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As the saying goes “it’s not the number of hours you put into work, it is the amount of work you put in those hours”.
By making your workers accountable for their actions and decisions (regardless of their position), it encourages them to be more cautious and meticulous when it comes to their work, hence minimising the risk of errors.
In addition, instilling accountability in your employees also gives them a sense of ownership, so that they too feel they have a stake in the company and how it performs.
To prevent such a scenario, start trusting your employees to operate in whatever style they are comfortable with to get the job done — after all, they passed the screening process during the hiring process so they must possess the necessary skills. While it may sound like common sense, many employers fail to give workers recognition for a job well done — which can result in employee morale dropping. Give your staff words of encouragement and assure them that once the situation improves, they will be rewarded accordingly. When menial tasks can be automated using the office equipment, it often makes sense to do so.
That’s why when purchasing office equipment, get the competitive edge with brands that have a history of reliability such as Canon.
Just like purchasing the proper equipment helps make your employees more productive, so will upgrading their skills.
However, not all skills upgrading requires spending thousands of dollars and dozens of hours in classes.
Aligning job tasks with an employee’s abilities makes perfect sense but having him or her perform the same duties 40 hours a week may become tedious and even counter-productive in the long run. To break the monotony, rotate job responsibilities from time to time and introduce new roles where possible. Low productivity in the workplace can jeopardise the sustainability of any business, especially SMEs, if left unresolved for some time. Canon aims to go beyond technology and empower entrepreneurs with everything they need to take their business from start-up to success. Seeking to uncover the hidden costs and time wasters that still hamper productivity in the workplace, Nitro partnered with the PDF Association, a global organization that delivers vital information about implementing PDF technology, to conduct a survey of 1,200+ knowledge workers about the ways they use documents on a daily basis at work. The PDF Association helped conduct the study, and by agreement with Nitro, the raw data is available to PDF Association members.

Nitro drives business innovation by providing easy-to-use, cloud and software-based digital document PDF solutions without sacrificing user experience. PDF Command Line Suite PDF Tools AG PDF Forms Development Appligent Document Solutions Whether you already have a completed electronic form or are starting from paper, Appligent Document Solutions' forms development services are worth the investment. Do you feel active and energised throughout the work day, or do you feel like your productivity levels drop as the day goes on? If you're looking for some recommendations to improve your office wellbeing then you've landed on the right page.
It’s important to know your own preferences so you can maximise your productivity and work satisfaction. Regardless of how untidy your desk might be, this will improve both the psychological and physiological benefits.
Place photos of your friends & family on your desk to make you feel more at home and comfortable in your office environment.
Actually, one message always rings true:  that a lack of cooperation between employees and between employees and managers negatively impacts employee productivity. People tend to feel inspired to perform at their best when there is a positive attitude in the workplace. On the other hand, if the overall attitude in the workplace is negative, employees will tend to win small successes for themselves at the expense of cooperating to achieve the goals of the company.  They will distrust each other and the managers. Conflicts between employees or a lack of respect for others can have a devastating effect on productivity.  How can employees who do not speak to each other exchange important information or help each other?
Workload management is the process of effective workload distribution which is crafted to enable the employees to achieve optimal performance and productivity levels.
Intuit QuickBase is a true low-code rapid application development platform for citizen developers both in the line of business and IT. With micro-managing, the danger lies in your employees becoming overly dependent on you and unable to make their own decisions. Having faith in your workers’ abilities encourages and empowers them with the confidence to give their all. Speak to him or her first to find out what can be done to prevent the same mistake from happening again.

Rewarding your hardworking employees with monetary bonuses clearly shows how much you value their work and will motivate them to continue doing their best for the company. Offering a full spectrum of high quality imaging products from input to output, Canon business solutions are renowned for high efficiency while being low in maintenance. By sending them for training courses, you equip them with the latest skills and introduce them to new (and potentially more efficient) ways of doing their job.
Having your experienced staff share their useful knowledge with other workers can also be a form of upgrading. This allows your staff to expand their skill-set and also gives them a better understanding of how the business works. So be sure to monitor the efficiency of your workers; not by hovering over them like a hawk, but by communicating with them to learn about any grievances they wish to share.
The survey was developed around the hypothesis that only businesses actively working to eliminate paper-based productivity killers and modernize sharing and collaboration habits can begin to operate near peak efficiency. By the same token, management is focused on the need for greater productivity.  Who is right? Our approach is looking at the processes and finding a sync between the tools, processes and people. They also come backed with strong after-sales support to ensure your business continues to run smoothly. Tackling such issues sooner rather than later will go a long way in ensuring your business reaches its true potential.
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