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This course can help prepare students who wish to continue their scientific education after high school, as well as students who wish to prepare for the SAT exam.
According to the College Board’s website, AP Biology courses are designed to be the equivalent of a college introductory course, usually taken during a biology major’s first year of college. This course is offered to highly motivated students who wish to pursue their interests in the biological sciences. Topics covered by this course include, Anatomy & Physiology, Biochemistry, Biodiversity, Botany, The Cell, Developmental Biology, Ecology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Origin of life, Population Biology, and Evolution. Students taking AP Biology should first complete an introductory course in Biology, usually lasting one school year. Develop a conceptual framework of Biology as a science.  Students should focus more on concepts and discoveries rather than simply memorizing terms and technical details and routinely repeating information on exams.
Gain an appreciation of the scientific process, its history, and its present day applications. Develop a deeper understanding of different biological process, particularly as they apply to living beings and life cycles. Use study notes and other study techniques in conjunction with various AP Biology textbooks. The College Board also recently released a requirement for the AP Biology exam, underlining what portion of the test should be dedicated to what field of study. Students studying for both the AP Biology exam as well as the SAT should keep these parameters in mind. Students interested in taking AP Biology or any other Advanced Placement course should keep in mind that taking college level courses in high school requires a commitment of time and energy.  Students that commit themselves to their classes and treat them as college level courses will see a definite pay off in their grades as well as their confidence. Students wishing to get into prestigious, well-respected colleges or universities should definitely consider taking Advanced Placement courses.
As with any science, Biology has developed because of scientists sharing their observations and being aware of their surroundings.
Anyone can be a scientist as long as they ask questions and think about the changes that take place in their environment and how it might affect you!
You know we are confident with our product and service when we include a 360 Days Money Back Guarantee.
Buy now to get full access and save time with our professional software using this limited offer! You want a high-quality chair that provides a cushioned seat, excellent support for your lower back, and the ability to adjust the height of the seat and the position of the backrest. Note that you may need to get a different desk so that you can maintain the 90-degree angle at your elbows. Even when sitting at a desk clicking away at the keys, you’ll occasionally need to look at research materials on your desk, grab a pen, etc.
I have suffered and learnt a lesson on the long run, after so many years of using the Laptop, sitting on my chair, instead of sitting on a proper chair with a table, and following the angles as you specified.
Harleena, thanks for sharing your experience, and I hope you’re paying more attention to ergonomics now. I’ve found that getting up every 60 minutes or so and moving for at least a minute helps get my blood and lymph flowing and helps my muscles relax. Getting lots of exercise, and at least some exercise every day, is very important for maintaining overall health and helping to prevent the major problems that can come to people who sit for hours at the computer.
I’ve gotten much better at monitoring my posture and relaxation and try to check it every few minutes. Dave, I’ve also heard from other people who like to stand when they work, at least part of the time. I used to spend hours designing online assignments for an online English class, and then corresponding with students and grading papers — all sitting at the desk (with very good ergonomics), and developed sciatica simply from sitting in the chair. Sitting for prolonged periods can cause lots of problems, and sciatica is one of the most common. As discussed above (and elsewhere in these comments), in addition to proper posture and relaxation, it’s important to get up and move for a few minutes at least every hour, and more often is better. I think a narrow chair bottom, maybe only a foot in depth, and a nice supportive backrest would be the ultimate typing chair.
The big office supply stores like Office Depot usually have a large selection of good chairs at reasonable prices, and you can sit in many different ones and pick the one that feels best.
When you’re engrossed in copy, it’s so hard to resist the urge to crouch and lean and hover and tense up. What the specialist told me about the wrist pad was it has you using your wrist in a side-to-side motion that causes a strain. Last night, the House of Representatives held a special session in its historic Old Capitol chambers to approve Resolution 286 to mark the tenth anniversary of the return of North Carolina’s copy of the Bill of Rights back to the state.

The soldier who took the document returned to his hometown of Troy, Ohio, at war’s end and in 1866 he sold the souvenir to Charles Shotwell, a fellow Union Veteran, for a sum of five dollars.
The path that led to the document’s recovery began in May of 1897, when the Indianapolis News published an article on businessman Charles Shotwell and mentioned the historic document that hung on his wall. What followed was a 139-year battle over legal ownership, purchase price, final resting place and iconic value in a tale of intrigue, manipulation and mystery that involved high-powered antique dealers, businessmen, historians, manuscript experts, auction houses, museum officials and historical preservationists, elite attorneys, governors of three states, the U.S. On other occasions, the Shotwell family failed in their attempts to sell the document at a profit to private collectors and various auction houses, including Sotheby’s, due to questions about proper title.
In 2000, Wayne Pratt, a dealer in historic furniture, and Bob Matthews, a millionaire real estate broker in Nantucket and West Palm Beach, bought the document from the Shotwell heirs for $200,000 and later offered it for sale to Philadelphia’s National Constitution Center in the hopes of earning $5 million on their investment. The mystery ended on the 32nd floor of a Philadelphia office tower just yards from where those three government clerks copied out the original 14 documents with their quills. The original copy of the Bill of Rights, valued today at $30 million, was returned to the state of North Carolina and on March 24, 2003, was ruled beyond dispute to be the rightful property of the state of North Carolina by the Wake Couty Superior Court. A tour of North Carolina’s original copy of the Bill of Rights was initiated on February 7, 2007. Sign up for my Weekly NewsletterPlease send an email to my Legislative Assistant and we'll add you to our newsletter distribution list. The level of aptitude in this subject will assist students wishing to excel on the SAT and in college courses. Students who choose to take AP Biology may be allowed to skip over introductory biology courses and enroll in courses in which biology is a prerequisite.
Enrollment requirements for the AP Biology course depend on policies established by each high school offering the course, but AP Biology is usually preceded by a less rigorous entry level Biology course, and sometimes by Chemistry as well. An introductory course will prepare students to study higher levels of science and familiarize them with the scientific process. Students should be able to appreciate science as a coherent body of information and seek to apply it both inside and outside of the classroom. Students should also be able to understand the importance of the scientific process while experimenting and be able to explain how they’ve used the scientific process in their own experiments both in writing and through the written word.
These basic goals may determine how much time is spent covering these different areas of study over the course of the school year as well as how much time is allotted to complete each section of the AP Biology test.
These courses look excellent on high school transcripts and can give students an invaluable look at college courses before they even enroll in them. When specifically applied to writing, it addresses how you should position yourself and how you should move when writing so you maximize productivity, minimize physical discomfort, and prevent damage to your body. Go to an office supply store with a large selection and make sure you get one that really feels good, regardless of price. Keep your weight evenly distributed on your buttocks and hamstrings, and let your feet take the weight of your lower legs. Elongate your spine from your tailbone to the crown of your head (the point on your skull directly above the tops of your ears).
Rotate the bottom of your tailbone forward and the top of the sacrum backward, but don’t force it. Relax every muscle that is not needed to either keep you in proper posture or to do the task at hand.
Occasionally stop and trace clockwise and counterclockwise circles with your fingers; also massage your palms and do gentle wrist stretches. Consider using software programs that send you scheduled messages to take breaks and monitor your posture and  degree of relaxation. This is so very important, as being writers, we tend to remain seated for long hours and neglect our posture. I took ages to work out how to work properly without constantly developing strange aches and pains before I realised I was sitting in the wrong position. I spend all day at my desk in work, then I moonlight as a writer at home, with yet another desk to sit at!
I bought it a decade ago for a substantial sum at an office supply store and I’ve been quite happy with it. While working in Corporate America, I developed wrist problems (not carpal tunnel) and twice received cortisone shots. The 224 year old document was brought to the capitol building in a small parade of schoolchildren led by Lt. Constitution was first proposed to the original 13 states, North Carolina objected that it didn’t go far enough to protect personal freedoms. Shotwell was proud to display the plundered document on the wall of his office at the Board of Trade Building in Indianapolis, Indiana.
In the course making the sale in 2002, manuscripts expert Seth Kaller of New York confirmed in the authentication process that this copy of the Bill of Rights was definitely the original document illegally removed from North Carolina.

The president of the Constitution Center notified Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell, who was board member of the museum, about the prospective transaction. The fragile parchment traveled on display to seven locations around the state during that year, including Fayetteville, Wilmington, Edenton, Raleigh, Charlotte, Asheville and Greensboro. Because universities grant college credit for this course, they require that the textbooks, labs, and coursework used by AP courses be equivalent to those used in actual college courses.
While some schools may have selective acceptance into the course, determined by academic record in prerequisite courses, other schools adhere to a policy of open enrollment, encouraging its undertaking by students that demonstrate capability for the course, though they may have performed unsatisfactorily in previous science courses.
Students should also have experience with basic mathematical functions in order to complete experiments. Students also have the opportunity to earn college credit before graduating, which can save valuable time and money once college begins. There are openings between adjacent plant cell walls called plasmodesmata (which rhymes with stomata), so osmosis is not impeded by cell walls. Don’t skimp on your chair; outside of bed, it’s probably where you spend most of your time. You can compensate by raising the height of your chair; if necessary, get a good, properly sized footrest so you keep your lower legs in the proper alignment. My short and focused course Find Your Freelance Writing Niches: Make More Money for Less Workguides you through all the key steps you need to take to discover the specialties that will take your freelance writing income to a much higher level. I’ve also started swimming a few times a week which is a great way to keep everything in good working order!
It’s also important to take periodic breaks from sitting, at least a few minutes an hour. Nevertheless thanx for reminding us how to keep your posture, John, because while working we shouldn’t forget about our helth.
My chair height and my use of a mouse pad with a padded rest (bad idea in my case) was causing the problems. It was subsequently handed down through three generations of one family for the next 134 years. That article was read by State Supreme Court justice Walter Clark who suspected that this document was properly the property of North Carolina.
Governor Rendell contacted North Carolina governor Mike Easley about possibly splitting the cost the ancient document. The more students work to prepare themselves for the high-pressure college atmosphere before beginning their college education, the more enjoyable and successful their college career will be in the end. After a successful two-month campaign, Sherman accepted the surrender of General Johnston and his forces in North Carolina on April 26, 1865.
Justice Clark asked Secretary of State Cyrus Thompson to follow up on the matter to determine if his suspicions were correct. The storied history of the document even includes the attempted sale of the stolen North Carolina copy of the Bill of Rights back to the state of North Carolina on two separate occasions, in 1925 and 1995. Consistent with earlier responses, Governor Easley refused to buy what already rightfully belonged to his state and instead contacted the North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper and the Office of the U.S. The sting was designed to lure the unsuspecting sellers to Philadelphia’s National Constitution Center on the pretext of closing the sale of the document to the museum. Both times, the sell-back was refused on the grounds that the document was already the property of the state. The seller was given a check for $4 million, the transfer of funds was confirmed by the bank, and the ancient document was produced.
President George Washington commissioned the writing of fourteen copies of the Bill of Rights, with one to be sent to every state and one to be held by the federal government. It’s easy to get involved with a piece of writing to the point where I feel that I must stay with it or I will lose something valuable, but this is rarely the case.
A letter of transmittal was issued from President George Washington to North Carolina governor Samuel Johnston.
Marshal’s Service became involved and together with the FBI began planning a sting operation to rescue the long-missing document. Short breaks do not break my flow much and I find I can easily get right back to where I was.
North Carolina’s copy was secured in the state capital building in Raleigh until the Civil War. Pratt entered into a plea deal to save himself from criminal prosecution in exchange for relinquishing all claim to the document.

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