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Your Life YOUR WaySparkle from the Inside Out!5 Words to STOP Saying to Create a Better Life – and 5 Words to Start.
Damaging words are common and produce thoughts and feelings of guilt, frustration, powerlessness. In this article, I’m going to shine a light on certain damaging words you may often use.
When you make these vocab changes, you will, NO DOUBT, begin to notice shifts in your perspective. She says that if you want reality to be different than what it is, you might as well try to teach a cat to bark.
And while I see their point, the truth is that we are human and in our everyday life there will be those times that can’t feels fitting.
Say the following sentences out loud and notice the totally different feeling you get from can’t vs. As you begin to switch from can’t to choose not to, you are showing your mind that it actually does have a choice.
Either the first thought of the sentence is relevant or the second thought of the sentence is relevant. When you use the word but, you contradict yourself. Now if both thoughts in the sentence are relevant OR you want to be encouraging (constructive criticism), use the replacement word AND. Another way that but can be damaging is that it announces your fear and assists in keeping you stuck. A productivity coach for startups founders and entrepreneurs, Melissa Foster Cook is on a mission to optimize her clients’ mindset + lives so they get out of their own way… and get big things done. I’ve become so much more self-aware of not only my mindset and the words I use, but also how I spend my time through writing.
I’ve become so much more self-aware of not only my mindset and the words I use, but also how I spend my time through writing. I agree that we truely DO say things that we We DO not Mean to say when we are Mad or Angry…Just flat out Venting and we Hurt People when we do so!! Do you give your power away in dating by asking this one…G’bye 2014, Hello 2015! The more man meditates upon good thoughts, the better will be his world and the world at large.
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I’ve seen a lot of changes in the training industry over the last 20 years, from the days of the overhead projector and acetate slides to smart boards, iPads, and e-learning.
The biggest challenge I have faced in my training career is to accept, and even embrace, the new technologies and their role in training.
Regardless of your role in training, the impact of technology is, and will continue to be, huge!
Performance consultants are told by clients that, by default, the training solution is an e-learning one. Instructional designers must develop a skill set to use rapid e-learning tools and incorporate various types of media.
Classroom instructors need to develop a set of instructional techniques that will allow them to be successful in a virtual classroom environment. As for me, the world of blogging, Twitter, and LinkedIn is a relatively new one and has brought about an adjustment in how I perform my current role and manage my workday. When not instructing in the classroom, I am conditioning myself to delve into social media as part of my regular work day. Sometimes we get in a rut with thinking a certain way; stuck with a perspective that does not serve us.
I’ll also give you a suggested replacement word so that when you catch yourself using the damaging word, you have an immediate substitute to plug in! Either we are wrong, we were wrong, we’re doing something wrong, or are going to be wrong. With this replacement, you are stating your choice – not giving up because of perceived limitations. Always and never exaggerate the facts and intensify your emotions. Exaggerated emotions urgently take center stage and feed the drama even more. Five words that you can begin shifting right now to help shift your life in a positive, meaningful way. A certified life coach, Melissa’s hyper-focused, energetic approach is coupled with wisdom, warmth, and wit. Choosing words carefully is something that I am pasionate about too – but I admit that sometimes it can be hard to do!! I can honestly say that I’ve been “guilty” of using all of those “not-so-good” words in the past (and probably still do from time to time).
I really believe that you Have to be Careful What You Wish FOR…as You Just Might Get it!!

We were just starting to get our heads around rapid e-learning and along comes social media for trainers.
I’ve worked hard to develop an online mindset by realizing this new technology is not going away. They need to hire instructors and instructional designers with the skill set to design and deliver e-learning and virtual classroom sessions. Consultants are being asked to provide suggestions to deliver the content quickly using the technology that is available.
They are required to design training that meets the needs of a young workforce where technology is a major part of work and personal life.
Live, synchronous training really challenges the classroom management skills of instructors. Blogging and participating in online discussions are activities I need to do to stay tuned into the training world. Say the following sentences out loud and notice the totally different feeling you get from should vs. I want him to help me, I would like it if he did help me, but I don’t actually need him to help me. Even simple Q & A, giving feedback, and managing a difficult participant require a new set of skills. I will continue to work at it so it becomes second nature because I don’t want to get left behind. And when there is a shift in your thinking, there is a shift in your movement and direction. I realized I need very few things in this world to survive and be okay, the rest are all wants. MultiPassionate Cap'n of this Ship featuring inspiration & advice to grow your courage + confidence so you can sparkle from the inside out & live the life you want - not the life you "SHOULD".

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