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Zen garden, creates a miniature stylized landscape through carefully composed arrangements of rocks, water features, moss, pruned trees and bushes, and uses gravel or sand that is raked to represent ripples in water. Looks like the returns dept is disconnected from cust service dept.Probably need better management. Join Terry Hodgkinson, veteran martial arts instructor and personal development trainer for this meditation in transforming your perception. It’s called transforming water meditation because while water can transform from a solid (ice), to a liquid (water) or a gas (water vapor) it is essentially at the molecular level still H2O. In this audio meditation Terry will take you on a journey of your perception helping you to understand that every event experienced in your life has only the meaning that you have attributed to it. Many people who struggle in life think (perceive) that things would be so much better if they were somewhere else or if they were someone else. Join Terry Hodgkinson, veteran martial arts instructor and personal development trainer for this meditation of pure awareness. Join Terry Hodgkinson, veteran martial arts Instructor and personal development trainer for this meditation of skillful detachment. Join Terry Hodgkinson, veteran martial arts Instructor and personal development trainer for a meditation in anchoring positive beneficial thoughts, concepts and beliefs. Terry will take you on a journey where you will first experience a mountain of calmness and serenity. Join Terry Hodgkinson, veteran martial arts Instructor and personal development trainer for this meditation of getting energized for your day right away! Have you ever noticed that when the sun is just starting to rise in the morning, there is an incredible energy that it brings to all things?
In this audio meditation Terry will help you to renew and maintain your energy, which is just as important as the sun coming up everyday. Because we have the same energy running through us at the quantum level as the sun, the water, the flowers and the singing birds, all of this is yours, too. This meditation has been used by wise adepts for hundreds of years in keeping their tools sharpened (attitudes) for all situations.
Whether it’s confidence, motivation, determination, or persistence, whatever is needed in enhancing your mental effort and physical actions you will learn to summon and activate immediately when needed. So many times people have been in situations where they have felt vulnerable or in capable of calling on a needed state of mind or quality of performance. The more that you practice with this guided audio meditation the more you will convey to your subconscious mind how you want to behave in any event or experience. The monks reasoned that if they could possess these creatures’ natural abilities and skills it would allow them to have superior capability in self-defense.
In this guided meditation Terry will show you how you can easily accomplish your goal when you don’t think that you have the necessary resources. In this meditation even if you have never ever experienced the resource you require before such as confidence, motivation, determination, or persistence, it’s OK because Terry will help you to develop them regardless. This is the way the Shaolin monks successfully acquired their legendary fighting skills and how successful people from all walks of life have created vast resources not available to them before. If you want to develop new attitudes, skills, or resources that you have seen in others but never knew how to have them yourself then this is a mediation you will want to practice with.

Join Terry Hodgkinson, veteran martial arts Instructor and personal development trainer in this meditation of giving and receiving gratitude. By focusing on a few simple key points in this meditation such as the things you receive benefit from and things you give benefit to you will find a natural cyclic flow of energy that moves through you and others connecting us all together in a metaphysical way. Everybody should listen to this audio meditation which will aid them in the release of stress and tension while one’s greatest difficulties seem to simply melt away, letting peace, harmony and happiness take their place.
Can be an oasis in a busy world, a space of calm, tranquility, and beauty, a thing apart from the hectic pace of our lives.
Finished in bronze, this resin Asian-inspired water fountain depicts the serene countenance of the robed Buddha; he sits cross-legged and holds a lotus flower in his lap, illuminated by an LED light.
By apply Transforming Water Meditation you will develop the ability to adapt, improvise and co-exist in any situation, while simultaneously experiencing more positive free-flowing energy. While there is a certain amount of awareness in being conscious, what you can accomplish with this meditation is heightened state of conscious awareness.
Then you will begin to visualize events in your life where you would want to have a more empowering state of mind.
When you have strong and plentiful reservoir of energy available to you, it’s much easier to avoid slipping back into the old thinking, habits and behaviors that limit you. It was first recorded being used by Shaolin monks who watched different animals and insects like the tiger, crane, panther, snake, monkey, and praying mantis. So they modeled after these creatures with the goal of becoming one with the animal and thus learning to possess the same physical qualities, skills, and spirit. In the animal spirit meditation, you will learn to develop what you need by using others as an example. Carl Jung the famous psychotherapist believed that if there was a person that had any resource or skills then any other person can tap into that as well if they know how.
This same energy has the strength to wash away fear, anger, resentment, envy and hurt that disrupts your wholesome energy and will restore you to proper perspective allowing you to be open to so much more!
When you listen to this meditation and practice being grateful, you will soon find that you have become a grateful being! Robert Emmons, professor of psychology at University of Davis, California says gratitude is good for you.
With this meditation Terry helps you to understand that events meaning are created by our attitudes, values and beliefs which equal are perception.
Follow along with Terry in this audio meditation as he helps you learn how to put your mind in state where it’s easier to cultivate pure awareness.
Many people walk around all day simply reacting from the programming (habits and behaviors) and filters of their subconscious mind.
This is an excellent meditation to practice when you want to have healthy, positive thoughts and feelings in your life.
Perhaps you want to be more confident and feel composed, relaxed, optimistic, or enthusiastic.
Everything seems to awaken, to become renewed once again with great energy, from plants and flowers to the rivers and lakes glistening with its rays. When you know that each day you renew all that you are and have learned, then you keep it in the top of your mind.

In this meditation you will learn to soak it all up and allow it to penetrate each and every one of your internal organs and body’s systems, cells and fibers. After a while of doing this, you will find that what you have rehearsed will transform and became effortless and automatically summoned when needed.
Later the monks would the masters of different styles helping them to gain access to the strengths there teachers possessed in record time.
When you are going through this meditation keep this in your awareness and you will be surprised what can happen. Having a steady helping of gratitude provides nourishment and healing for the mind, body and soul! They were intended to imitate the intimate essence of nature, not its actual appearance, and to serve an aid to meditation about the true meaning of life.
It is the purpose of this meditation to help you be more aware and observe these subconscious operations, so that you can know more of how you are operating. When you follow along with Terry in this audio meditation, the Eagle Vision technique will help you gain valuable distance needed, enabling you to foster greater awareness and objectivity, ultimately leading you to unlimited possibilities and opportunities in any currently limiting circumstances where you may find yourself.
You will begin by visualizing yourself like a mountain, grounded with empowering thoughts and feelings. Therefore, you constantly communicate this with your subconscious mind, the part of your mind that puts your actions on auto pilot.
These qualities of one’s personality are unconscious and sometimes one is not aware of how to get to them when encountering new or challenging situations. If any negative thoughts or feelings should come into your mind along your journey Terry will show you methods in how you can release these and make more room for positive thoughts, concepts and beliefs. After much repetition of visualizing these empowering thoughts and feelings, they will become as unmovable as a mountain and you will move through life with greater ease and quality. In this audio meditation Terry will guide and help you to learn how to summon your strongest resources to achieve any desired outcome in an instant. So instead of being plugged into your everyday rhythms and routines, where your brain is cycling in beta (the critical and reactive brain wave), this meditation guides you into alpha brain wave, where you can be more relaxed, aware and intuitive. People who do not experience this natural energizing that is available to us all have turned off their tuners or simply not aware of how to open up and receive it. After all, it’s your birthright to experience this wonderful renewing energy, just as surely as without a doubt, the sun will rise everyday.
It took about 3 minutes to set up and the sound of the water is lovely as background in the sunroom off my living room. So i returned it and was promised that a replacement will be sent.2 weeks and couple of phone calls later, I was told that I have to place a new order.

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