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Resistance was established in August of 2015 as a place for our group of friends to call home, and relax after our old guild disbanded.
Oh, and Guild Karaoke in the RaidCall is always an option, if you’re into that sort of thing.
Social Board Games, Part 11: Bohnanza Essays, The Resistance, ReflectionBy Derek ThompsonThis is it!
This ranking was no surprise to me based on their essays, although I was a little surprised to see Dominion over La Boca. Unsurprisingly given the ranking, Bohnanza was not well-received, but the essays were still quite good due to what I thought was a very good writing prompt about balancing cooperation and competition. I had also asked them about whether the amount of work (700 words a week) was appropriate for a 1-credit course, and they overwhelmingly responded yes, except for one person (the surveys were anonymous).

I definitely made a lot of mistakes this time, but now I am confident next semester’s class will be even better. If you have a problem with another guild member, you can contact me (Swift) or one of the Guardian ranks.
Currently, we do not host ST due to not having enough people, but we will start back up again as soon as we can. Those who say Dominion has been eclipsed by other deckbuilding games are flat-out wrong, simply because Dominion offers the excitement of the mechanic in the simplest package available. I hope to give them more structure next time, and will probably have them write slightly longer papers about units instead of doing a paper every single week.
You can join via the Guild Recruitment page in game, apply here via the forums, or pm Swifteyes in game.

Since they all had sufficient grades already, I highly doubt I will see any essays about The Resistance, even though they clearly loved it, and the prompt was also something I find important, breaking and regaining trust.
Next year, I’ll either have to change the grading structure, or make sure and put the more important prompts towards the beginning. I was overly worried that there would be harsh feelings during The Resistance, but this ended up being unfounded. I also hope to truly include some traditional card games next year – no one should graduate from a Midwestern college without knowing how to play Euchre.

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