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Dinner by Chef Fregz under the twilight and photo sessions by celebrity photographers, George Okoro, Moyo Oshimbawo and Christian Livingstone were highlights of the day. Aderonke Ayoade with her beau Adedayo Salman, and Dipo Oyewole with the delectable Folarera Supo-Orija rocked in Lagos.
Abuja hosted Femi Awopetu with wifey Sophie, and Christina Edem with soulmate Segun Oloruntoba. Abdulkadir Musbau turned up with beau Seona Momodu in Port Harcourt, so did Nkechi Anumba and Anthony Joseph. Benson Ossai on Reduce your Workforce Instead of Seeking Bailout Funds – Doyin Okupe tells GovernorsSuga on Amazing!
Young American parents today are struggling to get by in a world whose infrastructure and government may be more suited to the young parents of past generations. Faced with a lack of affordable childcare and rigid work policies, parents between the ages of 18 and 34 are now more likely to live in poverty than young parents at any point in the last quarter century, according to a new report from Young Invincibles, a left-leaning nonprofit that advocates on behalf of young people. Crunching Census data, the group found that one out of five parents between the ages of 18 and 34 live in poverty.

But as Young Invincibles notes, there are still 20.5 million parents between the ages of 18 and 34, nearly a third of the total population in that age range. Gone are the days when one parent went to work and another stayed home to care for children, and childcare costs present a huge burden for today’s young parents, according to the report. And like their older peers, the burden of childcare still falls disproportionately and persistently on young women, who work fewer hours than young fathers. The rising cost of college and a lack of affordable childcare and paid leave, the report says, have made it difficult for young parents to succeed. Young Invincibles cites government data showing that in 1960, childcare and education represented just two percent of the cost of raising a child.
Some parents, according to the report, are missing opportunities to advance their own careers because they are forced to stay home with their children in the absence of childcare. Ultimately, the report urges policymakers to expand childcare options on college campuses, institute mandatory paid leave policies, and create flexible workspaces. Cos d pics are so lovely it’s so good for pre-wedding photo shoot no need 2 snap anoda.

They have lower wages, stagnant unemployment, and rising costs, including childcare and their own higher education. And according to a recent study from the Pew Research Center, three-quarters of unmarried, childless people surveyed in that range say they want kids. Yet, schools haven’t kept up with changing faces of the students they educate, the report says, noting that they often fail to provide childcare options that would help parents earn a degree.
Young parents shoulder more student debt than their non-parent peers, meaning putting away a college fund for their children isn’t realistic for many.

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