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Executive producer Andrew Miller talks to THR about the fallout from the death and why he decided episode five was the prime time to do it.
Last Thursday's episode -- the fifth of the young series -- was a turning point for The Secret Circle, but executive producer Andrew Miller revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that the original plan was to have the game-changing death happen sooner. Miller talked to THR about whether Charles (Gale Harold) and Dawn (Natasha Henstridge) will ever be redeemed, why the writers decided episode five was the turning point and the fallout from the death. The Hollywood Reporter: Since Nick isn't coming back any time soon, how does his death affect the next couple of episodes? Williamson even doesn't want to make "Circle", which will premiere on The CW this fall, look like "TVD". Following a teen girl who discovers that she comes from a family of witches, "Circle" is said to be a multigenerational show. What they needed to understand, despite being six totally different people and coming from different backgrounds and not necessarily being six people that would be choosing to hang out together in the cafeteria if it weren't for this common link.

It's a terrible sacrifice to make to get this, but people deal with death all the time and in this world, where the stakes should be so high, we should confront that head on. While they have this idea of why they need to execute their plan that they're executing, this puts things into a dark perspective that neither one was expecting.
In creating this circle, they send out a beacon, almost, into the world that attracts all kinds of powers, both good and bad. While the two series may easily draw a line for being based on books written by the same author, L.J. It was important for the series to show them how important that link was and how much they needed to protect it. People will come, as Amelia warns to Cassie, people will come for their power and her power specifically.
Smith, Kevin Williamson who serves as executive producer for both shows has advised viewers not to expect that.

People will come out of the woodwork now that the circle has been formed and now that the circle has been broken, they're a little bit more vulnerable and that will attract more attention.
Jake is going to further complicate things because his interest in Cassie will set off Adam, which will cause problems with Adam and Diana.
They needed to be reminded of the consequences of that dark side so that we could proceed forward a little bit more carefully -- and in a grounded and rooted way.
The only thing we know is that when he was last here two years ago, he was an asshole that everybody hated -- and that he broke Faye's heart and perhaps helped mold her into the person she is today, that he really messed with Adam and his father Ethan, that everyone has a grudge against him. Then the degree to which the rest of them need Jake, or need him to be a part of what they have will be a question for this episode and the next few to follow.

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