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Personal development courses may be offered through adult learning centers, colleges, community centers and other venues. In some work environments, employees are required to take personal development courses to help them advance in their careers.
In some work situations, skills are needed in the areas of problem solving, decision making, time management, critical thinking and stress management. Outside of the work environment, personal development courses can help people increase their self-awareness in many aspects of life.
Some personal development courses are aimed at helping participants balance various aspects of their lives.
As last week?s episode of The Secret Circle felt like it paid tribute to the Scream series just in time for the DVD release of the fourth installment with its elements of horror, this week?s episode seems to be taking hints from The Thing (opening in theaters this weekend) with hints of paranoia, a few possessions, and one big death before all is said and done, reminding us that this show actually has stakes. Not to be outdone by Melissa and Nick in the sexy-time department (who are once again found in bed together at the start of the episode, albeit for the last time), Diana and Adam decide to have a couples night in, including a far more PG rated version of what was done with whipped cream in Varsity Blues.
Taking advantage of the group not picking up on the fact that Melissa is obviously not herself, the group is forced to help the demon open a suitcase containing demon-filled snakes.
As a reminder that this show means serious business (something that episodes past have not always been the most effective in doing), one of the members of the circle dies during this episode.

With one witch down for the count, our circle has shrunk down to an estrogen full group of four girls and one guy, and the question has to be asked as to whether or not they are still considered a complete circle. After prying for the majority of the episode by continually letting Cassie know that she can always tell her anything, Cassie finally decides to spill the beans by telling her grandmother that she is a witch. Even during all the action, it is impossible not to realize that Grandma Blake knows a large amount about demons, including an exorcism spell off the top of her head, as well as that demons are repulsed by crystals (which she just so happens to have one of), and that the only way to kill them are with fire or drowning.
That?s right, while in Nick?s body the demon comes across Dawn in Adam?s father?s restaurant (who is still MIA, though the preview shows that he will finally be back come next episode), letting the little fact slip that Dawn was the one to summon him.
Obviously I was wrong when I predicted that this episode would end happily for our circle, and the preview for next week shows a whole lot more trouble heading their way. Becoming a more effective communicator, learning how to make decisions and solve problems, improving knowledge of personal finance, learning effective time management and mastering stress reduction strategies are some of the subjects covered in personal development courses. Employees who can clearly articulate their thoughts, listen carefully and communicate well over the telephone and in writing are an asset to the professional environment.
A manager who has worked his way up the ladder might need assistance with learning how to make effective decisions and to manage greater and greater levels of stress. Signing up for a personal finance course at a local library or community center, for example, is one way for the head of a household to learn strategies for more effective management of the family budget.

Gaining greater spiritual awareness, reducing stress, practicing healthy eating and exercise habits, balancing work and leisure and learning ways to achieve family harmony are examples of topics addressed in courses that take a holistic approach to personal growth. These types of courses are often offered by adult learning centers, colleges, community centers, libraries, private companies and executive and life coaches. For this reason, some employers contract with government or private entities that offer communications skills courses. In signing up for a stress management course, he can gain more personal awareness and learn new strategies for coping with his day-to-day challenges on the job.
Likewise, a stress management course might be helpful for a single mother who has to juggle a job, parenting responsibilities and managing her household. These types of courses are often offered by religious organizations, spiritual retreat centers, life coaches and personal development counselors. If he signs up for a conflict resolution class, he would learn how to deal with challenging employees, how to mediate conflicts between workers who are not getting along and how to communicate effectively to defuse emotionally charged situations.

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