenly Oska grappled with Gil Joo Won, Gil Joo Won tried to pull away from Oska tickling. I thought Kim Ra Im was going to act a bit raunchy-nasty at Yoon Seul, but strangely, he said a perfect body like that would only lead to sex appeal.
Ra Im said that it had to be nice for Joo Won for bathing with a woman (Yoon Seul) who had the ideal body: 36-24-34.
Ra Im said Joo Won was then the one who should go, because Joo Won was a stuntwoman this time. He was upset because he had been practicing to imitate it for so many times, but yet hadn’t succeeded. Then  Kim Ra Im took a look at the amount of money and said, “Ough, you seem to be on a smaller scale than I thought. Kim Ra Im  met  Ji Hyun as Gil Ra Im, and Ji Hyun knew Gil Ra Im as the girl who was taken to the hospital by Joo Won. Joo Won said she should report to police, check the surveillance camera video and then sued the customer. I was quite amazed with his acting  in this drama, and I just realized that he had a very sweet smile, he even has a couple of dimples, he so cute. Kim Ra Im  added that Oska was too old to be an idol, dared to steal his cousin’s car, and had a hair style that even his mother didn’t want have it.

Supposed they’re willing to talk about the matters peacefully, they would get back together. He dragged Gil Joo Won to the sauna, he said “We are going to go scrub, until we are the new born. Oska was annoyed because Gil Joo Won kept fiddle her lips, and it made Oska recalled the kiss. Joo Won only answered he had already changed his ideal female body into  a woman who couldn’t go for the beauty contest (he meant Gil Ra Im).
Ra Im grumbled, she didn’t like her body wore that tacky clothes and that made both of them had the same clothes. Kim Ra Im told her that he was close to a wealthy man but his mother came to meet and gave him money. Director Park didn’t want to lose the moment, so he asked to sign the Je Cheon project.
Thanks to Gil Ra Im, Joo Won’s signature  was then having a heart sign on it, a “lovely” signature.
Secretary Kim was confused for receiving a message from his boss while his boss was actually on his side that very moment. Gil Joo Won was smiling as after kissing her idol (indeed), but she forgot that it was Kim Joo Won’s lips.
Actually I didn’t understand why Ra Im was doing that, because I think her actions would be just disadvantageous for her and Yoon Seul would feel victorious.
Gil Joo Won said she would not sign anything because the price of the clothes were very expensive and she didn’t want her body to wear those clothes. Kim Ra Im immediately approached her to wash his mouth, he was furious, he thought Ra Im was doing it on purpose.
Yoon Seul replied that she also didn’t love Joo Won, she only attracted with Joo Won’s status. Ra Im was grateful for their body swapped, because by being Joo Won she could help Oska directly.

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