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Disc 2 (Bonus Episodes):The Wizards of the Black CircleWizards of the Black Circle try to abduct Bloom. Fear in Pixie VillageWhen the Winx learn about the dangers of the Wizards of the Black Circle, they set out to protect the last fairy on Earth. Orgon’s SpellChaos ensues at Love and Pet when the Wizards of the Black Circle turn the pets into monsters. I Believe in YouWhen people on Earth start believing in magic, the Winx obtain Believix, a power that will help them defeat the Wizards of the Black Circle. Sixteen years ago the most powerful warrior wizards of the Magic Dimension sacrificed themselves to fight against absolute evil. The Wizards find out Bloom is not who they are looking for, and they leave Alfea with a threatening determination.

With the Specialists by their side, the Winx try to turn the pets back to normal without wreaking havoc on Gardenia. They face off against the Wizards of the Black Circle to protect Roxy, but they quickly learn that their Enchantix powers are not strong enough to win. Now the fate of a kingdom is in the hands of a young girl - Bloom, the fairy of the Dragon's flame.
Now, on a fantastical journey that takes her and the Winx Club to a strange planet with evil lurking around every corner, Bloom will learn to trust her true friends and herself. Accompanied by her Winx Club girlfriends, Bloom must overcome the greatest challenge of all: enter the depths of the obscure dimension, fight against evil to bring her parents back to life and reveal the mystery linked to her origins.
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