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WCO PlayerIf you are having LAG, SKIPPING issues on videos please "Click Here!!" The advertisement will dissappear after 30 seconds!! Attention: About %80 of broken-missing video reports we recieve are invalid so that we believe the problems are caused by you, your computer or something else. Video is definitely there but it may take some time to load because of high demands to the servers. An adventuresome family of experts in the field of creatures known as cryptids attempts to protect their secrets and powers from the forces of evil. You are now on the page of a The Secret Saturdays, which includes such genres as Adventure, Animation.

The Secret Saturdays is about Doc, Drew, and Zak who are part of a network of scientists who work together to save the world by keeping hazardous secrets!
Stream cartoons The Secret Saturdays Episode 29 Episode Description : The Thousand Eyes of Ahuizotl. However we also experienced that your browser may cause the problem if this is the case restart your browser completely and try again.
But during a mini-vacation before going on their search, they are ambushed by Miranda Grey and Deadbolt.
After the battle, they then wander into jungle village where the majority of the villagers have lost their eyes.

Season 3, Episode 8 S3 E7 Dec 26, 2009The Unblinking EyeThe Saturdays go to Istanbul to extract the Lake Van Monster. The Ahuizotl attacks the family, but a young girl from the village named Tiacapan comes to their aid.

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