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It all began in late September of 1950, when over a few days, a Navy vessel used giant hoses to spray a fog of two kinds of bacteria, Serratia marcescens and Bacillus globigii — both believed at the time to be harmless — out into the fog, where they disappeared and spread over the city. The unsuspecting residents of San Francisco certainly could not consent to the military’s germ warfare test, and there’s good evidence that it could have caused the death of at least one resident of the city, Edward Nevin, and hospitalized 10 others. Over the next 20 years, the military would conduct 239 “germ warfare” tests over populated areas, according to news reports from the 1970s.
These tests included the large-scale releases of bacteria in the New York City subway system, on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and in National Airport just outside Washington, D.C. Regular readers of this site will be well aware of various conspiracy facts concerning a multitude of shady activities by the U.S.
One fact many may not know about San Francisco’s fog is that in 1950, the US military conducted a test to see whether it could be used to help spread a biological weapon in a “simulated germ warfare attack.” This was just the start of many such tests around the country that would go on in secret for years. Over the next 20 years, the military would conduct 239 “germ warfare” tests over populated areas, according to news reports from the 1970s (after the secret tests had been revealed) in The New York Times, Washington Post, Associated Press and other publications (via Lexis-Nexis), and also detailed in congressional testimony from the 1970s. In a 1994 congressional testimony, Cole said that none of this had been revealed to the public until a 1976 newspaper story revealed the story of a few of the first experiments — though at least a Senate subcommittee had heard testimony about experiments in New York City in 1975, according to a 1995 Newsday report. In 1950, the first Edward Nevin had been recovering from a prostate surgery when he suddenly fell ill with a severe urinary tract infection containing Serratia marcescens, that theoretically harmless bacteria that’s known for turning bread red in color. Nevin’s grandson tried to sue the government for wrongful death, but the court held that the government was immune to a lawsuit for negligence and that they were justified in conducting tests without subjects’ knowledge. Don’t these people live on the same planet, work in the same world, and play on the same turf as the rest of us?!
Truly, the leaders of the World Shadow Government (WSG) have soiled their own nest in ways that are forever irremediable and irreversible. If there is one question which permeates every nook and cranny of the alternative internet culture and is asked more than any other, this is the one in 2012.
How do these three statements inform the previously stated fact of life on Planet Earth in 2012?
Those who operate at the peak of the Global Control Matrix (GCM) are subject to all the same daily influences that you and we are. In fact, the stresses that exist at their level of planetary administration are many and diverse. When one is born into the upper echelons of the GCM or WSG, and nothing but your last name keeps you imprisoned in such a system of leadership over global management and control, the experience will inevitably become oppressive. How deeply do we have to explore this subject to adequately answer the question in the title?
As we retrospectively view the history of the planet over the past 100, 1000 or 5000 years, we see a landscape littered with the ravages of war, conflict and awesome oppression. In any event, we only need to visit an oft-repeated definition for insanity to really understand who’s been in charge of the realm for all these years. Sounds pretty familiar to us, as it looks very familiar throughout this new millennium … everywhere we look. These three lists are by no means exhaustive, but each is illustrative of just how much crazy mischief TPTB can make in a fairly short period of time.
With an ever-increasing exposure to myriad manmade chemicals, especially through the ingestion of countless pharmaceutical medications and synthetic food additives, we see a derangement of mind, body and soul which threatens the entire civilization.
The unbridled proliferation and use of chemicals throughout the entire civilization has likewise put the health and life of the global population in great danger. Eventually, the people (especially the leaders) become so inundated with chemical exposures that their ability to respond to life and its challenges becomes short-circuited. As these three societal phenomena become amplified, the manifestations of their presence can hardly be overlooked. Certainly the overlay of the Pharmaceutical Culture has gone a long way toward addicting, and compromising every aspect, of the human body and mind. Another upcoming essay will thoroughly elucidate the multi-decade plan to create a drug culture so entrenched that it functions, in and of itself, to ensure that the orders of the World Shadow Government are always carried out. This third and last answer to the question in the title is as causal in nature as it is an effect of the very nature of the Kali Yuga. More than ever, humankind is being compelled to live in harmony and peace to address these obstacles. Given the densifying nature of the Iron Age (iron is much more dense than gold, as well as silver and bronze) the only possible scenarios are those which we have experienced since we took birth on this blue orb.
How does this relate to “technospheric breakdown and environmental destruction”? Desperation to live at all costs, in the face of insurmountable challenges, will always drive the left brain oriented, linear thinking, egocentric mind to try and do anything possible to survive. Yes, but how does all this relate to the World Shadow Government being hellbent on destroying Planet Earth? For instance, they know exactly where Planet Earth stands relative to rapidly intensifying Global Climate Change.
What might we expect in light of their (WSG’s) previous history, and particularly in view of their future expectations for massive planetary transformation (read: Apocalypse, Armageddon or End of the World scenario)?
Furthermore, one thing they are not and that is clueless about just what would happen if everyone knew what they know.
If you were the top boss and knew everything that they know, would you use the worldwide media to inform the masses about the true state of affairs? The good news here is that the Kali Yuga is always manifesting according to the destiny of each individual … as it manifests according to the destiny of each nation and every other earthbound collective. Sometimes this play of Consciousness is a comedy, other times a tragedy; nevertheless, each act, each performance contains its own perfection.
When the foundations are laid by individuals whose thinking is skewed toward self-interest, greed and is fear-based, we see the results all around us. Conspicuously absent from these revelations about the competence and efficacy of the World Shadow Government is the obvious inevitability of things to occur on Planet Earth by virtue of paths chosen at the outset of the Industrial Revolution. In other words, once the Global Oil & Gas Industry was given its place of prominance to fuel the worldwide enterprise known as the Industrial Revolution, the global infrastructure and superstructure were constructed to accommodate that decision.
In light of this reality, what can be done at this late date to free the planet from such a destructive energy paradigm? This same assessment is applicable to the Nuclear Fuel Paradigm, as well as other basic societal paradigms which are deeply flawed.
The BP Gulf oil spill was a defining moment throughout the current and unprecedented revelatory period of how the WSG actually works. In the end, many of us determined that the coordinated BP and US Government response to the BP oil spill disaster was taken at the behest of these very same controllers and powerbrokers who basically own the peninsula of Florida. Never have the intentions and modus operandi of the WSG been so transparent with regard to grave environmental concerns than during the BP Gulf oil spill.
We did not take up the topics of genetic mutation or inbreeding among the ruling class because each is worthy of its own separate essay. It’s therefore much easier to view their circumstances with understanding and compassion.
As for the genetic mutation component of this story, it’s not difficult to comprehend how generations of under-the-radar genetic mutations and their subclinical symptomatology will eventually translate to fuzzy thinking and fuddled feelings. Btw, these ridiculous miscalculations which put the duration of the Kali Yuga at 432,000 years play a part in the End-Time Madness.
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Did You Know There’s A Term For When You’re Totally Positive Something Happened Even Though It Didn’t?
Did the MOSSAD just reveal the true reason for the staged false flag terror attacks in Brussels? Can Russia’s Magrav Technology Thwart The Upcoming Stealth Attacks By The American-Arab-ISIS Coalition?
Has the California water crisis been manufactured like the Enron-engineered electricity crisis? Was the California drought geoengineered to pass future ‘climate change’ legislation? Another aspect of Baal is Moloch, the Great Owl, worshipped by the satanists in the US government and global secret societies with ritual human sacrifices and blood drinking. Yep we are just spirit, why should we be held down by the qween's gold, when Spirit defies solid material??!!
Things like gay marriage being illegal didn't make sense to me until they finally did thy just made that law to distract us from what's really happening. Government agencies across the country are hiring private debt collectors to go after millions of Americans over unpaid taxes, ancient parking tickets and even $1 tolls.
Their government bosses can give them the power to threaten debtors with the suspension of their driver’s license, garnishment of their wages, foreclosure and arrest to get them to pay up. State lawmakers have even passed laws allowing private collectors to charge debtors steep fees.
One of the biggest players in this industry is law firm Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson. Based in Texas, Linebarger works for 2,300 clients nationwide and collects $1 billion for its clients each year. The firm, which would only respond to interview questions in written statements, told CNNMoney that government agencies need the money it collects to fund vital services, such as teacher salaries and police budgets. One Kansas man ended up behind bars three times because he couldn’t afford the growing bill for his unpaid speeding ticket, while another Kansas woman says she had her entire paycheck garnished for back taxes. Despite decades of scandals over the way the firm gets business -- and even jail time for one of its top executives -- Linebarger still lands lucrative government contracts. Many attribute this success to the millions of dollars the firm has spent wooing politicians, from local mayors to powerful players like former Texas Governor Rick Perry. The Harris County Toll Road Authority told CNNMoney that it uses the funds collected by Linebarger to help keep Houston’s toll roads drivable and safe. Linebarger maintains that its fees are reasonable and depend on the kind of debt and how hard it is to collect.
By collecting these fees, Linebarger says it doesn’t have to charge the majority of the state and local governments that hire it, thereby keeping taxpayers from subsidizing its collection costs.
This is different from a consumer creditor like a bank, which typically has to pay for its collection costs out of the money recovered from debtors. In a months-long investigation into the government debt collection industry and Linebarger, CNNMoney analyzed hundreds of consumer complaints obtained from six state attorneys general and the Federal Trade Commission, among other organizations. CNNMoney found that with the power of government agencies behind them, debt collectors like Linebarger are able to play by their own rules, in essence acting above the law. Thanks to legal exemptions, government collectors usually don’t have to follow the main federal law that regulates the debt collection industry. Because the law so often lands on Linebarger’s side, consumers often end up in a black hole with little recourse. While Linebarger isn’t the only government debt collector out there, it is one of the largest. Linebarger says that consumers should typically receive at least one notice (and sometimes multiple notices) from the government before a debt ends up in collections.
Yet many people say the government never notified them, and Linebarger’s threatening letters and phone calls were the first they had heard of their debt.
Some were so confused that they became convinced Linebarger’s collection claim was a scam and refused to pay.

And for those who just couldn’t afford to pay what they initially owed, the firm’s fees left them trapped in debt and fearful that they may lose their driver’s license, their home or end up in jail. Yet Linebarger still has the Better Business Bureau’s A-plus rating, which the organization stands by. But Oklahoma tax attorney Paul Tom, who has represented dozens of people battling the firm, said while he has sometimes been able to negotiate the taxes owed, Linebarger’s fees are always set in stone. Memnon, who is a high school ROTC instructor, was so worried about having his driver’s license suspended that he used a credit card to pay Linebarger’s $287 bill -- which he says the firm told him all stemmed from $1.25 in toll charges. The Harris County Toll Road Authority said it doesn't send out bills until three toll violations have been incurred, and that it notifies people of their outstanding charges before handing over the debt to Linebarger.
But Memnon says he wasn’t notified of the 2009 toll charges or given a chance to pay until he received a $102 bill from Linebarger in July of 2012, which demanded he pay or attend a hearing. Then a new bill arrived in September, and the amount owed had nearly tripled, growing from $102 to a $287 bill, thanks to new collection fees and fines due to the missed hearing. At this point, he had already fought the firm for months over the phone, so he gave up and paid. Grieving mother Laverne Dobbinson received a particularly horrifying letter from Linebarger in 2012 -- billing her recently deceased son for $710 in damage to the New York City police car that killed him. The City of New York did not comment, though at the time of the incident the city acknowledged the letter was sent in error. Even when the mistake is clearly on the part of one of Linebarger's clients, those who end up in Linebarger's crosshairs feel like they have little recourse.
If these were consumer debts, like an old credit card bill, consumers would have a number of state and federal laws protecting them, and they could turn to an attorneys general office or the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for help. Federal consumer protection rules rarely apply to the government debts Linebarger collects, however, because they usually aren't considered "consumer debts." Speeding tickets and property taxes, for example, aren't considered a service or product that has been purchased, like an unpaid water bill. Linebarger says that as a law firm, it is held to a higher standard than typical collectors. Air Force Major Jose Iraheta has been battling Linebarger in court for more than seven years because the firm hit Iraheta with a foreclosure lawsuit while he was serving in the Middle East. Air Force Major Jose Iraheta sued Linebarger after it tried to collect on property taxes while he was serving in the Middle East. Linebarger dropped its lawsuit after he countersued, claiming the firm had broken state and federal laws. Despite decades of scandals and bad press surrounding the firm and its partners, Linebarger continues to wield widespread political influence and rake in new million-dollar contracts.
The scandals date back to its early days, when firm partners became infamous for using political connections to win contracts and change laws. Some critics thought the firm could even face extinction in 2002 after a major partner, Juan Pena, was indicted on charges that he bribed two city councilmen with more than $10,000.
Pena eventually pleaded guilty to bribery charges, lost his law license and was sentenced to 30 months behind bars. Meanwhile in Memphis, attorneys in a class-action lawsuit challenging the firm’s fees questioned Linebarger’s payment of millions of dollars to a local attorney who helped it win the city contract to collect taxes.
And in Texas, a partner was indicted in 2012 for covering up donations to a local elected official and his case remains ongoing. Linebarger says the firm itself has never been charged with committing a crime and the actions of a few individuals aren't representative of its overall business practices. While Linebarger is able to go after consumers nationwide, the government clients it works for are in these 21 states. During the 2012 elections, for example, the firm spent nearly $500,000 on Texas political campaigns alone, according to public records. Years earlier, the firm lobbied heavily for the 2004 law that allowed the IRS to use private collectors. While co-founder and former partner Dale Linebarger said he believes elections should be government funded, he admits that political spending is vital to a company’s success. But even if all of the politicians and government agencies end their love affair with Linebarger, there are other private collectors that would be happy to take its place. Until then, millions of Americans are left facing ominous threats and steep fees each year. An internet search will reveal plenty of misinformation and unbelievable conjecture about these experiments.
The bacteria had reportedly never been found in the hospital before and was rare in the Bay Area (and in California in general). The government claims it is immune from deaths related to any secret government tests on the public.
According to the Wall Street Journal, the Army stated that infections must have occurred inside the hospital and the US Attorney argued that they had to conduct tests in a populated area to see how a biological agent would affect that area. Five years after the Allies’ glorious victory in World War II, and someone told you the U.S. Why do those who populate the peak of the New World Order hierarchy pursue an agenda of relentless planetary destruction? The Kali Yuga is always known for a proliferation of mind-altering drugs and chemicals, coupled with genetic mutation and years of inbreeding among the ruling families. The end days of Kali Yuga are always defined by societal degeneration, environmental destruction and technospheric breakdown. That those who reside at the pinnacle of worldly power have clearly allowed, and even encouraged, the systematic destruction of the entire earth realm. Once these folks are captured by their fancy version of the healthcare system, their physical health and mental faculties will deteriorate. The same pharma-medical complex, which has forever captured them, also has ways of ensuring that no one ever leaves the reservation, especially at their level of involvement. There are so many examples of mass murder and massive theft of resources on such a grand scale that one sometimes wonders if this place might be hell. This conduct, however, is exactly what we’re talking about when we say insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again. While it does come in many shapes and sizes, TPTB usually exhibit very similar symptoms which can be observed in their handiwork as listed above. The Kali Yuga is always known for a proliferation of mind-altering drugs and chemicals.  Likewise, environmental radioactivity and electro-pollution also pervade the global habitat. Recreational drugs, such as caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, marijuana, LSD, amphetamine, as well as their many new synthetic versions, have become a permanent fixture in our society.
The human body was simply not designed to process and detoxify such a steady onslaught of chemical assaults.
Three very significant and profound developments occur in the process of societal devolution. Willingly and without complaint is how a great majority of people go about their day, because of how they have been sufficiently anesthetized, relentlessly desensitized and chemically lobotomized.
The end days of Kali Yuga are always defined by societal degeneration, environmental destruction and technospheric breakdown. The longer the status quo is allowed to continue, and the more the global population increases, the greater the magnitude of problems on every front.
Just as the Golden Age of Satya Yuga was known for its cultural refinement and sublime spirituality, our current Age of Iron is now (in)famous for popularizing that which is truly coarse, crude and crass. Social degeneration inevitably sets the stage for the degradation of the planetary environment. This attitude has produced numerous technological developments and industrial enterprises which are profoundly and fundamentally defective. They have never been about sharing the truth or disseminating the facts regarding anything. However, we do understand the pickle that they are in, especially as we approach the final end of the Kali Yuga. The lessons which can be learned throughout the Kali Yuga can only be learned during a Kali Yuga. Therefore, the extent to which the fundamental systems of philosophy, religions, and spirituality are unsound will be reflected in all the institutions and structures which society builds. Conversely, when the necessary systems and institutions are constructed on the basis of egocentricity, instead of respect for all life and reverence for the immanent Divine, we again can plainly see the consequences. Therefore, the many defining features, cultural phenomena and aspects of human conduct are written about within the ancient contexts of the various authors. Hence, the Hydrocarbon Fuel Paradigm represents the predominant energy source across the planet.
Particularly in the midst of a global economic depression, such a necessary transition away from oil and gas would surely deal a death blow to all the fragile economies that rely on petrodollar revenues. Many of these other paths to which the WSG overly committed the civilization also cannot be undone without tremendous hardship and sacrifices for every resident of Planet Earth. Many of us worked on the remediation of the Gulf and we were shocked to see the apathy and lack of involvement on the part of the rich and famous who own extensive beachfront real estate and expensive mansions along the entire coastline of Florida.
They’re all about the pharmaceutical culture, so why not just disappear the oil with Corexit. Owning a $45 million island home off the coast of Miami in the middle of the largest oil spill in North American history becomes a radically altered investment, doesn’t it?
Among the masses, we see evidence everyday in the outpicturing of this hidden dynamic in the form of some very wild and crazy behavior. Gunderson, makes a statement regarding the chemtrail "death dumps", otherwise know as air crap, on January 12, 2011. Elizabeth Windsor's oaths of allegiance; a glimpse into the retarding frictions of elite criminality. By outsourcing this dirty work and letting private companies charge debtors sky-high fees, government agencies can get these collection services free of charge. In an industry already known for bad behavior, debt collectors that work for government agencies usually don’t have to work within the confines of consumer protection laws – opening the door for higher fees and even more aggressive tactics.
In Florida, for example, fees can be as high as 40% on top of the total bill, which includes not only what they already owe, but interest and government penalties as well. It has worked for small-town school districts, the city of New York and at one point, the largest tax collector in the country: the Internal Revenue Service. Government agencies sometimes hire Linebarger to hunt down decades-old debts that people can’t even remember incurring. A Texas woman was threatened with arrest for not mowing the grass on a property she didn’t even own.
Some have filed complaints with state attorneys general, while others have even sued the firm.
Its political pull has even helped it get certain state and federal laws changed in its favor – including Texas legislation that allows it to charge debtors such high fees. More than a dozen of Linebarger’s other current and former government clients were also contacted for this report, but the toll authority was the only one to provide comment. We interviewed more than 60 consumers, former Linebarger employees, attorneys and other experts. And as it continues to grow -- with clients in 21 states -- so does the controversy surrounding its methods. Angry, frustrated and suspicious consumers have posted complaints on sites like Ripoff Report, Yelp and the Better Business Bureau. Others say that no matter how much proof they had provided that a debt wasn't theirs, Linebarger kept calling and sending them threatening letters.

After a class-action lawsuit challenged the fees Linebarger charged under a contract with the city of New Orleans, the Louisiana Supreme Court even ruled that the firm’s 30% fees were unconstitutional. The BBB says Linebarger, which is a paying member, does a good job responding to complaints -- a requirement for the firm to stay in good standing. But it did say that it does everything it can to reduce errors and that the cost of collection -- even for a small amount like a toll -- can be significant.
CFPB officials declined to comment on whether they have oversight of government debt collectors but encouraged consumers to share their story or submit a complaint to the agency. It prohibits collectors from charging any fee that wasn’t already agreed to in a contract or permitted by state law.
And the threats it makes are okay too, since the firm's government client can pursue an arrest warrant, foreclosure or other penalty to back it up. While active duty military are able to delay paying property taxes without penalty until they return to Texas, Linebarger sued him over a $10,500 bill for unpaid property taxes. Past controversies ranged from allegations of illegal loans to public officials to inappropriately influencing lawmakers, including a controversial Mexican getaway with a Texas Speaker of the House that reportedly involved a topless dancer. Take Chicago, for example, where Linebarger's contract was terminated in 2008 because the firm had paid for the trip of a top city official.
More recently, two Linebarger consultants have been at the center of alleged bribery schemes -- one of which is heading to trial and another that is still under investigation. And it pays big bucks to influential current Texas public officials by putting them on its payroll -- a surprising but legal practice. It had spent nearly $700,000 on its overall federal lobbying efforts between 2003 and 2006. What is really needed, consumer advocates say, is an end to the special treatment given to government debt collectors. Send us your reactions, your own debt collection experiences, or other story ideas to investigate here. Can you even begin to imagine what it is willing to do in 2015 with the current crop of mindbogglingly unethical, corrupt politicians in power?
Since they are vulnerable to the same environmental risks and dangers, health-undermining co-factors and variables associated with life in the 3rd density as the rest of us, they do get sick just like everyone else. Just as the rest of society experiences physical degradation after being regularly exposed to the health- destroying toxicities associated with the medical-pharmaceutical complex. Therefore, you can imagine how being locked in for life can feel rather suffocating, particularly for those who have a more refined code of ethics and are independent thinkers. To the point where each individual is trapped in a crucible of sorts which has its own unique set of trials and tribulations. Of course, it is only a hell for those who created it and surely those who run the place have always played a major role in the tragedy side of life. Hopefully we all agree that the behavior delineated above qualifies as full-blown madness, clear-cut insanity and downright craziness, whichever you prefer. This status quo is coupled with an epidemic of genetic mutation, as well as inbreeding among the ruling class. As these chemicals and compounds, pollutants and contaminants, toxins and poisons begin to bio-accumululate over generations, the gene pool becomes degraded, as the quality of life of each individual precipitously declines. Each of these inevitable outcomes applies particularly to those who staff the World Shadow Government. This grand epoch is composed of four yugas and includes the three yugas preceding the Kali Yuga. Competition for scarcer resources coupled with unparalleled earth changes only serve to magnify the awesome challenges we face as a world community. The longer these societal qualities persist, the more the civilization will degenerate into outright cruelty devoid of compassion. Likewise, lack of conscience and unsound science will guarantee an eventual cascading of technospheric breakdown. In that most of the foundational paradigms throughout modern civilization are inherently flawed, each contains the seeds of its own destruction. TPTB are aware of the many consequential astrological alignments which have been stacking up, and what kind of societal cataclysms to expect. They seek to create their own version of order out of chaos, which is all they’ve ever done for thousands of years. Ergo, the last thing TPTB wants to deal with, particularly during a predictably tumultuous end-time scenario, is uncontrollable chaos. Just as life during the Golden Age offered the perfect setting for those souls who needed to receive the experience of a truly golden age.
Likewise, the degree to which those institutional blueprints are inherently flawed will also show up in the functioning, or rather dysfunctioning, of the society. It exerted as much control then as it does today; albeit, in a much broader and more sophisticated way in 2012. The WSG knows this of course, and also relies on the very same revenues to grease many of their many covert operations. This policy has been pursued with dire consequences to the mental, emotional and psychological health of entire bloodlines. Actually, some of us were, and that’s why they write and reveal this type of esoteric and long-kept secret information! Therefore, it is quite easy to deduce that when the same phenomena occur throughout the WSG, all hell can break loose, at any time, in any place.
And an Oklahoma business owner is still bitter about the $112,000 bill he received for taxes he had already paid. Yet, the outsourcing by government agencies continues and Linebarger’s business is thriving. And when debtors have challenged Linebarger's government collections work in court based on other laws, the firm has gone so far as to argue it has immunity because it is an extension of the government. It also noted Linebarger’s complaint volume was in line with the size of the firm and that it had waived fees in a few cases where consumers hadn’t been notified of the original debt. It also said that in general, toll violators are given multiple opportunities to pay before the debt escalates.
After being told the violation was incurred by a rental car driver, he asked for proof the debt was his. Collectors also aren’t allowed to make false threats of arrest -- since consumer debts rarely land debtors behind bars -- and they are required to provide proof that a debt was incurred if the debtor requests it. Linebarger was hired by the IRS as part of a pilot program in 2006, but the contract ended about a year later -- before the program was nixed entirely amid controversy over the use of third-party collectors. Not only would you not believe it, you’d think this person was a complete and total lunatic.
Both website are dedicated to educating and informing people with articles on powerful and concealed information from around the world. Both website are dedicated to educating and informing people with articles on powerful and concealed information from around the world. Do the different vectors of dissemination of radioactvity conveniently discriminate in their favor?
The many life-threatening diseases and chronic illnesses, which abound throughout the world today, are not safely avoided by them. Of course, these positions also come with awesome perqs which are illusory at best, personally destructive at worst.
Each of these progressively shorter yugas descends into times of greater chaos and disorder. When the human race loses it ability to think and act rationally and ethically, what else could be expected. The pervasive lack of respect for life and planet will always devolve into wanton environmental devastation and the consequential ecological apocalypse.
One need only review the disasters directly resulting from the Nuclear Energy Paradigm to grasp this critical point. Every university and research institution operates under their umbrella with the exception of a very few. They are fully cognizant of the power of the internet and how it has awakened many to their (TPTB) multi-millennial agenda.
Much of what anyone might want to know about how we ever got into this woeful global predicament is already plastered all over a world wide web. Also, as previously discussed, they are quite proficient at doing the very same thing over and over with catastrophic results (aka insanity).
Karma, and in some cases instant karma, is coming at us fast and furiously during these end-times. The Bronze Age preceding our current era was also defined by a gradual degeneration of the natural order and declining adherence to spiritual truths. The decisions taken at the inception of the industrialization of the world set the stage for all that we experience today. And yet their response was mute throughout the course of that catastrophic spill, as it is up to this very day. And others provide the firm with inaccurate information, leading it to pursue the wrong person entirely. When he didn’t hear back and another call to the firm went unanswered, he became convinced it was a scam and didn’t attend the hearing.
I have spent the last 36+ years researching Bible, History, Alternative Health, Secret Societies, Symbolism and many other topics that are not reported by mainstream media. We’re talking LOTS of stress, which always serves as the number one trigger for all that ails us (humankind) here on earth. Ultimately, the epoch reaches completion with the end of the Kali Yuga, culminating with the appearance of Lord Kalki during the final twilight period. The inexorable densification of spirit and matter over the course of the Kali Yuga is designed to produce the hapless outcomes we see all around us. Technospheric breakdown is of course also the product of perceived existential threats to the human race, and the many flawed scientific endeavors pursued and technological innovations implemented to address them. A glimpse into the planetary consequences of the Hydrocarbon Fuel Paradigm will likewise reveal the unfolding technospheric breakdown within that realm of operation.
Therefore, they have access to a tremendous amount of empirical data and authoritative information which tells the true state of the planet, and the solar system.
The proverbial cat is out of the bag, never to be re-bagged, except by the upcoming shift of the Earth’s axis. And the WSG is merely the instrument of the outworking of that karma, especially that which manifests as the destiny of nations.
Which is exactly what every soul incarnation experienced during the Dwapara Yuga (aka the Bronze Age). These agencies also issue the arrest warrants, foreclosure lawsuits and other harsh threats that Linebarger cites in its letters to debtors.

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