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Balance: I looked over all these pictures and the one I liked best was the first I looked at. Storm: Fittingly, the Storm house is set on a rocky, windswept shore with hurricane winds constantly striving to drive the land back beneath the sea from whence it rose.
Decorating a home that will set anything made of paper or wood ablaze is a challenge, setting aside the issue of keeping your guests from turning into wizard roast. Death: KingsIsle has always seemed to have a soft spot in their hearts for the Death wizards. Myth: A temple admits the visitor into a marble ziggurat perched on the massive shoulders of a giant cyclops, turned to stone by the unblinking stare of the pitiless sun. Tipa, in your opinon, what is your favorite school house(of course you’ve already tested it)? Tatakai Outpost - Go around the left side of the building where Maito is and the oyster is behind the well. Yoshihito Temple - This oyster is located on the lower level, on the back side of the temple, in between the 2 statues.
Village of Sorrow - This oyster is to the right of the Town Dojo, straight ahead when you enter the village. Tree of Life - Go through to the inside area and around to the back and the oyster is against the wall.
Customized Holiday Frame (Uncommon)This is another housing item, like the newer ones Kingsisle came out, customizable frames and signs.
Holiday Firecat (Ultra-rare)Holiday Firecat- You may see some pictures of cats and dogs in santa hats, well now you can get a fire cat pet with a nice little santa outfit. Pets: a present box jumping around with sparkles it gives a tower shield spell and when it casts a spell like "spritely" it starts to dance and a jester comes out (like jack in the box).

Mounts: A red sleigh flying as high as the hawk mount and allowing two people to be on board like the rhino mount.
Pet Snacks: Jolly Juice a juice box with snowflake on it and it gives +10, Christmas Cookies, chocolate cookies with sprinkles and it gives +15.
Plants: Jolly Fireplace, it grows into a fireplace with socks attached an fire and its rewards are a few mega snacks and treasures such as immolate, disarm, tower shield, satyr, smoke screen,and pixie. To the winners: Congratulations and look for an email from me shortly with instructions on how to claim your prizes. The Balance school house is a series of rooms balanced atop a bottomless pit and connected by swaying bridges, while looked over by imposing statues of Balance herself.
Keep things spare but ornate, like Captain Nemo’s Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Beneath the Sea?
Metal grates over rivers of lava make every room a barbecue pit, and every meal is well done. The Fire house is the place to put all your massive stone furnishings, dead trees, and lava fountains. But keep the torches and lava pits in your attic — or you may find yourself missing some furnishings but ahead some number of mysterious holes in the floe where your stuff was. The coolest spells, the most dramatic looks, and of course, the greatest enemy of the entire Spiral is a Death wizard. Every room should be a testament to those things left behind when life, love and joy are forgotten. Stories, myths and legends come to mind as you explore the stone halls that were built by no mortal hand. Statues, towers, columns, heroic pictures and tapestries — these are the fitting decorations of a place of myth and majesty.

It’s right and proper that the Life house is built around another of that prestigious line.
I was looking through the patch notes and found this: Life minions will pay a little more attention to their summoners, and a little less attention on themselves.
This polar bear will increase your speed by 40% and runs the same way that the lion, lioness and bengal tiger run.
This robe is similar to the pirate garb from marlybone with an even amount of green and red. Robe: Santa's Helper Robe of Cheer, gives 5% pips, 10% critical block, 10% damage, 5% resist with a Gargantuan spell. The elf hat is shaped like the girls jesters hat, but the top is red and the trim at the bottom is green with jingle bells. A place where the spectre of his departed wife, Sylvia, could roam without feeling out of place.
The gear looks a lot like the santas outfit in shopping district but it has MOSTLY green, white and gold colors and they can dye.
The remnants of the things left behind on Earth when the Sun goes nova in a few million years — or in 2012, if you believe Jerry Bruckheimer. No matter how they enter, your friends should leave with a smile on their face, a song in their heart, and all their potion bottles refilled.

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