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This year was a bit of a milestone for IAteYourBaby – we broke the million request mark! In return, i felt obligated to own their stupid little Vonage ATA and make it work with other SIP providers. Now, my problem was mine had been used on Vonage for a while, and I couldn’t get into the Admin or Support accounts. Now disconnect your internet, so that the device wouldn’t re-download its config from Vonage.
Another strange glitch is it seems to have trouble sending some characters in the username.
And the final annoyance, apparently if you use it for 2 lines, they both send the registrations at the same time on the same port, so its kinda random if both lines connect or not.  Or something like that. Now, you can configure it via the web interface, but you can also run TFTPD and provision it with an XML file.
The other day i was thinking about how much hardware that i have that’s hacked or modified in some way or another to make it do something other than it was really intended to do.
The first entry, since I just did it today, is about modifying the WL-520GU router from Asus.

I could have bought a device designed for precisely that purpose – but where would the fun be in that? Before i flashed DD-WRT, I read about 10 different guides of varying age, so here’s a quick walk-thru of how i did it. Like, I’m going to assume you know the IP of your VTA-VR, and you can disable your internet connection on your own and maintain local network connectivity. And by properly, I mean, i wanted to restore the Provisioned Parameters¬† and Non-Provisioned Parameters to default.
When this completes, you should have toros firmware, fully unlocked with SIP defaults and full access to the Admin, Support and user accounts. Hook up your WL-520GU – connect a LAN cable from your computer to one of the LAN ports on the new router. Once the firmware has flashed, the Firmware Restoration Tool will wait for the device to reboot. Practically, it has some annoying quirks that make it, in my case, only work for one line – or in some other cases, completely useless. In my case, I have DHCP giving out static IP’s on my network, and I can disconnect the PPPoE session on the router to kill the internet.

So make sure you set the CALLERID and USERNAME fields as the username you want to send to your SIP provider. Some people have reported their device re-locks to Vonage after a day or two if they don’t do this. Disable any other network interfaces on your computer other than that LAN connection to the router.
Give it a minute or two, but at this point the WL-520GU should be connected to your main WLAN.
Some people have reported that they have to set a static IP on machines behind the bridge, but i didn’t have this problem.

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