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For Gain confidence Africa, improving the ability for self expression of Uganda girls and boys as well as the youths is a core to our mission. Gain Confidence Africa  has a robust and powerful well tested business training plan and SME financial discipline programme intended to help the Ugandan children o develop the art of financial discipline right from childhood and while still at school so as to prepare for tomorrow. To foster financial discipline through saving culture development in children for a brighter future hence building self-confidence for young entrepreneur. Gain Confidence Uganda is a personal development program designed and intended to impart the heart of positive thinking among young people through inspirational sessions across Uganda to enable Ugandan children develop positivity about life. If you would like to be confident, but your insecurities make it difficult to feel good about yourself, check out our 8 things you have to do in order to build confidence and you will feel great in your own skin. You know those confident-outspoken-people who always get what they want even though they are not the prettiest or the smartest people in the world? When you let your insecurities dominate your self-image it gets impossible to be comfortable with yourself or with others.
However, it’s easy to gain confidence, you only need to know how - the following steps will help you embrace your inner beauty and feel comfortable being you around anyone. You’re probably thinking that you already know yourself well enough and that this is what causes problems - being overly aware of your flaws.
Although physical appearance is not the most important thing, it does send the message to other people about us. If you want to achieve your goals, you have to fight for them and that means speaking your mind.
This may seem trivial but your posture tells a lot about you and it really contributes to the image you send to the world about yourself. Whatever your fears are you have to work on overcoming them in order to build your confidence.
No one is really born confident, confidence is something that you build as you grow and develop. If low self confidence has gotten in the way of achieving your dreams more than once, maybe it’s time for you to do something about it. What is it that Candace Bushnell, Alexandra Potter, and Charles Caleb Colton have in common? One of the most important things for a girl to look beautiful is to feel beautiful, confident and comfortable in her own skin. Improving communication skills does not come easy to all of us, so here is an in-depth article to help you practice and point you in the right direction for any sort of speaking activity.
A lot of poor people spend their money to look rich, while a lot of rich people invest theirs to gain more riches.
An anxious unrest, a fierce craving desire for gain has taken possession of the commercial world, and in instances no longer rare the most precious and permanent goods of human life have been madly sacrificed in the interests of momentary enrichment. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Your long term happiness and ongoing success require high self esteem and the self confidence to make things happen.
If she were to give advice to all the women of the world, it would be "you must say yes to life and don't be afraid to take some risks. Those who lack self-confidence constantly devalue themselves and often don't realise that others may find their qualities appealing. The 5 key ways to grow your self-confidence1- Acceptance - We must give ourselves the right to have our own thoughts and opinions.
Good public speakers provide a foundation for community and economic development.  Public speaking is complex and majority of pupils in Uganda have problems with expressing themselves in public, job interviews, school and performances in their school.
Creativity will in the long run boost talent and present Ugandan children and future men and women as nation builders.
This will help the future Ugandan women and men to create a sound economic future for themselves and their families. Gain Confidence Uganda also looks forward to feel the gap that has been created in the writing industry where much of our heritage has been left out but this cannot be developed unless we have read what is already in place. This is based on the fact that if elders can be inspired as far as career paths are concerned then we need programs that can inspire young people at an early age as we all know that we  learn and copy a lot from a word of inspiration while we are still young and the answer to this is the reason WHY Gain Confidence Uganda is existing.  In the same regards Gain confidence Uganda is mainly looking forward to showing Ugandan children their potential in being MASTER OF THEIR DESTINY which is only attained by having a ‘YES I CAN ATTITUDE’ about their way of seeing different  things that they do encounter  in their day to day life that require answers that are not passed on during their Mathematics, science, English and Social studies in their class sessions yet they are vital in children upbringing when you compare African children to those from other continent like Europe, North and South America as well as Asia from whom we seem to be copying from. Everyone has their own flaws and insecurities but some of us cope better with them than the others.
But we rather think acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses so you can use them to your advantage.

On the contrary, insecure people tend to be judgmental and critical toward others because of their own insecurities that set limitations to their mind. Don’t pretend that you are okay with something when you are not, and don't compromise yourself just to make others happy.
If you walk with your head down and your shoulders leaning forward you will look insecure and afraid. If you don’t really like your nose, try to think about things you do like on yourself instead and emphasize them with make-up. When you stop feeling insecure and attacked when someone criticizes you and rather accept it constructively you can say that you stand with your two feet on the ground well aware of who you are.
Fears are sometimes limitations we set to ourselves subconsciously and they prevent us from giving our full potential. As you get to know yourself, you become more aware of your qualities and confidence means complete self-awareness.
Take your life into your own hands and apply these tips on how to build self confidence and improve your lifestyle. Instead of over thinking about imperfections and letting them rule your self-image, you should concentrate on things that make you feel good and positive about life. Some people quickly regain their balance, but others need a bit of advice when it comes to how to improve self esteem and move on.
These seven important things will make sure you get through it with flying colors, and maybe even learn to enjoy the process. In this presentation you'll discover 5 simple actions you can take to quickly gain more confidence and boost self esteem. While some have no problem glowing with confidence no matter what they're wearing or what they're doing, others struggle to feel good about themselves even when they are dressed to the nines! At 69 years of age, the actress is L'Oreal Paris' muse and quite literally proves that beauty has no age. Their lack of confidence prevents them from taking initiative and moving forward as they simply don't believe that anything will come out of it. You should never be discouraged from speaking your mind about something you're passionate about, and so you should express yourself in whichever way you want on a daily basis, even if it goes against what other people think.
12 Amazing Health Benefits Of SpirulinaThis Girl's Five Stone Weight Loss Is A Lesson In Loving Yourself The World's Healthiest Food? Gain Confidence Uganda thus intends to stand in a gap that has been created in the area of employment creation and provision to all Ugandan children. It’s especially difficult for shy, introvert, self-conscious people who spend too much time dwelling on their insecurities to build confidence.
Whether you are scared of talking to new people or just when it comes to the opposite gender, you have to rationalize the fear and analyze it. You have to embrace everything you are and accept all your flaws and qualities, you have to work on yourself both physically and mentally, to do things that make you a happy and positive person and most importantly to be satisfied with who you are.
They are also the authors of some of the great dating quotes we have numbered in our article. And learn to undo the perceptions-so heavily promoted by the media-that shopping is a form of therapy and that a purchase is nothing but a victory or a gain. Luckily, there are some brilliant ways to improve self-esteem and give yourself the ego boost you deserve! Of course this means a lack of self-confidence means missing out on major opportunities!?In other cases insecure people are known to play a role, pretending to feel comfortable with themselves and building up an imaginary version of themselves that simply isn't real. Start with your family first and when you're more comfortable, try expressing yourself to your friends and colleagues. This will as well be promoted through personal development courses provided to children right from childhood by showing them other areas of interest that they are not curtain about.
Be aware of the things that make you special and unique, emphasize your qualities instead of flaws. Eat healthy and do physical activities because they will make you more positive and you’ll also look better. On the other hand, if you are negative, everyone avoids you and that won’t help you be confident. You have to know when to say no and when not to follow the crowd, even though it may seem easier to just comply with others.
However, when people are positive and when they are smiling people don’t really notice any of the flaws.

And just to pique your curiosity: did you know that even a funny dating quote can be very helpful when it comes to kissing? These people also have difficulty in finding themselves and finding what suits the real them. It'll feel so much better than playing down or shrugging off your thoughts and ideas just because it's easier or makes you more popular.2- Be assertive - Be genuine in your relationships, and don't try to distort reality in order to please others. This will broaden their thinking capacity in the field of employment creation and provision future through creation of a self reliant citizens generation right from childhood. Use your strengths to achieve your goals and awareness of your weakness to handle them so they don’t stand in your way.
Be a good, positive person that brings the best in people and make people around you laugh, because making others feel good will make you feel great.
Don’t be afraid to take risk, to be silly and carefree, free yourself of all worries and limitations and enjoy every day of your life! You have to live, not just exist."Brimming with self-confidence, Susan isn't short of advice. That's why confidence is so essential - it's all about being happy to think independently and to act more freely, eventually making relationships with people who you genuinely connect with and living a life that's true to who you are.How to enhance your self-confidenceTo gain confidence, the first thing is to never lose sight of your true identity.
You can't simply express yourself through your friends' ideas of what is right or wrong, you have to have your own strong sense of self.
This will break the ties of unemployment in the future as many will live school life with a clear mindset to face the world with the view of seeing ‘Big picture’ that will  lead to ‘I do  attitude’ unlike before. Confident people are those who stand out in the crowd who are not afraid to follow and fulfill their dreams. Talking about her own failures in the past, she said: "I know that if I fail, I'm strong enough to get up and start again.
That is to say, we must have a clear idea of ??who we really are: our passions, our characters, our sensitivities, our tastes.
For example: buy clothes that you actually like instead of just copying your bestie's outfit! This will lead to a ’winning attitude’ that majority of young people grow up lacking hence leading a life of impossibilities that does not exist in real life but imaginarily created in them. Dress nicely because wearing the clothes that flatter your body will make you look great and feel great, so confidence will be easily achieved.
Remember that the most important thing is how you perceive yourself so be sure to like what you see in the mirror every morning because that’ll be the image you project to others. Then, we should try to highlight our strengths, our know-how, our organisational capacity, our friendships, even our talents.
Feel free to list your qualities down if it helps!?Since a lack of confidence commonly comes from negative words or experiences during our childhoods or adolescence, it is essential to reclaim your confidence!
Decide what you want, and go for it!3- Set yourself goals - Setting yourself mini challenges everyday broadens your abilities and acquaints you with your limitations. The description as give above is what makes us say that Uganda can gain confident of herself thus the Gain Confidence Uganda programme existence. Make your goals simple and achievable to begin with, then begin to try new things that might be a little out of your comfort zone.
If you can't do something, this'll give you the opportunity to asses what went wrong and try again.
Sounds good to us!4- Repeat positive phrases morning and evening - It never hurts to give yourself a verbal confidence boost, and actually saying positive things out loud can make all the difference to your mindset. Saying: "I can do it", "I have the capacity to do the job" or "I'm the best" might feel a little silly but it all contributes to positive thinking and building up that essential self-confidence!
Believe you can and you will.5- Face tricky situations head on - Instead of avoiding situations that make you uncomfortable, you must learn to confront them and move on.
Nothing's worse than unfinished business, especially if it leaves you unhappy, and so during potential conversations it is important to maintain eye contact as keep the discussion going if you aren't quite satisfied with the outcome.
Doing this will help you deal with distressing situations, which is an excellent quality to have in a tricky situation!Only you have the power to build up your self-esteem, and we say go for it!

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