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Flexibility is more important to work-life balance than working hours, and can contribute to productivity among founders and employees. The logical extension is that employers should offer this choice to their staff – letting employees adapt their working hours to fit their lifestyles, and giving them flexibility over work locations in order to help them cut their commuting.
At Regus locations all over the world, we’re seeing more and more usage by people who are working away from their main office locations for some or all of the week, and using our local business centres instead. During a time of economic stress in developing countries, it’s tempting for employers to say “Not right now” on the issue of more flexibility. Without flexible working, key staff may leave — especially those in Generation Y who have less corporate loyalty. So the message for businesses of all sizes is: don’t delay in giving choice or control over working hours and locations. Consider device flexibility (for example, choice of phones and tablets, access to social media) as well as flexibility over working hours and locations. HR in Asia seeks to provide meaningful insights to HR Practitioners, employees and job seekers looking to understand the latest shifts in HR practice around the region.
Singapore unions have traditionally organised workers based on ground-up efforts of employees who want to collectively bargain with their employers. December 12, 2014 By Community Member As 2014 comes to a close, it is a great time to reflect on the year and what to improve in 2015. The HSE recently released statistics highlighting that 39% of all work-related illnesses were caused by work stress resulting in depression and anxiety. In the age of smartphones, this is even more important as your email is always in your pocket. Ensuring you are disciplined with your time is essential to achieving a better work life balance.
We take a lot of time planning our working week but often don’t put anywhere near the necessary effort in planning our downtime. I'm now a stay-at-home mom to our identical twin daughters, who are five and full of energy, and our new baby son. Without it, health and relationships suffer, stress levels soar, and work productivity falters. More than half of people say they have turned down a job because of concerns about its impact on work-life balance but each person may define work-life balance differently.

Intuitively, one would say that work-life balance necessitates shorter hours, but there are stats that appear to confound this.
In the Index the three major economies with the highest work-life balance are Mexico, India and Brazil, all of them significantly above the global average. The Regus Work-Life Balance Index shows that business owners appear to enjoy better work-life balance than their employees: 74 percent of business owners enjoy work more than they did a year ago, compared with 66 percent of employees. As well as facilitating a more harmonious work-life balance, flexible working has a lower environmental impact. With urban sprawl and worsening traffic congestion making commuting ever more time-consuming, allowing employees to work closer to home frees up hours each week – time they may use for work as well as non-work activities.
In the process, Regus, the world’s largest provider of flexible workplaces, is helping customers from a one-man-band to the world’s largest company to be more productive, and we’re giving them the flexibility – and freed-up time – to work their way.
Just under half (49 percent) of participants in the Regus Work-Life Balance Index say employers are doing more to help reduce commuting. But when key personnel can be the difference between corporate success or struggle, it is crucial to let staff work in ways and places that suit them.
Moreover, with 72% of businesses globally saying that flexible working improves their productivity, the benefits could extend beyond employee retention. For example, Regus offers products such as video-communication and Businessworld that can help workers to cut commuting and business travel, and work where and when they want. In research in Hong Kong, over four in ten workers had negative sentiments about the impact of technology on work-life balance. Two-fifths of Generation Y-ers have said this is so important to them, they would accept a lower-paid job for it.
The Regus Work-Life Balance Index found that Gen X (born 1965-80) and Gen Y workers (born 1980-) enjoy better work-life balance than Baby Boomers. If you are a busy career-driven person, achieving a better work-life balance should be on your list.
If you only ever respond to the people who put the most pressure on you, your family and friends will almost certainly end up taking a back seat. You can get sidetracked by tasks that are easy to do but don’t relate to your most important goals. Remember, your career is a marathon, not a sprint, so take time away from work to stay sharp.

Your needs are important, whether that’s at work or at home, so take the time to reflect and plan to make 2015 the year you get the balance right. She has held various senior HR management and consultancy roles over the past 10 years and has extensive experience working in private equity and high growth business environments. Yet, according to figures from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, employees in Mexico and Brazil are more likely to work very long hours than the OECD average (India is not included in the OECD study). The difference is that business owners can make their own decisions about where, when and how much they work. It’s a sizeable percentage, and higher than the previous year, but, even so, more than half of respondents don’t feel that companies are addressing the problem. Career goals are certainly important, but they are not the only thing that is central to your life. Taking time off regularly, including the occasional long weekend, will help you stay focused and maintain a positive attitude towards your career.
It helps keep you grounded and realize that there is an extended support network for you if things are getting tough and you’re losing focus on what is truly important. Focusing on the bigger picture is often key to gaining perspective on what is truly important to you. Often, simply reading the email prevents you from taking much-needed downtime in the evenings and weekends. Flexible working is also an option to raise with your employer if you feel constantly interrupted at the office. It is also necessary for maintaining a regulated immune system and a healthy hormone balance. Share your goals for 2015 with a few close friends and ask them to check in with you from time to time to help you stay focused. Given that, in the Regus index, 81% of younger workers achieve more at work than they used to, compared with 69% of older workers, we could all learn from their example. Stretching, walking and cycling are all low impact activities for the gym-averse amongst us.

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