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L'equipe de Funcom nous propose de nouveaux visuels de The Secret World, leur MMORPG dans un univers contemporain teinte d'esoterisme, attendu le mois d'avril prochain sur PC. Les images decrivent un univers envoutant et qui me conduira eventuellement a tester le jeu durant sa phase de beta test. Rien que le fait de savoir que c'est funcom qui est a l'origine de ce jeu, ca me donne envie de fuir tres tres loin. With the current generation of consoles coming to a close and the next one just around the corner, the year ahead is shaping up to be one of the most exciting the gaming industry's ever seen – and the quality of the new releases just over the horizon looks better than ever, too. All this week we've been highlighting some of our favorite upcoming titles scheduled to release before the end of 2012, breaking them down by genre to help you get up to speed on what you'll be playing between today and New Year's Eve. The Park представляет собой однопользовательский хоррор с видом от первого лица, в котором игрокам предстоит исследовать заброшенный парк развлечений.
NVIDIA FOURNIT LES CODES DE THE SECRET WORLD "EN La€™A‰TAT" ET NE FOURNIT AUCUNE GARANTIE, EXPLICITE, SOUS-ENTENDUE, STATUTAIRE OU AUTRE RELATIVE AUX CODES DE THE SECRET WORLD. Coming to us by way of Funcom (previously known for Age of Conan and Anarchy Online), The Secret World presents a setting modeled after modern day Earth. If modern day Earth had giant monsters, magic use and easily accessible portals to Hell, that is. You'll have the opportunity to join forces with one of three different warring factions, construct items through an interface similar to Minecraft and customize your character with your choice of supernatural powers. It's no secret that the Vita had a rough launch in Japan last year, but this game was one of the few true success stories to come out of that rocky start.
The role-playing genre is definitely going to be well-represented on Sony's newest handheld throughout the rest of this year, and New Little King's Story should be another stellar addition to the lineup.

Like that predecessor, New Little King's Story puts you in command of a young, newly-crowned monarch who must rally his kingdom's citizens to follow him into battle, complete construction projects in town and more. The 2009 Wii game deserved a lot more attention than it got, and we're thrilled the property is getting a second chance – let's hope the Vita audience shows it some love later this year. With that win secured, though, the dedicated members of grassroots groups like Operation Rainfall kept pouring on the pressure – and now the second game they supported, Mistwalker's The Last Story, is on its way too. Nintendo actually allowed XSEED to step in and handle the publishing for this one in North America, but however it's happening, it's happening. Wrap it all up with the fact that it's headlined by the iconic RPG master Hironobu Sakaguchi and you've got one new tale that was absolutely worth the time and effort it took to be able to be told.
You'll face off against hand-drawn enemies in turn-based combat, explore caves and caverns with a first-person perspective and use the unique "Unchain" mechanic to try to convince monsters to stop fighting you and join up with your party of heroes instead. Full English voice acting will also be included, while XSEED is promising 50 hours of content or more – if all these things come together, Unchained Blades could be one of the biggest, boldest titles we've seen debut on PSN or the eShop. Building on the enhancements and features found through the first game's expansions, Guild Wars 2 offers a refined version of the tactical combat the series is known for. The storyline has also been pushed forward 250 years into the future, where the five playable races of Tyria are forced to put their battles with each other on hold to join together and face the new threat of ancient dragons newly awoken from under the earth. It's not often that MMOs get numbered sequels, so fans of persistent online worlds should pay close attention to this one as its release draws nearer. None are as visually playful and downright whimsical as the Paper Mario games, though, which we've seen for three console generations in a row – and now, for the first time, the 2D hero will explore his 3D worlds on a portable platform.
We still don't know a lot of details about Paper Mario 3DS, but what we do know is intriguing enough as-is – like the fact that this game will emphasize Mario's Paper-ness move that ever before with elements like fans blowing him around with blasts of wind and giant pairs of scissors swooping down into battle scenes to slice his enemies in half.

We're looking forward to finding out even more soon, as we expect this newest Paper Mario adventure to be one of the jewels of Nintendo's 3DS lineup at E3 in just a few weeks. Sure enough, Neverwinter Nights 2 followed along in 2006 – and now, here in 2012, we're closing in on the release of the next take on that same world. This time around the more simply titled "Neverwinter" will take the form of a free-to-play MMO.
Development started on a different path and the game has suffered delays due to the change in direction and some corporate shuffling, but what's resulted from the long road looks to be wonderfully fun – and, importantly, accurately detailed in its re-creation of the Forgotten Realms setting. Neverwinter won't open its gates for another several months, but we're already planning our new characters and getting ready to roll for initiative. A new generation would launch with two paired games, then a third game would follow along that made minor changes, then another new generation would come along a few years later to add more monsters and repeat the process. We all expected Nintendo to issue a "Pokemon Grey," but instead we're getting two direct storyline sequels – actually numbered as sequels, too. This new pair of RPGs will take place two years into the future following the original Black & White storyline, will alter the Unova region to feature new locations and Gym Leaders and will host a super-nostalgic Pokemon World Tournament that brings back characters from every past generation to compete in a massive monster-battling free-for-all.
Let us know through the comments box below, and thanks for reading all five of our Big Games of 2012 lists this week. Thomas looks at this list with just a bit of sadness, as he knows there's no way he'll have time enough to fully enjoy every single one of these great-looking games.

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