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Winx Club Episode 104 Dub*After watched Winx Club, feel free to rate, leave review comments or social bookmark it.
The fourth season of Winx Club is part of the list of seasons that goes with the series Winx Club.
It will help our member on choosing good anime series and let others know more about this series. Today's movie is: Winx Club 3D - At the school for fairies Alfea celebrates the inauguration of the new school year when the party is interrupted by Icy, Darcy and Stormy, the perfidious Trix.
Duel in the Omega Dimension)The Wizards of the Black Circle flee as Layla and Nebula chase them toward a dead end. The Winx without Bloom, are forced to remedy the confusion created by the witches who, having ruined the party, steal a powerful and mysterious object. Meanwhile, Bloom is on Domino, which is experiencing the best moments of his new life as a princess. Bloom's Challenge)Bloom and the rest of the Winx face off against the fairy of war, Nebula, while also trying to protect Roxy from her.

Aurora's Tower)Aurora, Fairy of the North, comes to Earth, freezing it over and threatening to send the planet into another Ice Age. The Fairy of Justice)The Winx form an unlikely alliance with the Fairy Hunters to help one of them after Duman comes down with an illness. Diana's Attack)Diana, the Earth Fairy of Nature, begins the war against humanity by transforming Gardenia into a huge jungle. Island Tricks)The Winx girls travel to the island from a vision of Roxy's, the mystical world of Tir Nan Og sealed within the White Circle. Bringing Magic Back)The Winx girls and Roxy must deal with their new popularity within Gardenia while also dealing with a pair of animal smugglers.
Roxy's Energy)Roxy is put to the ultimate test when the Wizards of the Black Circle threatens to destroy all of Gardenia and its citizens if she does not surrender.
Superheroes)While spending the afternoon at Gardenia's local mall, the Winx girls must deal with a band of armed robbers.
The Audition)Musa's singing attracts the attention of a record manager named Jason, who offers her a record deal.

Hidden in the Country)With their new friend Roxy, the Winx girls travel to a farm from Roxy's childhood, where they are attacked by the Wizards of the Black Circle.
I Believe in You)Thanks to Roxy, the Winx girls have earned their Believix, but their powers have still not fully evolved. A Fairy Found)Both the Winx girls and the Wizards of the Black Circle discover the identity of the last Fairy on Earth a€”Roxy, a waitress at the Frutti Music Bar. Magic Pets)While Love & Pet slowly becomes popular in Gardenia, the Wizards of the Black Circle arrive on Earth and begin their search for the last Earth fairy.

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