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The Imperial Knights, formally the Knights of the Empire, were an order of Force-practitioners loyal to the Emperor of the Fel Empire. Following the Fel Empire's displacement by Darth Krayt in 130 ABY, the Imperial Knights fled from the capital with their Emperor, becoming a part of his Empire-in-exile. The Imperial Knights were founded approximately three generations prior to 137 ABY, swearing fealty to Jagged Fel, the first Emperor of the revived Galactic Empire.[13] Despite the Fel bloodline not being Force-sensitive originally,[14] by 137 ABY most, and possibly all, of the surviving royal family were able to serve as Imperial Knights themselves. Imperial Knights The Imperial Knights were trained in many of the same philosophies and techniques as the Jedi, but differed markedly in their credos and method. Recruitment within the Imperial Knights was limited to those who demonstrated loyalty to the Emperor, in addition to potential in the Force.
The Imperial Knights were founded within the Empire approximately three generations prior to 137 ABY, under the jurisdiction of Jagged Fel. Three Imperial Knights are slain by Darth Krayt following the end of the Sith-Imperial War. In 137 ABY, Roan Fel returned to the Imperial stronghold of Bastion, which had been under the control of Darth Krayt's Empire for seven years. Skywalker's ship, the Mynock, made its way to Vendaxa,[27] and Draco and Krieg disobeyed their Emperor's orders and traveled there in two Predator-class fighters. Draco soon realized that Marasiah was still alive, and directed all his efforts into keeping her that way, even revealing to Sazen that the Massacre of the Jedi seven years prior had happened against the Emperor's orders.
Aboard the Wheel, Stazi and Bovark met in a conference room, with both sets of guards required to wait outside. Some time later, Emperor Fel, having survived an assassination attempt by the Sith Darth Kruhl,[32] sent Imperial Knights Treis Sinde and Sigel Dare on a mission to sabotage the Advanced Star Destroyer Imperious, which was nearing completion at the Mon Calamari Shipyards. Aboard the Imperious, Dare and the Rogues rendezvoused with Stazi, who, despite belligerence displayed by Dare, realized that working with Fel was necessary in order to bring down Krayt. In this family film, set in Ireland, ten-year-old Fiona is sent to Donegal to live with her grandparents. They were fully trained in the ways of the Force and rejected the dark side of the Force, unlike previous Imperial Force-based organizations.
By 130 ABY, Emperor Roan Fel was a fully-trained Imperial Knight, and the leader of the organization. By 137 ABY, several Imperial Knights were being routinely sent on missions by Roan Fel, as he sought to establish alliances with both the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances and the Jedi Order.
Although the Imperial Knights ultimately served the Force through the Emperor, this was only true if he himself served the light side of the Force.
The Imperial Knights viewed the Force as a tool–a powerful one to be respected, but not one that they spent time contemplating and meditating on.
Upon being identified, a potential student would be drafted into Imperial service to study under a veteran Knight on the Imperial capital of Bastion, and would continue studying under that master until their own knighthood was warranted, although other Knights would occasionally assist in their training. Master Antares Draco was officially the second-in-command of the Order,[3] and was at the head of its disciplined command structure.[18] The title of Master was reserved for only the highest-ranking Imperial Knights, with the designation subject to Roan Fel's approval. The master armorer crafted specialized suits of life-preserving armor for Knights who had been severely injured.
Arriving on-planet, their fighters were shot down by two Sith Fury-class fighters, but the two managed to escape the flaming wrecks of their ships.

With the Sith at bay, the Jedi and Imperial Knights managed to safely get onboard the Mynock, which took off.
Draco indicated that he didn't trust the Galactic Alliance guards, and vowed to win back the Emperor's trust.[30] However, Imperial spies Morrigan Corde and Jor Torlin had also boarded the station, and managed to cause the Imperial shuttle to fire on Stazi's ship using a Command Override Limpet Droid.
Though they did not draw on the dark side, they did not strictly follow the light side either, and were viewed as Gray by the New Jedi Order. However, if the Emperor were to ever fall to the dark side, it was the duty of the Imperial Knights to either remove him from power or bring him back to the light, as ultimately, it was the Force to which they owed their allegiance.
They were often on the front lines of the Second Imperial Civil War, battling Darth Krayt's forces on such planets as Vendaxa, Mon Calamari, and Had Abbadon. If he were ever to turn to the dark side, their duty was to either bring him back to the light or remove him from power. They knew the dangers of falling to the dark side, and believed that the Force could not be used out of anger or selfishness. Training could be very harsh, but not cruel, and could often take years, but no student ever failed in their training, as the Emperor demanded and always received success. Imperial Knights were permitted to take on one apprentice at a time, but only after having mastered their own skills to a sufficient degree. Along with the Jedi Knights Wolf Sazen and Shado Vao, they joined Marasiah and engaged the Sith in combat. In what she believed would be some of her dying words, Marasiah Fel expressed her belief that the Imperial Knights would need to ally themselves with the Jedi in order to take down Darth Krayt. Believing Fel had betrayed him, Stazi drew a vibro-shiv on Bovark, while outside in the hallway, a firefight erupted between the Imperial Knights and the Galactic Alliance guards. Undercover and in plainclothes, Sinde and Dare infiltrated the vessel and planted three sets of explosives, the first two of which they expected to be found, and the third anticipated to remain undiscovered. Fiona believes that the child is her long-lost brother, who mysteriously disappeared when his cradle floated out on the tide. This policy was put into place at the time of the Order's founding, and as such, the Imperial Knights did ultimately owe their allegiance to the Force.[17] According to Master Treis Sinde, the Imperial Knights served the Force by serving an Empire that brought order, with their duty being to the Emperor.
Managing one's emotions and controlling one's fear in the face of adversity was a paramount aspect of Imperial Knight ideology. In training, a student would learn all they needed to know in order to defend the Emperor against all those who would harm him. Accompanying the expedition were members of the Jedi Order, Luke Skywalker and his wife Mara Jade Skywalker. Krayt sent Sith Hand Darth Talon to Socorro to kill Marasiah's bodyguard, the Imperial Knight Elke Vetter, whose last stand allowed Marasiah and her companion Astraal Vao to escape. Despite seven years of tension between the Jedi and Roan Fel's Empire, the Jedi and Imperial Knights were fighting side-by-side against their common enemy, the Sith. He believed that he now had a stalemate with Darth Krayt's Empire thanks to them, as the Sith had likely tracked them back to Bastion. Krieg held off the guards with his lightsaber while Draco burst into the room to retrieve Bovark.
The strict mental discipline and obedience to orders that was part of their training made Imperial Knights less susceptible to the strong emotions that would draw students of the Jedi over to the dark side.[15] Despite not drawing on the dark side, the Imperial Knights were said to not strictly follow the light side either, obeying the orders of the Emperor before anything else.

Upon completing their training, they would serve the Emperor as a bodyguard and agent, fighting until the death.
Calixte revealed that Fel's Sith allies were planning to assassinate Fel and assume control of the Empire, and Fel realized that the Sith would expect both him and a contingent of Imperial Knights to appear before the Council of Moffs at an upcoming meeting. Unbeknownst to them, Talon intended to follow them to Fel in order to discover his secret base.[6] When this news reached Bastion, Antares Draco immediately volunteered to take three knights to Socorro to rescue her, but was forbidden to do so by Fel, who refused to divulge the fact that he had retaken Bastion. However, Fel knew revealing that he had been disobeyed would undermine his authority, and thus retroactively approved their mission to Vendaxa. Wheel Administrator Pol Temm and several security guards arrived, and called on the Imperial Knights to surrender their weapons immediately. As Sith and stormtroopers swarmed New Coral City, Sinde and Dare, still in plainclothes, fought their way through Krayt's forces in order to locate Monia Gahan, niece of former Senator and Galactic Alliance Triumvirate member Gial Gahan.
Mohrgan volunteered to lead a squad to protect Fel's double, but the entire squad was slain by the Sith Lord Darth Krayt, including the decoy Emperor. Draco and Krieg were now the Empire's foremost heroes, and would thenceforth be sent on the most dangerous missions, beginning with a mission to the Wheel,[30] a space station in the Besh Gorgon system that had remained neutral in Fel's conflicts with the Galactic Alliance and the Sith.[15] They would be escorting Captain Mingo Bovark, who would be discussing a possible alliance with Admiral Gar Stazi of the Galactic Alliance Remnant.
Believing Krayt to be a mutual enemy of Stazi and the Emperor, Sinde felt that the Admiral needed to be warned. Fel needed allies, and having met Sazen and Vao, doubted that he could find them among the Jedi. Gahan agreed to help them on the condition that they rescued her fellow Rogue Squadron pilots who had been captured during the battle.
Although four Imperial Knights lay dead, the ruse allowed Fel and Draco to make an underground escape from Coruscant.
After obliging and successfully freeing them, Sinde and Dare brought the group to the personal shuttle of the Quarren Sith Lord Darth Azard, but were discovered by Azard, which prompted Sinde to remain behind and duel him in a delaying action.
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