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With The LEGO Movie hitting theaters in under three weeks, we’ve already got LEGO Movie sets coming out the wazoo. I am trying my absolute hardest to remain as spoiler-free as possible for the upcoming The LEGO Movie, so I’m not entirely sure of the context for this latest LEGO Movie polybag set. While the 30282 LEGO Super Secret Police Enforcer vehicle is nothing fancy, it’s almost elegant in its simplicity as a crazy flying police hovercraft vehicle. The LEGO Movie Super Secret Enforcer 30282 set will contain 40 pieces (including one minifigure) at a retail price of $4.99.

The LEGO Movie Super Secret Police Enforcer 30282 set will be available in the United States exclusively at Toys R Us stores. That said, what is blatantly obvious is that this is another in a long line of low-priced, useful LEGO polybags including a small vehicle and a viable LEGO minifigure army-builder! I could definitely see a small army of these Super Secret Police Enforcer LEGO vehicles chasing after Emmet and company in The LEGO Movie (and if not in the movie, than at least in LEGO Movie set displays around the world)!
That works out to be about 12 cents per piece, which is totally fine for a little set like this one. Although it has been added to the Toys R Us website, the set is not yet available for sale online or in stores.

I’ll post an update to the Bricks and Bloks Facebook page once this set is sighted in stores.
The next LEGO Movie polybag set to hit stores will be the LEGO Movie Super Secret Police Enforcer 30282 set with LEGO Robo SWAT Minifigure!

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