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With a storied military pedigree and unmatched war record, Air Force Gator achieved worldwide fame and legendary status among his peers.
When a former partner goes off the grid and threatens to shake the foundations of the United States, Air Force Gator is forced to return from the Middle East to face him head-on. Vanessa Fox 5 CommentsI just finished The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business, which talks about identifying and improving habits. For fans of James Bond, or just movies in general, The James Bond Archives is absolutely essential reading. We actually interviewed Paul Duncan, Editor of The James Bond Archives, which you can read here. The author of Face Paint – The Story of Makeup, Lisa Eldridge, is one of the most well-respected makeup artists in the world, so who better to walk you through the history of the subject?
This book is a fascinating read for everyone, not just those with an interest in beauty and makeup.
Charles and Ray Eames are two of the most influential figures in modern interior design history, having designed some of today’s most iconic pieces of furniture. For avid travellers always looking for their next getaway, 36 Hours 125 Weekends in Europe is a fantastic read. It rounds up a whole host of great European destinations for those with only 36 hours to spend there, so it’s ideal if you enjoy city breaks. If you’re in need of a little inspiration for your home or you just want to ogle at some truly stunning properties then this a perfect coffee table book. A Place Called Home is another for those with a passion for interiors and gives plenty of realistic tips that you can quite conceivably try at home yourself. Completing a trio of amazing interior design books is Mid Century Modern Complete, which takes a comprehensive look into just about every aspect of interior design. Over the last century, tattoos have evolved from an underground sub-culture associated with sailors and convicts, to a mainstream phenomenon. It will appeal to anyone with an interest in body art or social history, whilst providing plenty of inspiration if you’re thinking of getting a tattoo!
If you love classical soul or are a music fanatic in general, then this incredible story of creativity is a must-have on your coffee table. As the name suggests, this book is an examination of the tremendous design work of Thomas Heatherwick. Here are just a few of our wonderful coffee tables on which you can house your wonderful books….
Sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date with all the latest offers, new products and sales. Elements from the blog (Grandpa Gator, the Gator Plane, etc) are present, but it's brand new for all intents and purposes. After falling into a years-long depression fueled by booze and pills, the alligator pilot is inspired to clean up his act and return to action after the tragic events of September 11th. Can Air Force Gator stop his old partner Gustav, or will the dastardly crocodile's plan for a reptilian revolution succeed?
Reiner got me in touch with the artist that does the album art for his band, and he (Mike Nevins) made some awesome artwork for Air Force Gator.
If you happen to pick it up and enjoy it, I'd greatly appreciate a positive review on the Amazon product page. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. I mean that I literally don’t understand how their bodies are physically capable of functioning. I think this is an important issue, so I wanted to talk with her honestly, without any spin.Who You KnowThe reality is that of course who you know is important. They’re fascinating and become as much a piece of furniture as the tables on which they sit. It’s packed full of in-depth examinations of each film in the Bond franchise so far, including behind-the-scenes photos, letters, interviews and more.

It takes a look at the history of makeup, glamorous icons throughout the years, materials used and even the science behind getting dolled up. Do One Thing Every Day That Inspires You is jam packed full creative inspiration, from stimulating tasks designed to push your creative boundaries, to encouraging quotes of wisdom from famous writers, designers, artists and other outstanding creative figureheads.
It’s full of attractive images, tips and tricks for how you can do your home up like a stylist and make all your friends and family green with envy when they come round. It includes cracking photos of lighting, furniture, glass, ceramics, graphics, and loads more from the mid-century period, one of the most influential points in design history. 100 Years Of Tattoos is a unique visual history of this journey, including never before published photography of some of the most exquisite body art ever inked. There are numerous projects of Thomas’ included in the books, some pretty straightforward, others completely bonkers, including turning the back door of a hospital into its front door, designing a new style of mosque and turning a paper mill into a gin distillery. I spent a couple of hours writing a fake description of a game called Air Force Gator and made some dumb photoshops.
He was able to turn my laughably bad concept for the image into this sweet cover (click here for the full front-and-back spread). Whether you’re looking for a job, employees, customers, funding, media coverage, or advice, more connections are always better.
Considering that the only books I had the attention span for were in the Goosebumps series, that's what I was shooting for in terms of length.
Originally from a small town outside of Chicago, she now lives in Toronto, Canada, with her husband, two kids, and the largest heap of dirty laundry in North America.
One asked what tire dealer I frequented and I said that I didn’t go to a tire dealer. Is this discrimination or what?Our Network is Based On Who We Know (And Who Our Network Knows)We talk a lot about ratios. It's a pretty quick read, which is good because how long do you really want to read about a ****ing flying alligator?
Needing something to pass the time, I randomly decided to start laying out the outline of an actual book based on the idea of Air Force Gator. Being so close to sinfully sweet Tara Jean does crazy things to Luc’s priorities, like make him want to pry her deepest secrets from those irresistible lips. How exactly does one do that without already having had coffee?The absolute only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning is the knowledge that coffee will be in my body in less than two minutes. The whole time I was thinking how nice and convenient Volvo made everything for me, they were really ingraining a habit that would last longer after the free maintenance expired.We talk a lot about viral components and stickiness, active users and differentiators. She’s taking over Crooked Creek ranch, her birthright, and turning it into something special.
But if we want users to come back to our products again and again, we need to both provide a reward (the awesome thing our product does for them) and a cue (what triggers the automatic action to come back).
But even when we cast a wide net with the best of intentions, we tend to start with our network.
All that stands in her way is Eli Turnbull, a rugged cowboy who wants the land just as badly. When they make plans to have a scotch or watch some football, they mostly aren’t actively looking to exclude women.
And often, we just so happen to hang out a lot with people who are the same gender as we are. The usual.To  borrow that annoying answer from every terrible job interview ever, working too much is both my greatest strength and biggest weakness.
Soon Victoria and Eli each realize that the person standing in their way is the one they can never do without.
Which is a totally obnoxious thing to say, but no joke, my tendency is to wake up, drink a bunch of coffee, then get to work. And more importantly, as  consumers, can we identify cues before a habit is formed or change the routine to something else if it’s too late for that? And if conferences and startups and engineering departments have a high ratio of men, it’s likely they mostly know more men.

Maybe every time my phone buzzes, I pet a puppy rather than look down to see the latest check in? Now the producers want this bad-boy heartbreaker to undergo an on-air makeover, and Billy, who has nothing to lose, agrees. I’m a really terrible poker player, but no one cares (in fact, they probably appreciate the easy money!). Were I a male founder with nearly all male employees, someone might have cried foul,  but the truth was that my staffing selections were not on purpose.
I manage to not starve by way of Amazon Fresh.I never really thought this was a problem until a few years ago (becoming an oldie can do that to you, I guess).
I started prioritizing sleep (which I just used to think of as a necessary evil and did as little of as possible, and now I realize is maybe the most important thing you can do to be healthy, grow old, and stay smart).
Because while I have a strong network of both men and women, I just happen to have more women friends.
And sure, I know that balance is a mythical unicorn, but my nature is to throw myself full in headfirst to whatever I’m doing. Disaster averted.That afternoon, I popped into William Sonoma, innocent, carefree, and oh so naive.
So when I ask around for recommendations, I end up largely with a pool of women candidates.Helping women at an event like this startup weekend get more comfortable (see the third point for more on this) being involved with more events is one step in connecting the dots so a mostly male network and a mostly female network can become a larger connected network.
Like me, many of the participants and mentors and judges at this event likely are connected to both men and women, and this event helps get women just starting out on everyone’s radar. Instead of waking up, then drinking coffee, then working, then sleeping, then doing it all again, I’m waking up, drinking coffee (obviously), then finding a local coffee shop or library or cafe or park. And it can be scary for everyone (both men and women) to go to an event such as a startup weekend for the first time — not knowing what to expect, not knowing anyone. I had gone to the Nespresso web site and typed in my zip code and was sent right to this store. A couple of weeks ago, an employee of mine was talking to me about a Rails Camp he was going to that weekend. Taking truck stop showers (no, seriously; I am not saying this will help with the dating thing). Only guys have signed up.A few years ago when I still worked at Google, I was at a luncheon at the Grace Hopper conference for the women that Google had sponsored to attend.
William Sonoma has a few of these capsules, you see, so that potential customers of the machines can try the coffee. I still work a lot and still feel like I’m not working enough and still feel that anxiety of always being behind. You can run Super Bowl ads or email marketing campaigns or engage in social media or merchandise your stores just right, but in the end, one employee can create a loyal customer for life or someone whose new hobby is building a hate web site in your honor.
But I also feel like I’m living my life now, and not waiting to live it.Want to see where I head next? Travelers leave terrible Tripadvisor reviews for hotels that spent millions on remodeled rooms but nothing on front desk staff training.Who’s the person responding to those social media inquiries, answering the customer service line, running the cash register? Finally, I have someone to get manicures with!”I resisted telling that story because I didn’t want this post to about women getting manicures, but you know what?
At the end of a hard work day, a woman can’t always turn to a male coworker and ask him if he wants to go grab a drink and talk through things. Uncover "not provided" data, better understand your audiences, and monitor SEO and engagement metrics.Learn More My book Marketing in the Age of Google, has been called the “search marketing bible” and "first must-read-to-survive business book of the twenty-first century". Buy your copy today.About Vanessa Fox I write and speak about the search engine industry and searcher behavior and help companies with online strategy and audience engagement.

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