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With our hectic, always-on-the-run lives, sometimes we just need a few days to step outside, relax, and rejuvenate. The sanctuary: The spectacular California Coastal Range and an 1800-acre nature preserve surround this rustic 19th-century lodge, where guests can soak up the hot spring waters that have been healing centuries worth of pilgrims.
The practice: From April through October, yoga classes are offered complimentary on the weekends. The practice: Ananda yoga that emphasizes postures, breathing and energy-control techniques. The directions: Take Amtrak to Sacramento and catch the Light Rail Bus from 8th and K Streets (St. The sanctuary: The first Zen monastery outside of Asia, Tassajara (operated by the San Francisco Zen Center) opens its beautiful doors to guests from April through September. The directions: There is no public transit that goes direct to Tassajara, but you can take the Monterey Airport from SFO to the Monterey Transit Plaza. The practice: In addition to a handful of four-day yoga retreats and yoga teacher training, Mount Madonna offers daily yoga classes, occasionally taught by Baba Hari Dass himself. The directions: Public transit to Mount Madonna is quite complicated, so we suggest a ride share.
The practice: An acupuncturist and architect, Eva and Scott operate retreats as eclectic as they are. The sanctuary: Set in the serenity of the desert, in the shadow of the San Jacinto and San Gorgonio mountains, Nurturing Next offers seven minimalist, Zen-inspired rooms, most with kitchens. The directions: Fly into Palm Springs International Airport, and take the Sunline Transit Agency bus 14 to Palm and 8th. The practice:  The company’s primary program is a Yoga Backpacking trip in Yosemite National Park, but a variety of other backpacking trips, as well as retreats at campgrounds, farms, and retreat centers.

One can go hiking, surfing and take an eco-tour while enjoying the hidden values of easing the mind in body and soul. For years, travelers seeking serenity and spiritual renewal have made their way to India's ashrams and retreat centers to learn the wisdom of ancient practices like yoga, meditation and Ayurveda healing. From by-donation yoga programs at a southern India center to luxury wellness retreats at an upscale Himalayas destination spa, these 10 retreat centers accommodate every budget and level of interest, from the yoga-curious to experienced meditation practitioners.
The Art of Living International Center, a 65-acre campus located on top of the Panchagiri Hills outside Bangalore, is a popular destination for peace-seekers from abroad heading to India for the ashram experience. Retreats occur periodically, like those this year led by Sarana Miller, a faculty instructor at Yoga Journal. Expanding Light is a haven for Ananda, a global movement centered on finding God in our daily lives. Retreats are regular and varied, from holistic health retreats to yoga therapy, and independent yogis have the option to do a personal retreat. If the magical, hidden valley doesn’t make over your stressed-out mentality, being completely off the grid (smartphone addictions need not apply) and soaking in the restorative hot springs waters will.
In addition to yoga, the center offers retreats from “The Vitality of the True Self” to “The Significance of Joy.” There is something for everyone, and even skeptics can find serenity. From there, you can connect with other travelers via the Zen Center’s Rideshare Board. In between your sun salutations you’ll be hiking, playing tennis, or soaking in the hot tub. Guests may pare down at a Cleanse and Detox retreat or indulge at a Yoga, Wine, and Chocolate retreat.
In addition to yoga and meditation, retreat goers will do personal work through therapy, cleansing, journaling, and silence.

The editorial staff has mapped out and explored hot spots outside of San Francisco - without a car. Panacea de la Montana offers a yoga holiday with meditation in Costa Rica panoramic of mountains, sand and sea on the Guanacaste Peninsula. The Afro-Caribbean people first settled the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica in the mid 19th Century and lived in small farming and fishing coastal villages. Whether you're looking for a disciplined daily meditation routine at a spiritual center or a luxury spa with a focus on wellness and healing, the country's many retreat centers all promise visitors stress reduction, self-discovery and an escape from a busy urban lifestyle. With mountainside trails, gardens, a lake and organic farms surrounding the facility, it's the perfect place to get some peace and quiet. Lakes, temples, and serene lounges help with this quest, as do organic meals and daily meditations. Whether you opt to drive or not, we recommend springing for the Stage that shuttles guests from the town of Jamesburg over the last (somewhat harrowing) stretch to the retreat. It’s an artistic and spiritual community based on the teachings of silent Monk Baba Hari Dass. Also on the roster are hikes, movement therapy, time in the natural hot springs and Native American Sweat Lodge, and massages. Guests (who come from all cultures and religious backgrounds) are invited to participate in voluntary service, helping with cooking, cleaning and general upkeep of the ashram.

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