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Slovenia has marvellous alpine hill walking, through limestone country, with stunning vistas of high snowy peaks, lakes and river valleys. Our walks take us over stunning ridges, and down beautiful valleys, and there is a variety of scenery for the discerning walker. The spectacular mountains in the Julian Alps are predominantly limestone, and their jagged form produce stunning vistas wherever you look.
The country has a proud reputation for cleanliness, and self sufficiency - you will find many small allotments for vegetable and fruit growing in most gardens.
Walking is available from May to October in these hills, and temperatures can be hot in the valleys in July and August, though higher up cool breezes are a help.
You matter to us & we promise to provide you with a superb walking & social holiday, tailored specifically to your needs. You're currently using a very outdated web browser which is no longer supported by Microsoft, this can lead to problems viewing our website and the rest of the world wide web. Glacial lakes, rushing rivers, tremendously deep gorges and alpine meadows with a real splash of wild flower colour are everywhere.
But the hospitality of the local people - always welcoming - compliment this superb walking deatination.
Manchester flights- the Slovenian national airline Adria fly from Manchester but expect at least £100 flight supplement. Walking in Slovenia, marvellous alpine hill walking through limestone country, with stunning vistas of lakes and river valleys. Vogel ski lift and Rodica mountain- we take the gondola to the Vogel Ski resort, then a chair lift before ascending Sija mountain 1800 metres or so. Prvisec mountain and the hills above Lake Bohinj- staring at Blato, we ascend through forests to the lovely mountain hut-  Pl VisVisevnik - beside a small lake for coffee. Mount Brda and Debela Pec- staring after winding up in our minibus to Pockluka meadows - we ascend through forest and meadows to the Lipanca Mountain hut. Vintgar Gorge circular and Lake Bled- we walk through meadowws from Bled town through lovely villages to the start of Vintgar Gorge - through this wondeful tumbling gorge and then to St Katerinas church. Mostnice Gorge and Voje Meadows.- we start at Ribcev Laz, and walk alongside Bohinj Lake to the Mostnice Gorge.
The Barons Walk - to the Austrian border and through small tunnels and woodland to our offee stop. Sava river trail- from the hotel we walk to Brod along Sava river cycle path then over the hill to Rudnica hill, then Pec before descending into Stara Fuzina village for lunch.
You will find the easy walking holiday advertised under Strolling and Exploring on our web site. Secret Hills Walking are pleased to be associated with New Experience Holidays, who organise flights, accommodation and transfers for these holidays and provide you with ATOL security. All your joining instructions and individual flight arrangements will be made by Paul and Deborah Sawyer. Secret Hills Walking is responsible for marketing and selling the holidays and for arranging your itinery when you arrive at the airport in the country you are visiting.
There is much to explore in Slovenia  - so ask us to quote you for the extra nights you need.
Just staying on in Bohinj Bistrica is relaxing, or going over the mountians to Kranska Gora or Bovec. Visiting the capital Llubjliana - just one hour away for a few days in this magical  city - with its lovely shops, churches, squares and coffee culture is a real treat. Secret Hills Walking organise guided walking holidays in Shropshire.Walking breaks are flexible around a seven day cycle comprising seven day, five day and weekend walking breaks, including breaks that start midweek.
South and West Shropshire is a quiet backwater of bygone tranquility - yet so near to the heartland of Britain's industrial centre's. Country Walking for Singles: We host 15 weekends a year for singles, a two night, two day walking special starting Friday evenings.
Strollers walking Breaks: Only want to walk about four miles a day want to see our castles, secret gardens, historic market towns or learn about our historical past or our literary giants Mary Webb for instance.

The Mortimer Trail – from the historic and beautiful market town of Ludlow, to Kington, 42 miles of lovely walking country. Offa's Dyke – we walk 54 miles along the middle section form the Severn Valley top Knighton, based at Montgomery.
The Shropshire Wanderer – Secret Hills own route, designed by principal, Alan Garner, takes paths away from the beaten track, but always on good paths. Our guides know the country you are walking in and have a depth of knowledge to both lead and stimulate your thoughts and knowledge. The details displayed on this page are copyright protected to Shropshire Tourism and are correct at the time of publication. An effective gastroparesis management plan has (at least) three components:  medical, dietary and lifestyle.
Since yesterday was National Start Walking Day, I thought I’d take some time to talk about why I consider walking to be one of the best tools we have for managing gastroparesis. Walking is one of the cheapest, easiest and most versatile forms of exercise, which can lower blood pressure, boost immunity, and decrease your risk of all kinds of medical conditions, including heart disease, type-2 diabetes, breast cancer, and depression.
Studies have shown that consistent exercise increases energy levels, even among those with chronic medical conditions. Exercise has been found to reduce anxiety up to 20% in patients with chronic medical conditions. I typically walk twice a day for a total of four to six miles, depending on my symptoms and other commitments. In this 40-page eBook, I take you step-by-step through the most effective changes you can make to start feeling better now.
Slovenia lies south of Austria and Italy and our walking in the Julian Alps is in the north of the country. The area is softened by beautiful, tranquil lakes in the valley bottoms and also amongst the rocky crags. We provide walking holidays for walkers & as walkers ourselves, we appreciate & understand the requirements of a walking holiday. There is an extra transfer supplement and we try to organise several of you together to split the transfer supplement cost. On then to Rodica mountain along a superb ridge with views to the Adriatic as well as deep into the Triglav National park.and Julian Alps. We then ascend again to the superb viewpoint over the Bohinj Lake and the Lower Bohinhj range of mountains at Prsivec.We return to the hot for lunch then descend back to Blato on a different path for transport pick up. Coffee at a magnificent hut under Spik mountain and eventually ascend to highest waterfall. Thorugh this magical deep gorge and out into the Voje meadows and to the Mostnica Waterfall. Under Studor mountain to Sredna Vaz, and over the hill back to Bohinj Bistrica in the Sava Valley. Pace is critical - we dont rush, there's too much to see, but we do stride out where it is possible. The pace is slower, not snail pace but enough to give you a good stroll, and to allow you to enjoy the wonderful Slovenian countryside.
Her son picked us up from the airport and took us to her mum and dd's who made us tea then we had a quiet evening catching up on the tennis.
We had the most fantastic week and loved every single moment - yes, even the afternoon marooned in the thunderstorm in Lublijana!
Once you have committed to a holiday, and have accepted the individual quote we send, we will forward a New Experience reservation form, and you should pay all deposits and final payments to New Experience Holidays. Indeed Shropshire can claim to be the birthplace of modern industry, as a visit to the Ironbridge Gorge will testify. These combine the walking in superb scenery with the chance to socialise with other like minded people in a relaxed atmosphere, we say talking is as important as walking on these breaks. Monthly we host this programme at The Longmynd Hotel, three days of activity and four nights comfortable stay.

You matter, your holiday is paid for by hard earned cash and you deserve the best we can provide. Shropshire Tourism would like to advise all visitors to check prices & opening times with the venue prior to traveling in case of changes that might have occured since the publication of this page. There are alpine meadows to amble through, and fast flowing rivers, with a number of deep gorges  - familiar to limestone alpine scenery. However the cost of this extra transfer supplement may well be very much cheaper than UK travel to either Stansted or Manchester  and we will quote you both options. In the afternoon , we walk round Lake Bled on its easten side to view the church on the island, Vila Bled, Tito's summer home, and Mlino for transport back to the hotel. All holidays use hotel and guesthouse accommodation in Church Stretton and the surrounding district. Whilst Shropshire Tourism endeavours to ensure that the information on this site is correct, no warranty, express or implied, is given as to its accuracy and Shropshire Tourism does not accept any liability for error or omission.
Walking is a national hobby - why wouldn’t it be when there is so much grand scenery to explore. Dependent on the ability of the group,we may only ascend Sija, and on our return after lunch into the Sava valley we walk round the east side of Lake Bohinj, a lovely lake side walk.
We certainly hope to do something with you next year and you were right - slovenia is lovely! I shall be back in lovely Slovenia next year to tackle the peaks!  and if like me you have not travelled abroad on your own before, go with Secret Hills - you will not regret it!! We allow time to stop, refresh and simply take in the peace and fresh air that these Secret Hills offer. Church Stretton is ideally placed at the foot of the Long Mynd in a natural valley and is sometimes called 'Little Switzerland'. The directions above are for planning purposes only and should be used alongside a general roadmap or satnav system.
I am fortunate enough to not have gastroparesis so bad that I can’t do any physical activity. I was told by my doctor just to eat like a diabetic because I am even though I’m not on medicine for it and to walk around the house for 5 min after each meal. Your tour guides,  Chris Bland and Alan Garner are responsible for all aspects of your holiday in Slovenia.
If you exercise, and do not get the adequate nutrition, rest and stress management you need, you will hit a wall.
I need to work on getting more rest cause I stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning, plus I have sleep apnea and need to be on the machine at least 6-8 hours a night. The bad thing is that some people may not understand you and gastroparesis, and think you have an eating disorder. It is vital to discuss with your doctor what you want to do, and understand that there will be days that require you to back off from your workouts. I recently ran a half marathon, but it took me a while to get to that point based upon symptoms, and tweaking my gastroparesis management plan. I had a dietician tell me to stop my high intensity workouts, but walk around inside my house instead. Got my strength back, and am now back at the gym, doing moderate cardio, and strenght training. Each person with gastroparesis has different symptoms, different needs, and different management plans. Honestly, who can do a high intensity work-out if your day is plaqued with unrelenting nausea, vomiting, and abdominal spasms?
You will learn through the course of a few months what level of intensity works best to maintain your weight, build strength, and not make your symptoms worse.

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