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If you’ve been following along with our monthly challenges, you’ll be excited to learn that March is the Yoga Challenge! Click here for a free download of the 31-Day Yoga Challenge [3] and scroll down for instructions to each yoga pose. Fly high with open hips and a strong core as you move step by step into Eka Pada Galavasana. Whether or not you ever find yourself in the full expression of Monkey Pose, you can still enjoy the journey with these very effective preps from Two Fit Moms.
Master Baptiste Yoga teacher Leah Cullis created this fun and challenging sequence to boost your core strength and mood as you flip your world upside down. Use these four steps to guide your practice, build inner strength, and nail the coveted pose.
Kathryn Budig breaks down the components of this advanced arm balance then wraps it all together with how-to instructions for getting into this elusive peak pose. The Dharma Yoga creator shows off his latest innovation—a wheel-shaped prop to assist you in backbends and inversions. Masumi Goldman reveals the trick to mastering the overhand grip in Dancer and One-Legged King Pigeon Poses is often in (surprise!) the psoas. For stability when your feet leave the ground, Kathryn Budig steals tricks from martial arts. Find your edge and shift your weight into your hands as you move step by step into Adho Mukha Vrksasana.
For serious arm balance inspiration, look no further than this video from Equinox’s Dylan Werner. We had sixty-eight enthusiastic participants and two awesome sunrise classes daily for our last Spring sunrise challenge, and we're ready to raise the roof for the next one! Everyday we will gather for a rejuvenating practice ranging from inspiring yoga flow to challenging vinyasa to restorative yoga. Challenge RulesComplete 30 consecutive days (6:15-7:30am) and receive 1 month of unlimited drop-in yoga classes for FREE!

Yoga is proactive wellness, laying foundations for mental, physical and emotional well being. Saturday April 5th, 3-6pmSunday April 6th, 10-6pm (includes lunch break)Tuition: $250 + GSTA training booklet will be provided. Not all bodies are created equal and our yoga practice (no matter what style) a€“ if integrated holistically as a path of health, wellbeing, and healing a€“ should reflect and embrace our uniqueness.This 10 hour training is designed for yoga teachers, trainees, and experienced yoga practitioners to experience first-hand a practical and functional understanding of the interconnectedness of the body.
Through the kosha (layers of the body) system, tap into the inherent wisdom and profound intelligence of the body while moving into deeper levels of Grace. Teachers learn the art of teaching people instead of poses, and students learn how to create a practice suited to your personal needs, through modification, therapeutics, and adjustments. Yogi Vishvketu and World Conscious Yoga Family have had a huge influence on Prana Yoga Studio's owners and teachers, from inspiration, to philosophy, to vision. Feel free to phone and set up a consultation to inquire more about this unique opportunity.
In these two hour presentations you will be introduced to a profound approach that will give you a much deeper understanding of yourself, your family and friends.
Ian is a passionate presenter, published author and educator who was widely publicized in the UK as he gained popularity with celebrities and members of the British Royal Family.
Through these four modules, split into eight half day workshops, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of your elemental make up and how to bring it into balance. With this knowledge you can make the right lifestyle choices to optimize your well-being in the key areas of relationship, diet, exercise, career and home environment. Click the name of the pose to be taken to the video or photo that explains how to do each move!
Your artwork will be hand-framed, without glass, protected by our optically clear lamination for easy care, and safety. This is your hub for step-by-step instructions to make challenging inversions, arm balances, and backbends more accessible. Kathryn Budig walks you through partner work to help you get comfortable balancing in the middle of the room.

Soon after her first class, she took one year of training through the Yoga Association of Alberta and in 1999, she completed a second year of training through the Gerda Kerbs Hatha Yoga Centre. She also works out of one of Edmontona€™s top physio-therapy clinics, and is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. We are thrilled to be offering our tenth 200 hour YTT program, and we hope you can join us!
For those who would like to deepen their insights into the science of Yoga and Ayurveda, as well as pursue teaching certification, this is the perfect opportunity. By learning the qualities, cycles and influences of the natural elemental forces and how they present in your physical, mental and emotional makeup, you will gain the practical ability to come into balance and move in harmony with the power of nature. You can also find information on Iana€™s upcoming workshop series, The Four Pillars of Health and Wellness at Prana Yoga Studio. His workshops are designed to inform, inspire and empower you to gain deep and profound insights.
Each workshop will give you practical knowledge and guidance to apply the principles of elemental health and wellness to all levels of your being. Each day you will be assigned a new yoga pose to learn and master, allowing you to become more familiar with your body, mind and spirit. Be sure to keep an eye out for a new post every week of the challenge with links to the corresponding week’s videos. Every day teas will be provided after class and we will end our month together with a celebratory breakfast! Katea€™s enthusiasm for life-long learning led her to over 50+ hours of training with international senior yoga teacher Judith Hanson Lasater; and to Mount Royal Universitya€™s 500 hour Yoga Therapy certification (complete in June 2014).
Her unique insight into the healing power of yoga stems from a fatal diagnosis when Kate was born with a rare illness; she has overcome a his-tory of eating disorders and severe anxiety, and continues to manage a major knee injury.

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