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I am an entrepreneur and I coach a lot of entrepreneurs.   In coaching, I have discovered that an area that seems to be a consistent ‘weak link’ in an entrepreneur’s skill set is that of assessing their business, which requires a skill of reflection. Reflection, simply put is thinking about or ‘reflecting’ on what you did, how you were being or what happened.
I have learned it takes equal parts of knowing, being and doing to make my business happen. As John Dewey says in the above quote, in order to use experience as a true teacher in life, it is important to know how to practice reflective exercises.  Reflection takes the experience beyond face value where we may get caught in our reactive default settings. During the “So What” stage, I can subjectively attach meaning to the objective data.  What does it mean to me?  What is the story the numbers are trying to tell me?  Where are there missing pieces?

What learning will you take forward?  Perhaps a new habit, a new routine, a new way of being or an uncovered value. I have found the “What, So What and Now What” structure is a great way to assess my business on a quarterly basis.  It not only allows me to keep on the pulse of my business, it also allows me a structure to track my decision making process.
Once I get clear on changes I want to make, I list the learnings that brought me to this point in order to ground them.  I always like to end the year, in business and life, on a foot of gratitude and learning. I would venture to say that I believe assessment is one of the most valuable business practices that you can incorporate into your business systems.  Make it a habit and you will keep yourself on the path of business development and growth. Here you will find topics relating to team development, leadership practices, life and business issues and for professional coaches, topics that will keep you fresh in your core competencies.

Perhaps an old thought pattern, a marketing or financial mistake or a belief system that is not supporting your business?

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