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Ann Natanson visits an exhibition in Rome that highlights the papacy’s interaction with major figures of European history. A rare display of documents from the Vatican’s secret archives is currently on show in the Capitoline Museums in Rome. The exhibition’s title, Lux in Arcana: The Vatican Secret Archives Reveals Itself, explains its purpose.
Some of the objects are simple letters written on birch bark, silk and parchment; others are dignified by seals and signatures. Another monarch, Christina of Sweden, born a Lutheran, caused a stir when she abdicated in 1654 and converted to Catholicism. She lies in a marble tomb in the crypt of St Peter’s, one of the few women buried in the Vatican grottoes.
One of the longest documents on display is the 60-metre parchment scroll sent to Pope Clement V in 1311 by French members of the order of Knights Templar. Throughout the exhibition one sees the signatures and names of people who punctuate the history books, while commentaries explain their links with the documents. The original intention of the exhibition’s curators to celebrate 400 years of the Vatican archives was to display 300 documents.
For the first (and probably the last) time in history the Vatican opens part of its secret archives to the public. Now one hundred original and priceless documents from these Archives are presented to the public in a spectacular exhibition in the beautiful halls of the Capitoline Museums in Rome.
Antiquarian book fair, in cooperation with Berlin galleries, publishers, booksellers and book artists. This major three-day event is one of the highlights in the world for book lovers and collectors – and centrepiece of London International Antiquarian Book Fair Week. Today the 52 miles of shelves holding primary documents and historical texts going back 1500 years remain available to researchers, but they have to go to the Vatican to peruse them. My favorite piece is a letter sent to Pope Clement VII in 1530 by over 80 England lords, bishops and cardinals, asking the Pope to get cracking on annulling the marriage between Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. The complete minutes from Galileo Galilei’s 1633 trial, signed by Galileo himself and including his scientific manuscripts, will be on display, as well as two letters that are remarkable perhaps less for their content and more for their material. I was somewhat taken aback by the mention of a Christian Empress Helena of China, but apparently she was the mother of the last Ming Emperor, who also converted. Perhaps the Pius XII papers will be unsealed fifteen minutes after his imminent canonization? I wonder if there are any documents concerning Francesco Antonio Jose de Lorenzana y Buitron, Archbishop of Toledo, Primate of Spain, and Ambassador of King Charles IV to the Holy See? To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. The archives, until now jealously guarded from prying eyes, provide one of the key settings in Brown's thriller, in which Harvard "symbologist" Robert Langdon, played in the 2009 film by Tom Hanks, races against time to stop a secret religious order, the Illuminati, from destroying Vatican City.
The archives are housed in a fortress-like wing of the Vatican behind St Peter's Basilica, with the avenue leading to the building watched over by a phalanx of Swiss Guards in ceremonial uniform and officers from the city state's own police force, the Gendarmerie.
Dub Science as it contains elements of many genres: breakbeat, dub, dubstep, drumstep, triphop, drum and bass, Indian, Arabian and Turkish musics and many more. The Vatican Library, the world’s largest rare books library by a large measure, has the earliest known copy of “The Secret History,” which appeared as a book in 1623, translated from the original Greek into Latin, by Nicolo Alamanni, a 17th century Vatican librarian.  The original manuscript is labeled “Vaticanus Graecus 1001” (Greek work in the Vatican collection, abbreviated VAT.
When Alamanni published “Secret History,” it made quite a stir, because insider stories that aired the dirty laundry of quasi-deified emperors were not an everyday occurrence.  While there was a precursor in the gossipy and highly entertaining “Twelve Caesars” by Suetonius (written around 119 AD), Justinian was of an elevated stature because he was considered a great Christian emperor—to learn of his misbehavior, and his empress’ practice of sodomy despite that being punishable by death, was hot stuff indeed. Noah Charney is an international best-selling author of fiction (The Art Thief) and non-fiction (Stealing the Mystic Lamb), and a professor of art history.  His latest book is The Thefts of the Mona Lisa.
One year ago this week, Pope Benedict XVI did something that no other pope had done in nearly 600 years — he resigned the papacy.
Troubles spread to a second front in 2010 with allegations of money laundering at the Vatican bank.
The challenge ahead for Francis may be meeting the high expectations that have been set for him. Secrets of the Vatican premieres tonight on most PBS stations — at a special time, 9 pm. Short notice I know, and I apologize for the rushed nature of the OP but I forgot that it was premiering tonight. I'll watch this momentarily, I'd recommend people check out Maxima Mea Culpa: Silence In the House of God. Lenin said that the establishment of a central bank was 90% of communizing a nation Lenin himself (and Trotsky) were required to place MI6 operatives in key positions during the Russian Revolution.
There is so much activity on the part of the modern-day Rothschilds, that the controlled news media’s censorship which protects the Rothschilds have not been able to screen out everything, there are still tidbits here and there that filter through the controlled media’s censorship.
One of my friends from South America got to personally witness the destruction of South America by Rothschild interests. The Rothschilds and other British Interests played a major role in Brazil’s railway system, which became a law unto itself. One of the principle points that should be borne in mind, is that the actual occult power of the Rothschild bloodline is hidden in secret lineages.
The story of what happened to BankCal, which was the oldest bank in California, illustrates how powerful the Rothschilds are in the United States. Edmond had agreed to leave DeBretteville in his position as a condition to purchase BankCal shares, but when he chose to renege on his agreement he did without compassion. David Smith who has written the following article on the Rothschilds for this newsletter asked me to explain in this introduction about Rothschild and the Round Table Group.
The Rothschild family reached a peak in Its power during the Age of Metternich (1814-1848), but as the century waned, so did Rothschild power. His youngest brother, Edmond #1 was a genius and a main figure in the creation of a Jewish homeland in Israel.
When Alphonse died in 1905, the new generation of the French House came under the charge of Baron Edouard, a quiet and very rich man. While Lord Natty’s two brothers, Alfred and Leo, helped run New Court, Natty was almost totally calling the shots. He had a zebra four-in-hand, a pet goat, a private philharmonic which be conducted and a private circus which he would ringmaster.
In this case the word ‘secret’, in Latin, means private and describes the personal correspondence of popes, covering a range of subjects: pleas for help, bulls of condemnation, theological and terrestrial laws, correspondence with saints, sinners and world powers of the past.
In 1530 Henry VIII persuaded 83 nobles and clergy to send an appeal to Pope Clement VII, granting him a divorce from Katherine of Aragon.
In December 1655 she arrived in Rome with an entourage of 255 courtiers and 247 horses, her library and paintings. The most notable Catholic convert of her age, her abdication document, acquired by the Vatican, is decorated with the Swedish colours, blue and yellow, and 307 wooden skippets for the seals of witnesses. Decorated with 16th- and 17th-century frescoes and ancient sculptures, it is said to be the world’s oldest public museum.
They include Lucrezia Borgia, Michelangelo, Mary Queen of Scots, Napoleon, Mussolini, Voltaire, Bernini and Emperor Hirohito. Geographically yes, but politically the Vatican Secret Archives, the Pope’s private document library and subject of much Dan Brown-based intrigue, have never left the confines of Vatican City before. Unlike the Vatican Library, they were the personal archives of the Pope, not a Church department administered by the Curia. Come February, some of those documents marking history’s most momentous events, will be shown to the public and they will be shown on the Capitoline Hill, the secular civic center of Rome for thousands of years. Henry VIII had first asked the Pope to annul the marriage in 1527, the same year that Emperor Charles V, Catherine’s nephew, sacked Rome and imprisoned the Pope.
Documents describing the World War I-era genocide of Armenians by Ottoman Turkey are included, as are some pieces about Pius XII during World War. He also noted that he thinks the Pius XII archives will be opened over the next two or three years. Then the Ratzinger regime can move on to Saint Tomas de Torquemada and Saint Vlad the Impaler? They are a small collective, based across the UK but with main recording facilities in Croydon, South London. Just eight years earlier, Benedict had promised a new beginning for the church at a time when it was reeling from the clergy sexual abuse crisis. Then came VatiLeaks, a scandal that exposed a Vatican hierarchy plagued by cronyism, power struggles and bureaucratic corruption. In April, Francis appointed eight influential cardinals to advise him on how to reform the structural problems facing church governance, and just yesterday he announced a sweeping set of reforms for the Vatican’s scandal-plagued financial system. It's basically a look at the papacy of Pope Benedict and the scandals that led to his resignation and the rise of Pope Francis. Still my search continues for descendants of the Rothschilds who are willing to expose what the Rothschilds are all about. One item that I am familiar with from history, and which I can’t help thinking about is how the nation of Bolivia in 1908 had the fine distinction of having absolutely no foreign debt. Just as the secret history of the railway tycoons reveals a great deal about the secret elite in the United States, so it also does in Brazil. Although the Rothschilds make up part of the Rothschild bloodline, people should also watch out for names such as Bauer, Bowers, Sassoons, and many other last names.
Bank board meetings became a game of ,,What does Edmond think?” Edmond on his part threw parties that enamored him to San Francisco’s high society. Most of the stock went to anonymous investors trading through private banks protected by secrecy laws. The men who formed Milner’s Round table group from the various clues in their lives were by and large secret satanists. The first Round Table group of the Rhode-Milner group were sometimes called the Cliveden Set because they often met at the Astor’s Cliveden Estate.

They still held a considerable amount of influence but their ,,veto power” was not as strong as It had been before the Revolutionary overthrow of Metternich’s Europe. Baron Alphonse did so, sending the message to Nathaniel de Rothschild at New Court who relayed it to a close family Mend, and former Prime Minister Gladstone (England happened to be without a Prime Minister at that time). His self-confidence told him to manage his wealth himself and not trust his Investments with people who might strike a painful blow to his riches. Anselm lived under the reputation of his father, Salomon, and his uncle, Amschel (with whom he spent a good deal of his time). Baron Anselm simply bought a sewage disposable unit and installed it right next to the club.
In the first article I explained that they shared a residency in Frankfort, forever binding the two families. It was an account of a previous trial of Templars and a plea from 231of their fellow knights for help. On the piano nobile, under the gaze of a huge statue of Pope Urban VIII, the story begins with Galileo Galilei’s renunciation. The Inquisition found him guilty of heresy and sentenced him to penance and house arrest in his villa at Arcetri, to the south of Florence.
The documents housed in its vast storerooms span about 1200 years from 8th to 20th century and are stored on 85 kilometres of shelving, located in the Apostolic Palace and in the underground Bunker - a two-storey area located under the Vatican Museums’ Cortile della Pigna. The 1245 bull of deposition of Frederick II in which Pope Innocent IV excommunicated the Holy Roman Emperor for defying that supremacy is also part of the exhibit.
Even after Clement returned to Rome in 1528, he was still very much under pressure from Charles. The latter is quite the shocker given that documents in the Archive are only currently authorized for perusal up until February 1939, the end of Pius XI’s papacy. It's on already on the East Coast (check your local PBS listings), but you can also watch it online right now as I believe it's already been uploaded. It is no secret that the Rothschilds play a major rode in International Bankers, and that various Rothschilds like Lord Victor Rothschild have played major roles in MI6.
However, in 1908 the Morgans of America loaned Bolivia money, and in 1917 Chandler & Co. People within the illuminati who have Rothschild blood are aware of their secret ancestry, but outsiders in the world are more often than not are never going to be told that they carry such ,,powerful” occult blood. In 1973, the CEO of BankCal, De Bretteville sold Edmond Rothschild 300,000 shares of Bancal Tristate Corp., 22% of the holding company for the Bank of California. He had no Intention of improving the bank, he simply wanted it for his collection of companies. Bengie lived high on the hog at a fabulous California beach house while flunking school and living wildly. 12, 1992 reported, ,,The longtime chief executive of the blue-blood San Francisco bank invited Rothschild to invest. Edmond carried out a series of actions which dropped the value of BankCal’s stock drastically.
Nearly 20% of the bank’s stock was sold by misled shareholders, and was sold to secret European bank accounts. When Rothschild finally sold for $50 a share to the Japanese, it was clear that his whole goal had been to cheat stockholders to Insure a big cash reward for himself.
Terence O’Brien’s biography describes Milner’s relationship to the Rothschild’s as very close Lord Alfred Milner (1854-1925) frequently visited the Rothschilds, stayed overnight with various Rothschilds, and even had some sleepless nights with them. This lagging power was nothing that could not be reversed though, and last half of the 19th century was spent manufacturing another incredible climb upward. Another great example of Rothschild influence is their direct Involvement on both sides of the Austro-Prussian and Franco-Prussian Wars. His other brother Salomon James married a Frankfurt Rothschild and is the subject of a weird circumstance described by biographer Virginia Cowles. He had been placed in a coma and, according to Jewish custom, carried into every room in the house. Baron Edouard also ran the de Rothschild Freres with his cousin, Robert (who married a Beer), son of Gustave (Robert’s sister, Alice Caroline married Sir Edward A. He ran New Court shrewdly, and financed many prominent ventures, such as Cecil Rhodes’ gold and diamond mines, and the purchase of the Suez Canal.
They became good friends and soon the Prince was close friends with most of the British House and others of the Rothschild clan, Including Natty’s brothers, Alfred and Leo. The Schiffs became Rothschild agents, and like most agents of the Rothschilds they eventually became very rich and powerful. Since 1612 they have been held in the Vatican itself, where they now occupy 50 miles of temperature-controlled shelf space. In a hurry to have a son, Henry turned his back on the papacy and founded the Church of England.
She sat sideways in her chair at the theatre, with her legs dangling over the arm and applauded loudly.
Philip IV of France had burned 54 of them at the stake and the same fate awaited the signers of this document if they revoked their previous confessions. After four long sessions of painful questioning by the Inquisition he denied Copernican theories of a heliocentric universe. Two air-conditioned rooms are reserved for the 81 parchments with gold seal, undoubtedly the Archive’s most important and precious treasures. The Secret Archive remained the private domain of the Papacy until 1881, when Pope Leo XIII opened the doors to scholars.
I mention these two items to drive home what should be an obvious conclusion, the Rothschilds are major players in the control of the world and the New World Order.
De Bretteville had originally asked two English Rothschild cousins if they wanted to purchase the stock. Financial advisors and securities analysts convinced small stockholders to sell their BankCAl stock which they then did for rock bottom prices as little as $16 a share. The Baron and his friends secretly began buying the Bank’s stock after It had hit rock bottom prices.
I believe, a light on the family’s own opinions) answered the message with a refusal to intervene. One of the pall bearers had stumbled, the coffin had crashed Into a door and -Salomon had woken up! In 1853 he bought vineyards that became known as Mouton Rothschild, and he lived at these vineyards several months of the year. The Mentmore Towers are still owned today by the son of Hannah, the current Earl of Roseberry. According to the writer Frank Harris the Lord Rothschild told him: ,,I go to the bank [New Court] every morning and when I say ‘no’ I return home at night without a worry. The group of friends became known as ,,The Marlborough Boys”, named after the Prince’s Marlborough House at which they regularly gathered. The Baron was among those in charge of the last rites over Disraelis’ dead body (Queen Victoria might have had an affair with Disraeli that the Rothschilds covered up).
His most notable act being the creation Creditanstalt, which destroyed the financial challenger of the Rothschilds, Credit Mobilier. The dub then tried to give him a membership card, to mend the problem, but he returned the card doused in perfume and informed them that he would not move his sewage unit. Carrol Quigley attributes the use of tax-exempt foundations for manipulation of society to Peabody, seen in his Illuminati Peabody foundation. Henry VIII called the appeal his ‘secret matter’ and the document has been described as ‘the most impressive ever circulated by the Tudors’. There was talk of her love affairs both with priests and lady courtiers; even her sex was disputed by some to the extent that her body was exhumed in 1989 for a full examination, though the result proved inconclusive. Ultimately the money-hungry king proved the strongest in the struggle between pope and king: a bull issued in 1312 by Pope Clement V decreed the complete suppression of the order.
With a firm hand he signed his statement: ‘I Galileo Galilei have abjured as written above’. It was written on parchment and has long trailing ribbons containing all the red wax seals of England’s peerage. It is reported that Rebecca Brown’s husband was an Illuminatus of the Rothschild bloodline, and that he escaped them and has been attempting to do some exposure of their Satanic practices.
I point these two men out just to portray to the reader the extensive power the Rothschilds wield behind the scenes. Thus began the plunge of a free nation Into economic slavery to the Illuminati’s international Bankers. They promoted the light industrialization of Latin America and its economic interdependence in the 1950’s and 1960’s. I was somewhat surprised that the article appeared considering the strength of the Rothschilds. These two cousins then called two French Rothschild cousins, who then called Edmond in Geneva, Switzerland for assistance. Africa, joint business ventures with Robert Vesco, and 30% of Club Mediterranean which Edmond co-founded. Securities investigators ignored the frenzy of trading overseas, and later, the documentation of insider trading. The succeeding generations of these three family leaders were the catalysts of new family order. After Amschel died Bismarck remained close to the Rothschilds (although he had occasional quibbles with the family). Napoleon III was in the pocket of the head of all the Rothschilds, Alphonse de Rothschild of the Paris House.
He also improved upon his Inherited network of Rothschild agents, an underground system that would continue to grow well after his death.

The boy had become a compulsive gambler which had caused his father great anxiety, as anyone with the Rothschild name was given unlimited financial credit. His descendants, the Mouton Rothschilds, are citizens of France but are of the British House (except that their mother was a French Rothschild, but the male lineage is the most important in the Rothschild family). The Baron Mayer de Rothschild was a member of Parliament (never made a speech), and loved horse breeding and racing. Daniel Colt Gilman, a member of the Skull & Bones and first President of the Carnegie Institution, was involved in the establishment of the Peabody foundation. The Scroll & Key Society is one of the illuminati’s secret entry points at Yale University.
Sometimes corruption at the top stinks so bad, that It can’t be suppressed entirely.) The United States has the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) in place to protect the American public from stock fraud. Club Mediterranean was created out of the idea that others of the elite would enjoy seaside playgrounds like those he and his mother cavorted at when he was a youngster. Such an abrupt shift in a stock’s trading pattern is supposed to set off alarms with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The $25 million dollar lawsuit was settled out of court, with all parties swearing not to disclose how much Freemon got for having lost money due to Rothschild’s stock manipulations. Three Illuminati families stand out in the creation of the Round Table groups, which then became the RIIA and the CFR and related groups. An excellent example of Rothschild power in the late 19th century is the families dealings with the Illuminati Habsburgs. Although Bismarck withdrew his Spanish candidate, the frictions between France and Prussia had become irreconcilable. Biographers, using diaries and such, seem to think the Rothschilds were very distraught over Napoleon III’s loss. Lord Natty won the hearts of the London police (an effective measure when one is in the Illuminati). He was instrumental in easing the English – German tensions around the turn of the century.
The first world war supposedly hurt the British House financially (although it appears their missing riches only went underground), but as always they bounced right back (in the eyes of the public). He was in such high regard by the elite that they have erected a statue of him across from the Bank of England.
In 1901 Mckinley ran for a second term and appointed a new vice-president, Theodore Roosevelt, a lock, stock and barrel Illuminatus.
He thought it presumptuous of the nobles to complain about the delay and he didn’t much appreciate the implication that England would respond to a refusal with extreme measures. I have unfortunately not been able to interview Rebecca Brown Yoder’s husband, who has been called by the Lord to strengthen the end time church. Edmond went on to marry a chorus girl named Nadine Actually, sources indicate that the Baron Edmond had wanted to give the Bank of California to his only son. Instead the Securities and Exchange Commission turned a blind eye to all the insider trading. In 1909-1913, this secret society in turn formed Round Table groups in British dependencies and the U.S. In order to be court worthy for the Habsburgs you had to have four ancestral lines of nobility and you had to be baptized. He was invaluable to Bismarck as the financier of the dictator’s wars with Austria and France. It got its hands Into electrical Industries, the development of the Mediterranean Railway and North African business. The Rothschilds were suspected, rightfully so, of financing the Prince’s investments and paying off his debts. Thus a new British House of Rothschild began the 20th century, lofty Lord Natty leading the way. Anselm ended up working under his uncle Amschel in the Frankfort bank (which was doomed to future liquidation). In fact, she even yelled at the Queen when she saw her Inadvertently trampling a flower-bed. After the end of the Franco-Prussian War, Junius Morgan was called on to help restore the French economy. These three cases created widespread confidence within the american public that stock market trading was in general honestly traded. It wasn’t until 1989, that Benjamin stepped forward into the world of finance, by launching his La Compagnie de Tresorerie-Benjamin de Rothschild.
After gathering up shares at rock bottom prices, Rothschild announced an official change of heart to sell the bank at $50 a share.
In Austria, the Hapsburgs were at least publicly Implored by Alphonse and Anthony of Paris and Anselm of Vienna to avoid a war with the ambitious Prussian dictator at all costs.
It also controlled, with the British House, the Baku oil fields in Russia, which made the Rothschilds the main competitors of the Rockefeller trust.
Natty took control of New Court, the Rothschild’s British bank He was elected to the House of Commons in 1865, and then, in 1885, Queen Victoria made him a Lord and he entered the House of Lords – the first Lord Rothschild. Around this time his bank was talked of as a rival to the Rothschild’s New Court, but Junius was a Rothschild agent, when he prospered so prospered the Rothschilds and the Illuminati. The story of what Edmond Rothschild (full name is Edmond Adolphe Jules Jacques Maurice Baron de Rothschild) did with BankCal expose to the world that men like the Rothschilds do not have to play by the same rules as everyone else. And over the next few years, he would continue to lie to numerous people about his intents for the bank. He was also able to manipulate its stock prices and carry out insider trading without the Securities and Exchange Commission watching it. Rothschild then sold this supposedly American bank to the Japanese, Mitsubishi, to be exact, and ,,made a killing” off of his manipulations and insider trading. Sir Abe Bailey supported the Round Table groups quarterly magazine called The Round Table in 1919, Sir Abe Bailey and the Astors financed the creation of the Royal Institute of International Affairs which in turn created daughter organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations in the United States. Of all the international banking families, the Rothschilds appeared to be in favor of peace the most, although this was probably a ruse.
Then, (very possibly under Rothschild direction) Bismarck began to try to put a German prince on the Spanish throne.
One of the operations of the Morgan-French Rothschild combine involved economic manipulation that allowed the Vienna House to almost fully regain the losses that the Austrian Rothschilds had incurred during WWI. The Intelligent and extroverted Natty was an ornate speechmaker, unlike his father, Lionel, and uncle Mayer. His daughter, in turn, used some of that Rothschild money to fund the expedition into Egypt that discovered Tutankhamen’s grave.
248) states that Brazilians have looked to Rockefeller as their connection to the United States. In my Be Wise As Serpents book readers can find a chart showing the role the CFR plays in the Policy Process of the U.S. Napoleon III responded by telling Alphonse that France could not allow such a thing, and unless England intervened diplomatically he would have no choice but to go to war against Prussia. Perhaps their pan was to keep connections on both sides of the conflict and ride out the storm, but they were upset because their philosophical loyalty was to France (although I find this hard to believe). The son of Edmond #1, James Armand de Rothschild, carried on the Israel work of his father after Edmond #1’s death in 1934.
Ills eldest son Nathaniel was an aristocrat, who was not interested in banking, only fine art and history.
When the elite’s concocted American Civil War broke out, Peabody and Junius Morgan raised loans for the North. Other elite families besides the Rothschilds have also substantial Latin American economic control, such as the DuPonts.
The family had their hands in both sides of the conflict, it even appears they manufactured the conflict, why the outcome might have upset them I have no idea. I personally believe the House of Rothschild wanted to get rid of Napoleon Ill and his empire, which is exactly what happened, the third republic was set up in France. Only Baron Albert von Rothschild, Anselm’s youngest son had a business inclination and be was chosen to take over Creditanstalt.
Ralph Epperson claims Junius was one of the Rothschild agents who shipped supplies to the South. We really don't have many secrets," insisted Marco Grilli, the secretary to the prefecture of the archives. The Baron told his friends that he would sell BankCal, while he publicly gave the appearance that the company was not for sale. The Rothschild agent, Junius Morgan was brought in to help restore the French financial situation. They laid out the plans to form Northern Securities, a company that would act as an agent for New Court in the US. Morgan, Jr appears to have followed in the footsteps of the former heads of the House of Morgan by working with the Rothschilds. As you can see the Rothschild’s involvement in the Austro-Prussian and Franco-Prussian Wars was significant, even though they were crying peace.
Whether there are any bombshells lurking in these confidential files is a matter known only to the Vatican.
Morgan was in Europe, traveling back and forth between London and Paris, presumably visiting the Rothschild House’s there. After the Europeans got over their lack of confidence at the end of the CIvil War, money began to stream across the ocean to the US., providing massive profit for the firm.

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