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I’ve spent years interviewing African American millionaires for my latest book, The Wealth Choice: Success Secrets of Black Millionaires, and I’ve found that while they come from all different walks of life, they share six core values that have helped them get where they are today. Take a look at these characteristics below and see which ones you have…and which ones you need to succeed. Do you desire independence?  Do you dream of creating your own legacy?  Do you believe in fulfilling your own destiny?  If you have an independent streak in you, you are much more likely to go after your chances on your own and forge new paths when it seems that all pathways are closed. Do you have a deep sense of purpose?  Have you always known what you have wanted to do with your life?  Perhaps you have dreamed of sending your kids to Ivy League schools , or have always planned on leading the world into a new Golden Age?  The millionaires I interviewed have a passionate sense of how they want to affect the lives around them…and use it to help them accumulate wealth and prestige.

Are you adaptable?  African American millionaires not only are able to see needs and fulfill them, but they can bend easily with the times.  This is why the most affluent millionaires are still at the top of their game even in the middle of a Recession. Are you determined to succeed?  Pessimists are much less likely to become millionaires.  It’s not an automatic disqualification, but those who believe they will succeed—especially while facing failure—are much more likely to push past the pitfalls and turn a profit. I was at Barnes and nobles and read fifty pages, could’nt afford book but will go back till I finish thanks for knowing that giving of information of this kind is needed by people who has a thurst that has NT yet been winch! I read your Think and Grow Rich book many many years ago and I have recommended it to many people.

I already know there is much valuable information in the book and I will recommend it to others .

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