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Yoga Fitness Retreats and Holidays- Schedule 2015 - Bringing the power of Yoga and Mindfulness in Ireland and around the world. We run accessible, nurturing yoga mindfulness meditation retreats for everyone, from complete beginners, to  those who may be a little more advanced.
Mindfulness is a about focusing on the present moment, using techniques such as yoga, breathing and meditation. Find a relaxing position, a place of comfort, on cushions or a chair, with a comfortable but erect posture and close your eyes. The first minute is spent focusing on where you are now, the contact between your body and the seat and the sensations around your body. Inevitably, your mind may wander, you simply acknowledge where it went and gently bring your focus back to the breath without being critical about yourself. The third minute involves a deeper awareness from the breath and across the rest of your body, observing how it feels, but breathing, moment to moment. Our retreat includes small groups, allowing guests to make lasting frienships, many of which return year after year. Le developpement de la recherche sur les effets de la meditation de la pleine conscience sur la sante physique et mentale.
If you are longing for a heart-opening journey of transformation and meditation, a life-changing encounter with a dedicated yogic community and an authentic spiritual guide, if you yearn for inner stillness, for communion with Nature and for the realization of your eternal Self, then the Sat Yoga Ashram is where your pilgrimage will come to fulfillment and where your heart will find rest. You will return to innocence as you join in singing, dancing, and listening to heart-opening music. You  will understand how it felt in the Garden of Eden as you taste the delicious vegetarian food, most  grown in our organic gardens and cooked superbly with love in our ashram kitchen.
At a Sat Yoga retreat, you will receive soul-stirring insights with the power to free your mind from its fixations and open your heart to healing love. The most ancient esoteric knowledge and the insights of current science are masterfully woven together by Shunyamurti, Sat Yoga’s founder and retreat leader. Shunyamurti’s teachings are spontaneous, inspired, and unique to each retreat—and each retreatant. Once the gates of your inner knowing are open, you will find yourself channeling wisdom from the same ultimate Source. Shunyamurti’s energy and affirmation of your divine Being will ignite the flame of eternal Truth. You will receive the precious opportunity to undergo an authentic shamanic rite of death and rebirth into the highest, most expansive, and most Real Pure Consciousness that is the essence of what the sages of every spiritual tradition have called the Presence of God, Buddha, the Tao, the Self Supreme. Whether you are an advanced yogi or just starting your inner journey, a Sat Yoga retreat offers an accelerated course in Self-realization. Our holy mountain of Arunachala, is named after the sacred hill of Shiva on which the sage Sri Ramana Maharshi dwelt in India, and whose gracious presence you can palpably feel when you are meditating here. You will greet the dawn in sublime peace after the first meditation of the day that begins at 4am. And there is singing, both to listen to and to join in, that will open your heart as well as your voice in full invocation of joyous flights into ecstatic divine consciousness. Every retreat offers some combination of devotional singing, creative writing, improvisational drama games, and other forms of transformational artistic expression.
These activities enable us to let go of inhibition, to re-discover the freedom of creative play. The founder and yogic research director of the Sat Yoga Institute, Shunyamurti, leads our advanced retreats.
His wise words and compassionate presence can trigger extraordinary transformative unfoldments. Karma yoga (egoless service in community chores) is not reflected on this sample schedule, but in general new participants contribute 3 – 5 hours during the week. Karma yoga (egoless action, known in Taoism as wu-wei) performed mostly in meditative silence, free from concern for outcome or affirmation, is a wondrous medicine for the soul. Your ashram experience will be profoundly enriched by participating in communal maintenance activities in a state of sharing and synergy.
Radha Ma and her staff offer mouth-watering vegetarian and vegan meals that are integral to our ashram life and retreats.

Dishes are created from organic produce grown in our own gardens or sourced from neighboring farms, or when necessary brought from the local feria (farmers market).
Each simple, yet tastefully designed, room provides comfortable sleeping space for one to three, with private single rooms often available upon request for a supplemental fee. Our accommodations offer pleasant and spacious shared bathrooms as well as private balconies and large windows that overlook the natural beauty of the surrounding forests and gardens.
Our booking process begins with an application form where you will be invited to tell us about yourself and share your motivation for participating in a retreat at the Sat Yoga Ashram.
Please visit our Retreats FAQ’s page or use the adjacent form to send us any questions you may have before or during your application process.
Advanced 7-day Retreat Led by Sat Yoga Spiritual Director, Shunyamurti Our hearts yearn to return to the womb of the Goddess. If you want to make a brake and take time for yourself, a few days escape can be enough to renovate energies and find back your balance.
This is a program based on positivity, Vital Life Energy and the philosophy of "A Smile Breeds a Smile" that will help you specially during difficult moments or when you get the feeling of having a monotonous live.
You can arrive in Bali any day of the week, as long as we have confirmed availability with you. This is an opportunity to experience life at its purest and best, filled with creativity, joy, and grace; you will take many inner journeys via silent and guided meditations.
Your deepest existential questions can finally be answered, and you will become an explorer of the subtle dimensions of consciousness.
At a Sat Yoga retreat, the inner invitation to attain samadhi—absorption in the God-Self—can, at last, be fulfilled. The serene atmosphere, filled with enlivening Shakti—a current of radiant divine energy—extinguishes the noise and chaos of the chattering mind and brings you to stillness, re-orders and revives the soul, and induces blissful awareness of the infinite vastness of consciousness and the sublime reality of Timeless Peace. We abide in outward silence until mid-day, sustaining a space of contemplation and augmented prana (life energy). Some retreats also include shamanic processes such as transcendental breathwork, meditative movement and dance, or pranic healing circles, designed to enhance your healing and transformative process. Part of its power comes from engagement in service to the community, done in the spirit of generosity and love, all fruits of saying Yes to karma yoga. Ordinary chores such as preparing meals, harvesting fruits and vegetables, sweeping, setting tables, and washing dishes are transformed into magical moments in which to dissolve the illusion of separateness and feel the power of the living super-organism manifesting One Love that is the lifeblood of our spiritual tribe. With many raw options, Radha Ma’s Kitchen nourishes our Being with three hearty meals each day plus snacks. The soothing sounds of flowing water and sweet songs of native birds (and sometimes the awesome howls of monkeys!) provide the perfect conditions for meditation and relaxation. If you are inspired to help sustain goodness and life on our planet, please visit our donate page.
This book may have occasional imperfections such as missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. It's a chance to get away, refocus and have simple, positive, fun all organised and accompanied by your personal Woman Escape host. You will be taken shopping to great places, have endless massages, healing therapies, manicures & pedicures. This is a program suitable for people of varying ages; those who have experienced emotional upheaval, professionals who need to relax on all levels, those who do not wish to holiday alone or mothers needing a break (we can even organise childcare for the duration of your stay). You will stay  far from crowded and noisy areas, enjoying some peace and relax atmosphere.
You can book within the operating dates alone or organize the best time to come with your own group of friends. Living for today and not waiting for a special event in the near future, a week or more away. Your mind will be astonished and your heart opened by the profound teachings and group processes.

You can find a list of our next retreats on the bottom section of this page, or you can visit our Calendar page. You can get dressed up for sunset cocktails over shimmering waters and mingle in some of the fabulous bars and restaurants if you would like to.
But close enough to great restaurants, shops and leisure activities if you decide to enjoy them, it is your own decision. Your body will enjoy the physical yoga classes, the morning walks through sacred forests, and bathing in the clear mountain stream beside shimmering waterfalls. In our bungalows, (called bhavans), we are encouraged to be as quiet as possible, enabling each guest to enjoy the balm of undisturbed peace at every moment.
We believe this work is culturally important, and despite the imperfections, have elected to bring it back into print as part of our continuing commitment to the preservation of printed works worldwide. We appreciate your understanding of the imperfections in the preservation process, and hope you enjoy this valuable book. Our 12 favourite luxury yoga retreats from around the world are:Raffles Praslin Seychelles Are you are bored with your usual work out and in need of an Indian Ocean escape?
Raffles Praslin, Seychelles has introduced a wonderfully different way of exercising – combining beautiful ocean surroundings with the peaceful practice of yoga for total relaxation.Paddle Board Yoga helps develop core strength and balance. The board provides the perfect platform to increase the intensity of the yoga workout by creating a continuous challenge to balance and adapt to the motion of the board. This challenge adds to core stability and creates greater strength, flexibility, and balance. You are guided through a variety of styles, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, or Iyengar yoga as appropriate to further improve practice. Chiva-Som’s instructors work with you to design a personalised yoga programme to strengthen weak areas and achieve overall improvement. This intimate hideaway nestled on 40 acres of lush landscaping and gardens is renowned for its natural charm and classic California character.Their yoga retreats are led by Rancho Valencia’s director of yoga, Katie Brauer, an internationally recognised yoga instructor.
A personalised yoga programme is then carved out for a week (or another amount of time desired), and can also be combined with ayurveda treatments in the spa to complement.
These will be run by International host, AmandaStokes and the resort’s resident teacher, Kathryn Cullen. Oneworld retreats is the only venue of its kind in Ubud that shares grounds with the royal palace. This location, more than 10 km from the nearest inhabited island, has afforded Hadahaa one of the healthiest house reefs in the Indian Ocean. End your day with meditation on a sunset rock watching the sky turn shades of pink against the blue mountains of Volos.
The outstanding and nautically-inspired Palm Springs Yacht Club spa is the place where you will be pampered with a special twist, you receive a shot of vodka prior to your treatment!Yoga comes in the form of YogaWorks where you create your own itinerary. The Sarojin’s private yoga teacher, Melanie Schorr, is Canadian born and trained in India under Yogi Vijay Amar in the traditional hatha style.Melanie’s early morning, beachside couples’ classes can be personalised to suit beginners or the more experienced. Variations of yoga asanas that are practiced together build connection, increase energetic flow between two people and heighten awareness of the physical and spiritual.
The resort’s practitioners are some of the very best in Vietnam and they improve the overall well being of both body and mind through the introduction of gentle postures that are adapted to your physical structure.
Based around ‘control and fitness’ and ‘sculpt and balance’, Isabelle’s aim is to help her clients exercise their way to a more healthy, balanced lifestyle.
His favourite trips include island hopping in the Seychelles, a mountain escape in Kashmir and getting lost in Hong Kong.Assif is the current editor of Adelto Magazine.

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