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Legal By accessing this website, you agree to the terms of service and privacy policy, which covers the use of cookies. The deftly named Thunder Dolphin in Tokyo jumps through a hole in a building and through the center of the world’s first center-less Ferris wheel. The Formula Rossa in Abu Dhabi is the fastest roller coaster in the world, reaching speeds of up to 150 miles per hour.
The track is located in the Ferrari World Theme Park and is designed to have a similar aesthetic to the famous Italian race course Autodromo Nazionale Monza near Milan.
It was once struck by lightning in 2009 (not while operating), and the ride won’t always operate when the park is open due to weather conditions. Kingda Ka is very similar in design to Cedar Point’s Top Thrill Dragster, which held all of the same records before Kinda Ka came along.
The Bizarro at Six Flags New England has been ranked as the best steel roller coaster in the world multiple times by both the Golden Ticket Awards and the Mitch Hawker Poll.
Millennium Force in Ohio, of similar design, broke many records when it first opened back in 2000.
Takabisha is the world’s steepest roller coaster, with its highest drop having an angle of 121 degrees.
Olympic and world record holder in the 800 metres David Rudisha is facing probably the most critical times of his career. Rudisha missed the first leg of the 2014 Diamond League series in Doha, Qatar on May 9 because of a foot injury. Long period of inactivity has affected the career of the legendary athlete who is considered the most outstanding athlete together with Jamaican sprinter Hussein Bolt. There have, however, been rumours that Rudisha’s injuries are linked to a domestic dispute with his wife of four years, Elizabeth Naanyu. There have been further claims that the middle-distance runner has been having an affair with the niece of his long time pacesetter, Sammy Tangui. Sources told The Nairobian that Samantha Tangui, who is in her mid or late 20s, has been involved in a secret affair with Rudisha for three years now. Rudisha and Naanyu got married in Kilgoris in 2010 in a Maasai wedding ceremony, soon after he was crowned IAAF World Athlete of the Year.
However, Rudisha’s pacesetter Tangui admitted he was aware of claims that his partner on track has a secret affair. An incident reported by our sources in Eldoret, that is Rudisha’s training town and Kilgoris, his home seems to support these claims. A source claimed that Naanyu and her friends had confronted Samantha on Kimalel Street in Eldoret as she was walking into a supermarket.
According to the source, Naanyu and the street vendors “almost beat Samantha up” before she was rescued by an unknown motorist driving a top-of the-range car allegedly belonging to the athlete.
When The Nairobian called Samantha on her mobile phone, she went on the defensive and hanged up twice. Another source told The Nairobian that Rudisha and Samantha met through his close association with her uncle. She said Rudisha and Samantha’s relationship has been kept a secret by Rudisha’s close friends who have known about their closeness for three years. A different source said the two are indeed close and have travelled to different locations together. Petty Officer 1st Class Frida Karani, a Navy culinary specialist and 2016’s Armed Forces Chef of the Year, has a secret: she doesn’t like a kitchen that’s too peaceful. Starting March 15th, 2016, USA Permanent Residents visiting or transiting through Canada by air will be required to have an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) prior to traveling. Why are Kenyans in the US isolating themselves from their own community, living like loners and sometimes even dying without anyone knowing about it?
Bronze Bell Recovered From World War II Aircraft-Carrying Submarine Off Hawaiian CoastSurprise As Study Shows Sharkskin Increases Drag By 50 PercentIs Yours Bigger Than 18 Inches? LUFKIN, Texas -- A Lukin man and his friends can certainly attest to the saying that everything's bigger in Texas after snagging what may be a state record alligators.
Justin Wells of Lufkin, Tom Bass of Dallas, Jarrett Hanus of Spring and Ryan Haltom of Houston set the baits together Thursday night at the Gospel Ranch, which is about five miles outside of Trinity. Ranch manager Larry Denson had spotted the big gator, prompting them to get tags for the season, and Thursday night was just "kind of a last-minute deal before the season was over," Haltom said. When they showed up Friday morning, they had a line in the water, but when they started pulling on it, it was tangled. They broke a 400-pound test rope before realizing that "a truck and a rope wouldn't do it," eventually enlisting the help of a tractor and some chains to finally get the gator out of the water.
Although Haltom said the four set the baits together and worked to get the gator out, Bass will be written down as the hunter.
Sad that they felt the need to kill it, but probably best something with a mouth bigger than a human torso isn't out free around animals and children.
I'm willing to bet that Steve Irwin got more people killed or injured because they thought it was safe to act the way he did around animals than these guys have killed gators. Whats most astounding to me is how some ignorant rednecks celebrated killing a wild animal for a trophy and no type of subsistence whatsoever by then going to kill more helpless animals. WHATS AMAZING is that you tree hugging computer whacks think the world is doomed because of actions like these, never mind the chemical plants that are killing the fresh water supplies,OR the commercial fishing co. I understand the need to control the alligator population, but unusually large specimens such as this one should be off limits to hunters.
The fact that the negative responses far outweigh congratulatory remarks suggests that there may be some hope after all. I am and always have been an animal lover but in this case am glad this guy is out of the water. Ok first off theres nothing sporty about throwing a rope with some secret sauce on it in the water walking away from it and drowning a big gator. In Australia if a croc is near human settlement threatening people, it is captured and taken to croc parks. Thats a big boy but you should not of done him like that, a quick death would of been more respectable. I agree that there is a need to control population and big animals and harvesting animals, however I totally disagree with the way that they did it. Florida recently has a lot of issues with the gator population, and had to open up hunting season once again.
Golly, you should have called in the "Spear Chunker", Gene Morris - he has more than 100 gators (some 11 & 12-footers on his spear tally (harpoon).
I love it how these guys know nothing about gators, hunting, or fishing, OR the fact 80% of habitat conservation and restoration projects in the US are funded by hunters. Its called population control Michael.It means Harvesting a few gators so they are safer as a species as well as HUMANS.
Ok fine, but there obviously any "population control" on humans, so what gives us the right to determine how many gators should be considered a healthy population? WE have the right to determine how many alligators, how many deer or any other animal need to be harvested for the good of Humans and respected animals.This is our state and our country, try governing your own country. The whole part of this that is so sad is the fact that this ""Potential State record"" gator had to die.
Michael of Lk Forest, IL: I've got some more good news for you "The gators will be fine" they have been around for a long time and will be around for an even longer time. To Roshanara, S Shiva Shankar-India: I am very surprised at your hateful attitude imposed on Mr.
To Brian, Huntersville.I never thought that American people were so intolerant to others views. To Roshanara, S Shiva Shanka and Megha, congratulations for arguing your point so eloquently and articulately, it has been a pleasure to read your posts amid the amount of crap written on here about the supposed necessity of hunting, the only reason most people hunt is because they like to kill, just admit it, its nothing to do with population control etc etc, its just that you get some sort of strange satisfaction from something dying - i don't understand it myself but there you go.

Their are women and children being raped everyday, our gas prices are unreal, there are children starving in this world and we are at war, and there are people on here getting mad about an alligator being killed. Thanks for your encouragement, Holly Gannon, Palm Beach, Mattyboy, England and Pup Jones, Atlanta.
S Shiva Shankar, you must not have anything else to do but stay on this post and criticize people for doing something they like to do.
S Shiva you have definitely turned the tide in my mind at leat against your supposed religion. Hi, i just went on this site after someone sent me an e-mail about a 26 foot gater caught, after being spotted taking a scooby snack home( it eats a full grown buck deer), it's kind of amazing that these size creatures exist, and sad that it should be killed. I'm all for hunting if it is for subsistence (that means to eat it, use its skin, bones, etc.) but I will never understand the "sport" or enjoyment of killing something just to kill it. That predator needs to be boots, belts, purses, clutches, wallets, heck a hat would be alright. The problem with all this mudslinging and the name-calling, it's all very dressed up to make it look intelligent and sophisticated. I grew up with a swamp behind my house and I have been chased by gators before, more than once.
Just thought you would like to know that it wasn't just a "bunch of rednecks" out killing, it was a man, with a family, with real concern for his children. When thrown by arena football quarterback Joe Ayoob (since you can’t leave this kind of stuff to the amateurs), this plane soared more than 226 feet, and it only takes one sheet of paper to build. SHEMRANShemran AlbumIranian producer, composer and programmer Farhad Amirahmadi was born and raised in the north of Tehran in an area known as Shemran, and moved to London in his early teens.
Its maximum speed is approximately 80 miles per hour and its unique course takes riders much closer to buildings than most other roller coasters. Riders on this roller coaster are required to wear safety glasses to prevent injury due to colliding with random things in the air like insects.
One of the only ride-related injuries occurred in 2012 when a boy was hospitalized after being struck by a bird while on the ride. The coaster was previously known as Superman: Ride of Steel, but has been re-themed as a Bizarro roller coaster.
Located in Japan’s famous Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park (the same park that houses the Eejanaika), riders can get an excellent view of Mount Fuji while riding the Takabisha. He has been off track for almost a year due to a knee injury he suffered in New York last year June.
Rudisha and Bolt stunned the world when they won the most spectacular gold medals-within minutes-of the London 2012 Games. Sources have told The Nairobian that possible domestic fights between Rudisha and Naanyu may have caused him to keep off track since last year June. The sources in Eldoret, where Samantha lives, said Naanyu is aware and has severally clashed with her husband over his mistress. He denied that the alleged fights with Naanyu have caused injuries, which have affected his career.
Rudisha said he is recovering well and is set to make a comeback at races planned for Oregon in the US. It left Lizzie (Elizabeth, Rudisha’s wife) and her gang of women with nothing else to do other than shout unprintable as the vehicle was being driven away from the scene,” the source said. It is only through the girl’s uncle that they hooked up and the relationship started,” she said. Not knowing whether the gator was dead or alive, the four slowly made their way through the 6- to 7-foot-deep water to untangle the gator and tie some ropes around him to drag him out.
Next it was off to ranch headquarters to clean him up, hang him for a measurement by Texas Parks and Wildlife, then place him in the bed of a truck filled with ice for the trip to the taxidermist for a full life-size mount. Once the mount is done, the guys intend to donate it to a museum or find some place to display it.
I'm beginning to realize there is NO hope of saving this planet's other lifeforms as we've never evolved to the point of respecting other living things. OR anything else that supplies your plastics your computer parts and anything else that makes life more conveniant for you, you just all Whine and act apalled at men that live real lives and enjoy it while we are here.
You want to do something sporty go jump in the water and try to kill it with your bare hands. There is nothing wrong with population control, and it is needed unless you are suggesting that gators are more important than humans. Some people are saying that we shouldn't kill the gators because they have been here longer.. Rednecks help control the population of wild animals, gators, white tail deer, wild hogs, and etc. You will eat all the exotic, rare and beautiful animals in our planet to savor to your taste buds and gourmet desires until they are all gone and then you will start eating each other and say how nice and tasty the human flesh is. A majority of Indians are peace-loving, God-fearing vegetarians who regard each and every animal and plants as Gods. Go ahead and shoot all the birds and animals like a true Texan of olden times and make them extinct and when your children or grandchildren wants to see them just show them some old pictures or videos or some stuffed animals that you had earlier killed and hope they will be more content & happy seeing them stuffed rather than real. Otherwise how would you justify Robert Rolin’s statement “This is our State and our Country.Go and govern your own country” and advising other people to “eat more rats” and using words like “tree-huggers” and “skillet-head” Go through his earlier posts.
As an American, I am disgraced by such morons as "Brian" and Robert Rolin." Typical attitudes that humans only have feelings and animals are ours for the killing.
Myself and others believed hindus to be full of compassion for animals of all types.It is apparent that your only compassion for human animals are only for the ones whom agree with you. Alligators are not endangered and harvesting them is a reasonable solution to keep the population under control. I live on the Flint river in georgia, which with the help of the chattahoochie river and spring creek, make the famed Lake seminole. How can any of you pass judgment on this story when you don't have all the facts, don't know all the history and reasoning behind alligator hunting, and don't know what was really in these guys' minds? I personally know Larry the caretaker, and he was truely concerned for the safety of his boys who fish in the creek.
This eponymous debut album is an intensely personal record and we decided to use images of the house in Shemran where Farhad grew up.
It was previously the world’s fastest roller coaster before being usurped by the Formula Rossa. It frequently exchanges the number one spot each year with the Millennium Force, a similar roller coaster at Cedar Point, Ohio.
After all animals are perfect and humans are scum; unless of course you are a human who is a liberal who never leaves the home.
I'm not scared of gators by the way but do have respect for them and I'm all for population control and I like eating them sometimes. This harvesting is vital to the survival of alligators as a whole and the taking of a few is actually good for the rest of them for a number of reasons.
You bunch of tree huggers need to get a life, example; see what happens when you don't kill rat's, you yanks are infested with them. A State wildlife biologist was part of this harvest and is qualified to determine which and how many gators need to be harvested each year. Roshanara there is no maybe about India being over populated and the fact that it is an older Country and culture isn't the reason.
I went to America a few years back and i really enjoyed my time there, the people were lovely and i look forward to going back but i do find your attitude to hunting and the use of firearms a bit out-dated, i know its all to do with the egalitarian dream your county was founded upon and the individual rights you so vehemently defend but why can't we just enjoy seeing things being alive and flourishing, there is plenty of room to live in America without needing to go swimming in the river and lakes where these alligators and other species live, so just let them be, otherwise you'll end up like it is here in England where most of our natural predators died off many years ago because of over-hunting during the past 2000 years, and thats just sad, we were idiots so please don't be the same as us.
This story of harvesting game and many other episodes similiar to these are necessary especially in states such as Texas,Florida, Louisiana and a few other southern states. They won't attack you unless they feel threatened or because some less than intelligent person has fed them which makes them associate food with people.

I don't know any of those things, so the only judgment I'm making is, damn, those are fine lookin' boys. He had a few snapshots that had been taken by his friend Parisa Taghizadeh, so for the cover we chose an image of the front gate which had been left slightly ajar.
In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! The ride sometimes has problems with rollbacks, which is when a cart fails to make it up the steep incline and rolls back towards the station. Most of your pathetic whining about this giant alligator is coming from people who dont live surrounded by these dangerous animals AND DONT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. If you want to see gators you have to go to the zoo or you probably see lots of them on TV. Just cause I dont live somewhere where theres gators at doesnt mean I dont any thing about the subject.
Drowning, shooting, stabbing, how they actually die is splitting hairs and sounds like sissy crying if you ask me. When I questioned your intelligence or your feelings about the other animals on this planet, I did not generalise the same to ALL AMERICANS. You had stated in your post that you like eating gators and accused others sympathising with the animal of being "skillet head" and "tree-huggers." Stop playing God. I understand that it drowned its self while having a bite to eat because it was tangled in some idiots way of capture, but there are other safer ways of catching something.. Shooting alligators for following their instincts" and then you go with "mass extinction solving problems" and people who hunt and people who think hunting is fine are destroying the earth" and then the comment of "getting enough people like you(hunters etc.)together, we just might be able to (destroy the earth) by 2100. When the English colonised the country they clubbed and shot the birds and ate its meat and they had become completely extinct within 80 years. In Texas alligators ARE protected but the Wildlife department does issue a few Permits to hunters to regulate the population to some degree. I would bet theres houses around texas thats not near any water.You want to swim go swim in a pool. This time though I'm planning on relocating it to better habitat and out of the way of some people.
No one has claimed any heroics in this story they just did what needed to be done and had a good time doing it.Do us a favor and eat more rats.
You talk of intelligence but you suggest that we Americans WOULD EAT ALL THE WORLDS ANIMALS THEN EACH OTHER, how ridiculous.Then you insult us further by suggesting we eat rats and dogs from your country, My question is if you regard these animals as sacred why would you suggest anyone eat them? If you really feel the need to take a swim where YOU KNOW alligators live I'd say go swimming anyway: only 17 ALLIGATOR RELATED DEATHS in 58 years.
Its not like these boys were in a very populated area either, I doubt there were loads of kids running around the place all the time. We cropped and manipulated the image, intensifying the colours to give the feeling of somewhere slightly magical and exciting. You call these men idiots but their college students and graduates trapping with the blessings of a wildlife biologist that works for the state. This is about some guys who, had a hunting license,caught a giant gator, not mass extinction and the destruction of the world. These animals including the one in this story are under the watch of our wildlife departments, biologists and others. We should be more concerned with the chemicals that are being dumped into our water,that will kill more alligators(and people)than anything else.
Sportsmen are directly responsible for our deer, turkey,ducks,geese, and just about every game animals thriving population today. I see them every week just going to work, theres one big 14 footer my friends that live near brushy creek have named george. Maybe our people do not have adequate food to eat as you Americans but do not lack hospitality. First of all, you are halfway correct with the idea that alligators are following their natural instincts, eating, eliminating and procreation. They know alot more of whats going on in our country then "an indian from india" that sounds phony too. I would also like to mention that "rednecks" exist in all 50 states,even Baltimore,they just don't have the southern accent. We chose not to have any writing on the cover of this record so that you would have to open the cover to see what was inside, rather like going through the front gate in the photograph. Now the lake I live by is a man made lake, this is not their natural waterway, they have migrated or moved in here within the last 27 years that is how old this lake is. As you can guess, two alligators fighting over a plot of land would be much more dangerous than one alligator in its already natural habitat. As for your suggestion for eating rats, we cannot do that as even it is revered as a sacred animal of yet another Lord Ganesha (the famous Elephant God). S Shiva Shankar the harvesting of this gator had nothing to do with swimming or recreational sports in general it was about population control and advised by a State wildlife biologist. What nobody seems to comprehend is the fact that these conversations ALL seem to be purposly bashing someone else they don't know.
THIS lake was made for the surrounding communities, humans, not alligators but we co-exist and thats OK,BUT the texas department of wildlife biologists do research, keeps tabs on things and knows and allows harvesting of some gators BUT YOU ALL KNOW MORE THEN THEY DO RIGHT,,, GET a real life and let the experts do their jobs,IF THIS EARTH BECOMES A BARREN WASTELAND IT WILL BE DUE TO CHEMICAL PLANTS, NUCLEAR WASTE AND BIG CORPS. I guess that I have every right to let my children walk down a dark alley in New York City at 2:00am. Thanks for encouraging me to stay on this post and telling I “must not have anything else to do but stay on this post and criticize people”. For the sleeve we chose a 1960s black-and-white image of a statue by a pool in the gardens of Shemran.
Population control not only will not cause the extinction of any animal but will save an entire species. S Shiva you obviously have know idea what your really spewing about as WELL as the other comments from your country men, if you all want to worship rats and snakes as sacred creatures more power to you but the majority of Americans have other beliefs and should not be insulted or belittled by you for them. What I think is funny about your argument is that you consider cobras, tigers and all animals as sacred but think humanity is less. And you probably wouldn't find it neccessary to kill anyone else in the alley who MIGHT pose a potential threat.
You judge a person for instituting animal control by the question "Who made you God?" You stand in judgment over all of mankind for overpopulation and animal rights when your country is guilty of overpopulation and you live in a caste system which there are no human rights.
I have a pet American Alligator and have swam with them in the wild and have never been bitten. Your country had also traded and owned Black people as slaves whom you treated worse than animals and tortured them to death.
Does my pleadings and requests to your countrymen to stop killing rare animals for sports-sake, sound like the ravings and rantings of a madman to you? In the 1970's the gator population was getting a bit slim due to hunting them for shoes, belts, purses etc, I don't know if anyone was eating them or not.So gators were put on the endangered species list.
Just as I won't say that I won't get killed by someone in an alley (or while hunting in the United States). Not to mention trying to move a gator of that size, plus you have to keep it out of the water the second it becomes drowsy, otherwise it will drown. But I would never kill someone on the off chance that they might kill me, or kill a dog because they might kill me. It is however in human nature to kill a human.It seems that some people just need any excuse to kill.

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