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That’s why I’ve invited Ken to participate in part 5 of the series, so he can say his piece.
I’m a software consultant in Hewlett Packard and have been in the IT line for the past 7 years.
Then I googled how to say “hi” in South Afrikaan, and I realized there are so many ways to say hi because there are so many Afrikaan languages, LOL!
The interesting thing is that I rarely organize my contact list and I totally had no idea that a seemingly simple message like this on Whatsapp can open up a conversation over half an hour long and subsequently an amazing relationship that is going to last a lifetime. Celes was the first and last person I contacted that night. Were you just reconnecting with her as a friend or did you already have the intention to woo her? When I first met her in university, I thought she was a creative person because she is very good at design. We just spoke a few sentences then as a functional chairperson-to-committee-member relationship, so there was really no reason to be in touch.
When I met her again 4.5 years later, I thought she was living her passion by starting her own business. Also, I generally do not keep in touch with girls. I had been in relationships since university till 2 years ago, with little gaps between each relationship, so I never had a reason to know new girls.
Celes mentioned how events in her life predicted your advent (like you guys meeting every 4.5 years and her tarot card reading in Spain). More importantly, with each question Celes asked, I secretly felt that she was caring more about me and the relationship which I could see us entering into. So I took on those interrogative questions without reservation and shared my answers openly. Right from the start, from our first Whatsapp conversation, our connection just felt special.
And then, within a short span of 2 weeks of chatting, the feeling got so strong that I knew she is the one even though she was still in South Africa and we had not met up yet after all this while. Initially I thought my positive feelings were only one-sided because… how can I ever be sure of how someone else is feeling? But then later on I found that Celes was also feeling positive about this connection at the point we got together (Celes: on May 5, 2013).
Then that point onwards, I knew there was no turning back: I was falling in love like I have never before in my life.
At the point I decided she is the one I want to marry, I had totally no idea how the proposal was going to be like. The other thing I was sure of was that I wanted to do the proposal in a way that would give Celes a memorable experience. I also looked at the little details of our relationship and incorporated them into the proposal. Her first gift to me as a friend was the Royce chocolates, so I hid the ring box inside a Royce chocolates box. I then set off to order 555 heart-shape balloons (I actually bought 570 in case some flew away, LOL).
I’ve to say that planning for the proposal was really not easy, because at that point we were already living together and by each other’s side almost all the time: be it working, eating, and so on. The fact that there was a haze in Singapore at that time and it cancelled my original beach proposal plans didn’t help. It turned out to be the best arrangement in the end, because Celes really loved it: she said more so than if I had gone ahead with the beach idea. Have you ever considered that both of you might just be going through a honeymoon period now, and all this will fade away eventually? It’s only by being with her that I realized that, wow, such a powerful and all-encompassing relationship can exist. How do you feel about having your life-related matters being put out there and publicly read by others? If I didn’t have a high emotional quotient, Celes would probably not be sitting beside me now.
I’m always interested in group dynamics and by paying attention to little nuances in the group as a whole, my attention to details is simply amplified many times over when I’m interacting one-on-one with someone like I always do with Celes. Celes has mentioned all the great things you do for her. Did you care for your past girlfriends the way you care for Celes? On my inspiration: Firstly, Celes is all that matters to me, so I want nothing but the best for her. When I’m really held up with work, she wakes up early in the morning to get groceries and make lunch for me. When she found out that I love mooncakes, she surprised me while I was working with a delicious snow-skin strawberry-flavored mooncake (and I love the strawberry flavor).
When she noticed that my skincare products were running out a few months ago, she brought me to a men’s cosmetic counter and bought premium men’s skincare for me simply because she wants the best for me.
Because I was losing hair not too long ago, she began to wash my hair daily (even today) as she wants to make sure my scalp is cleaned thoroughly. She has helped me to successfully quit smoking in just one week by unpeeling the layers in my subconsciousness to find out the root cause behind my smoking.
I haven’t thought of this question before because I see my relationship with Celes as one that’s on a totally different level with new experiences and possibilities together. If I were to really think back, I just have to say that whatever is happening now between us transcends beyond what I’ve ever experienced before in my past relationships — in all aspects.
There is this certainty that, this is it, and we’re going to be together with each other all the way till the end of time.
Though what initially pulled me towards Celes was her inner beauty, I later realized that, wow, she’s very beautiful on the outside as much as she’s beautiful in her inner soul.
I always tell her that she’s my ???? (which means “perfect woman” in Chinese) because she’s perfect in every aspect to me. I’m happy to have this Q&A session with all of you and have the chance to share my side of the story. To be honest I already knew Ken’s answers to all the questions the second I saw them, so none of his responses came as a surprise to me.

Within weeks together as a couple, we already felt like we are 2 parts of the same unit, just placed in different bodies. I’m very blessed to have found Ken and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with him. Some of the photos you’ve been seeing of us throughout the series are actually from our engagement shoot in Scotland. Proceed to the next part of this series on how to attract love into your life: 10 Steps to Attract Authentic Love. This is part 5 of my love series where I share my love journey, how I met my soulmate (Ken Soh), and how to attract authentic love into your life.
There was no dismissing the subtle warning underlying his tone, though the smirk that flashed across Darius’ face told her he planned to do just that. Tegan dare not look directly at Alick for fear he’d read the horrid fascination in her eyes.
She did, however, make the mistake of looking at the human magnet and flinched at the violent collision. As a child award-winning author Angela Ashton pulled anyone that would listen into her world of fantasy.
With the death of her father, Lenna Keith is trapped between a king’s command and a land hungry guardian. Alax Gunn is intrigued by this spirited woman but mostly by the fact that she mirrors someone who has haunted him since youth. Ordered by King Alexander to wed an Englishwoman, Laird Brendan Sutherland heads to England to find and wed the sister of his best friend’s wife to settle a debt.
After being falsely accused of the Sin of Eve when she was twelve, Lady Faith of Hawkhurst hides her beauty beneath a hideous disguise. Learning her brother intends to ambush an approaching Highland party, Faith intercepts Brendan and his men and asks their aid in reaching the convent at Saint Bride.
Falsely accused of the Sin of Eve at age twelve, Lady Faith of Hawkhurst hides her beauty beneath a hideous disguise and seeks help from a Highlander passing through her brother’s land. Tagged Angela Ashton, Champagne Book Group, Dreams in Green, Highland Honor, Highland Promise, Historical, K.D.
Juniper Grove Book Solutions by Jaidis Shaw is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. I selected the most popular one of the list, and then used it to initiate the conversation.
At that time I had already been single for a while (one and a half years) after 9 years of back-to-back relationships and I was happy as a single. So much so that although I was aware that some of my answers might push her away than pull her closer to me, I just answered honestly. I thought, If Celes is going to be the one I’m going to spend the rest of my life together, there should be no hiding or dodgy answers, but complete openness. Even though I’ve known so many girls and been in so many relationships, I’ve never felt this way — not even close. While I thought I had fallen in love before (in past relationships), being with Celes made me realize that what I thought was “falling in love” in the past was not really “falling in love” — this is. Did you ever imagine you would have such a romantic proposal or was it inspired solely by Celes? I didn’t really think about making the proposal romantic, but simply to make it an experience that she would thoroughly enjoy and remember for the rest of her life.
For example, her first Whatsapp flower icon to me was the tulip, so I bought tulips for the proposal. I chose the heart shape because it’s a recurring theme in our relationship: from our communications, to our hand gestures, to the food we eat.
I ended up only having 4 days (from Celes’ birthday) to regroup and set up a new proposal plan, which was to now to take her for a dinner and night out at Clarke Quay at her favorite restaurant, followed by a proposal by Singapore River. I’ve been into too many relationships to know the difference between honeymoon-period feelings and real emotions. This relationship is out of this world, and I know it.
It’ll be as if an originally able-sighted person loses the ability to see color and suddenly sees the world in black and white. I decided that Celes is my life partner not from some in-the-moment emotion, but from a thorough, definite knowingness that she is the one I want to be with forever, to take care of, and to be faithful to for the rest of my life: no “ifs” nor “buts”. But not because we were rushing into things: it was simply because everything just felt right.
I was previously in many relationships — all several years long — but we did not stay together, I did not propose, nor did we plan for marriage. I really like the work that she is doing and sharing our story is yet another way for her to share her life experience with others. Personally I’m very comfortable being put out there in the public but my personal preference is to stay away from the limelight. So I channel my attention to picking up on tiny verbal and non-verbal cues of people and things around me. It’s not that I didn’t care for them; it’s just the way I care for Celes is on a totally different level. Secondly, when our 2 souls finally reconnected in May, there was an explosion of emotions that made me want to care for her more than I care for myself. There is so much more that she has done that if I continue elaborating, I don’t know if this interview will ever stop. At the point when I was in my past relationships, it was not easy to see that a connection this deep, this powerful — basically what I have with Celes today — was even possible. The heart is the thing that I was looking for in a girl, and when I met Celes, her kind heart stood out especially: not just in the way she interacts with others, from the work that she does, but also from the way she treats living things in her environment. Not only that, she’s also the smartest woman I’ve ever met, very driven and very passionate about everything she does. I look forward to everyone growing together and reaching greater heights in their personal growth journey. In the early weeks of our relationship, we spent so much time talking (on deep inner-core topics too, not just frivolous chat) that we developed a steep understanding for each other in weeks which many couples don’t have even after years of being together.
I hope you guys have a better insight to his character and our love story after reading this interview.

I'm Celes and I'm here to help you achieve your highest potential and unleash your magic to the world. He never expected his home would one day become his most treacherous battlefield…nor would his most lethal opponent come in the form of a shapely siren.
But once inside Castle MacDuff she fears her ability to procure the relic before Darius, Alick’s dangerously handsome and highly suspicious younger brother, discovers her treachery. The knowing leer on his face spoke enough volume to stuff a library from floor to rafters with cynical tomes. Her luck improves none as she flees and winds up at the mercy of the Gunns, the very clan seeking to destroy her family, but, looking into the eyes of their Laird, her heart rebels at the thought that this man is her adversary. Curiosity and mistrust turn to attraction and desire, but swiftly she becomes so much more to him. Due to a despicable penance given by a zealot priest, she believes she must enter a convent and live a life of penance or suffer perpetual damnation. Laird Brendan Sutherland realizes she’s disguised but wants a good look at her, realizing Faith is the woman he promised his best friend’s wife he would marry if he could find her. Now she writes humorous and adventurous historical romances set mainly in the medieval Highlands and England. Some of you have been interested to hear Ken’s side of the story, from what triggered him to reconnect with me after 9 years, to how he figured out that I’m his one, to his inspiration behind his romantic proposal, to his take on the speed of development of our relationship. And boy are there many questions: this interview turned out to be nearly 4,000 words long!! So at that time, I already knew I was going to enter an IT-related career when I grow up, which was what I did. I remember Celes was doing her personal development business, and I remember she has a Facebook page (I don’t remember how I knew this). Also knowing that it was 10+pm at her side then because I checked the time zone differences before messaging her. I was very happy with the status quo in my life and I had no intention to woo girls, get to know girls, or get into a relationship at all. Since we did not keep in touch the first time, there was really no reason to stay in touch.
I simply looked forward to chatting with her every day even though at that point she was someone whom I had not seen for almost 5 years and barely even talked to before. The conclusion was that my proposal has to come from our relationship rather than from outside parties for it to be meaningful.
And this feeling is not easy to communicate because I did not know about its existence before I met Celes (Celes: this is the same for me as well). This certainty I have with her is something which I’ve never felt before with any other girl.
I’ve always felt that proposing is the ultimate declaration of love any guy can give to a girl.
By including all the little details, her readers will be able to relate to our story better, which will hopefully benefit them further. Hence I have, over time, learned to spot very minute differences and subtle changes in people’s feelings and thoughts which can be a good or bad thing. On the whole though, I find this more good than bad because I can easily ignore the information overload but if I can’t see the little details in the first place, I won’t even have the chance to process them. When all is said and done, will she remain loyal to her clan in hopes of claiming her long-sought freedom, or bend to the bidding of a forbidden nemesis? Her first labor of love, Amulet of Fate, combined her love of Scottish historical, time travel, and paranormal romances. I live in Missouri with my soulmate, two overgrown puppies, two insane cats, and a small herd of guinea pigs. Realizing she’s the woman he promised to wed, he agrees to take her with him when he goes home.
After a court scandal, King Henry orders them wed, and Faith fears Brendan will never trust her when he learns of her deception; but they have bigger problems with a killer following them home to the Highlands.
As you read this Q&A, it is my wish that you will gain insights for yourself and use our experience to further your love journey.
As I was already happy as a single, I wasn’t going there to pick up girls, though I did make new friends through clubbing. If such extraordinary power were within her grasp, it lay dormant beneath a heavy cloak of fear-laced awe. Angela continues to write in an array of genres and has received rave reviews for her works. Will a love between two destined enemies bring an end to a feud or to two ancient clans of Scotland?
She loves history, has a particular fondness for the Greek through Medieval periods, and is glad research for her books has finally utilized her ability to speak Latin. Happy to teeter between two worlds, she lives in the Midwest with her family and personal petting zoo by day…slipping into the enchanted land of tall, dark and handsome by night! Weaving Celtic lore with Arthurian legend, Greco-Roman myths and fun characters makes her current project fun and exciting. He pressed the fresh bandages into her hand, and with eyes tightly shut, she began to wrap. As they return to the Highlands with a killer on their trail, Brendan discovers he can’t remain aloof from the woman destined to restore his faith in love. She resides in Memphis, Tennessee with her Maltese, Regina Catriona, who runs the apartment.

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