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Effective program evaluation is a systematic way to improve and account for public health actions.
A practical, non-prescriptive tool, the evaluation framework summarizes and organizes the steps and standards for effective program evaluation.
See the original 1999 MMWR article, Framework for Program Evaluation in Public Health for more about how the framework was developed. The term "program" is used in the framework to describe any organized public health action.

What standards (i.e., type or level of performance) must be reached for the program to be considered successful? What conclusions regarding program performance are justified by comparing the available evidence to the selected standards?
How will the lessons learned from the inquiry be used to improve public health effectiveness? CDCa€™s evaluation framework provides a systematic way to approach and answer these questions using a set of 6 steps and 4 standards.

Performance Reporting, Management of Stakeholders, Quality Control, Risk Monitoring and Controlling, andA Contract Administration.

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