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One element of the campaign is a cryptic YouTube video designed with clickable keyhole bottle annotations that lead viewers to a number of unique digital experiences. Do you know what it takes to pull together a unstoppable personal brand?  Do you have all the pieces?  The personal brand top secret formula has 6 raw materials that wehn combined together are so powerful you will need to get an answering service for all the calls that will come in after you mix them together. AboutI help food, nutrition & culinary professionals strategically leverage their strengths and find their unique flavor to attract more ideal clients, customers and job offers in this new world of work. MissionMy mission is to maximize food, nutrition and culinary professionals' positive impact on the food we eat in our communities, our nation and our world in order that we all live abundant and healthy lives. The centerpiece of the campaign is the keyhole bottle icon which is symbolic of Coca-Cola’s mysterious secret formula and a signal to teens that a “secret” is waiting to be unlocked.

Even one missing piece weakens the formula.  The good news is nothing costs a lot of money, what they do require are focus and consistency. You can offer extra benefits that go beyond what your market expects, but your primary focus on your service must be on something your market can relate to immediately and will be immediately interested in. The keyhole bottle appears at all the places teens hang out online and off-line and will reward them for interacting with the brand. He is new to Twitter and as such he leans on his past modes of communication to express himself using this new technology. Credentials alone is not enough to build strong trust with prospective customers, but combined with any of the other suggestions becomes much a powerful trust ingredient.

He begins with telegrams, letters and recordings but gradually gets up to speed with 140 characters.

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