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Today I had a conversation with my youngest daughter and at her request, I wanted to give people that have hectic schedules or work full time, some ideas on what they can do to have healthy food that is ready to go. This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for a long time, but I never feel like I have enough to say.
In that arrangement, there was a lecture and then a workshop in which co-workers divided into small varied groups brain-stormed about 4 given questions. Overall, Denmark is a place where a lot of people are very satisfied and happy with their jobs.
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About depression, I don’t know but it might have to do with the darkness in the winter, maybe? I usually take a vitamin supplement in the morning (cheap one :P) and have one of those alarm clocks that wake you up with light and sounds of nature.
I would like to point out that most times in the US bosses here will only tell you when you are DEAD wrong or FIRED. Hey, I worked in Chicago for a while and i can relate to the comment on this page that says US bosses suck. Atypical Mediterranean married to a Viking and learning the “ways of the North” in beautiful Aarhus.
To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Cutting the hours we work each week to 30 instead of 40 would improve our wellbeing, our family life, friendships and communities, they say. Anna Coote, head of social policy at the NEF, an independent think-tank, said: "It's time to make 'part-time' the new 'full-time'. We are told that having a partnership agreement enables the union to have a formal presence, increase its membership, and have a degree of influence. All the facility time was given to reps that the staff side ‘leaders’ wanted, rather than who requested it. Certain individuals saw themselves as part of the board of directors, naively thinking they were part of making decisions, when in actual fact they were ridiculed and laughed at behind their backs.

Partnership working is a tick box exercise; it makes employers look good and fair, makes unions look progressive and willing to negotiate. An article by Matthew Lyons that considers some of the discussion happening on the far right, far left and mainstream media on whether Donald Trump is a fascist. I would like to see these people who hate their jobs do it for half the money and have to take maybe a second job to be able to live month after month. Because of the little sunlight during winter months, many people end up with a Vitamin D deficiency (can only be sinthetized by the body in the presence of sunlight) and that can result in a tendency to depression. At least there’s plenty of kindergardens and every child is garanteed a place in one, if the parents want to. That’s a society working together in order not to lose privileges and quality of life.
It is true that when one says depression people start thinking about suicidal tendencies and it’s not always like that. I believe that if people simply all pull together there is much work that can get done more quickly.
Amateur photographer, fairytale believer, Biologist and closet sci-fi geek, among other things. If an employer is happy for a union to have a guaranteed, formalised presence at a negotiating table, and happy for all its workers to a join a union, then what could the reason for this be? It is designed to let people think that they have a say, to make people think we are all in it together. This meant that the union leaders would always win the annual election, as most of the reps had their facility time and other perks tied in to certain individuals winning elections.
Never answering the questions of members directly, patronising workers, telling them that they ‘don’t understand’ etc. That allows us to get to know eachother a little better and creates a much more relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Secondly, Nordic people seems to have a more clear relation with psychological things without any shame. In Spain (again, the only other country I can compare to) there’s very few kindergardens and they tend to be really expensive.

Too many times in places of work we judge others by position when we should look at from a team perspective. It was the board of directors and the unions working in partnership to try and soften the blow on every bad thing that was handed down to workers. If they benefited the workers, then there would be no such thing as ‘partnership agreements’.
In France, for example, not so long ago, it was difficult to confess being psychologically not well … it was shameful.
There is a lot of things beside job (girl or boyfriend, friends, family, music, reading, welfare …).
The problem of many people is that they complain and complain but are too lazy to do something about it. It was nothing more than a social club, monthly committee meetings, followed by a huge buffet and chit chat. I remember having a discussion with one of the board of directors about the implementation of something that nobody wanted. The whole concept of partnership working has done just as much damage to the working class as any anti-union legislation has.
Happily, it changes and now, here, people could come to me and receive psychological help, dugs or sick leave, just because they are ill at ease or miss a step. Maybe it’ll take years, and a lot of effort, but I wouldn’t spend 10 years doing a job I hate! The organisation decided that the senior union committee members did such a good job for the workers, that they would give them all a pay rise of between ?10,000 - ?15,000, over and above their substantive post and for the duration of their time in a full time union position. And, what’s more important is that in Denmark, no matter what job you have, your salary will be enough to pay rent and food, at least.
You can now find vegetable trays all cut up and ready to go in many grocery stores, so all you have to do is put in single serving containers.

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