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Asanas that work specific parts of your body, from your lower back to hamstrings + more. Plus, sequences and step-by-step pose instructions to enhance your practice. Follow these suggestions to help your students stay safe while getting the most benefit from Virasana (Hero Pose). This is a practice for mothers, focused on building your core—physical and ?emotional—to sustain you through the overwhelming love and challenges of motherhood. In order to stay agile as you age, make forward bends, backbends, and twists a regular part of your practice. Practice these backbends and inversions for increased flexibility and strength and feel the freedom of greater range of motion in your chest and shoulders. This sequence emphasizes moving safely into backbends that open the heart and shoulders and challenge balance. Sage Rountree suggests stretches to do anytime during your workday to release tension from your upper back and shoulders. Once you understand the anatomy, you can delve into making its parts work together more intelligently. The conference included classes with Rodney Yee, Seane Corn, Vinnie Marino, and Cyndi Lee, a Get Your Dance On mega-event with Elena Brower and Natasha Blank (above), a marketplace with yoga pants galore, and so much more. New York’s own Elena Brower of Virayoga and Dana Flynn of Laughing Lotus warmed up the crowd for the yoga happy hour on Friday night. On Friday, I took an all-day intensive with Jason Crandell at the San Francisco Yoga Journal Conference. LJT: It’s not your first time at the Yoga Journal Conference, what keeps drawing you back here? LJT: We were working on precision today and one of the words that you used a lot was integrity. LJT: I know we’re not really supposed to have favorites, but if you were to only practice one pose what would that pose be? LJT: And again, for people who can’t be here at the conference, what other resources would you have them seek out? If you're planning on attending but have not yet registered, don't delay — many classes are sold out. This month our teacher spotlight focuses on Jason Magness who will be teaching a Yoga and Rock Climbing intensive (sold out) and Yoga on the Slackline classes at the Estes Park conference. Once again, we've teamed up with Be Present to bring you the official "Be Inspired" 2006 Estes Park Conference t-shirt. Study with esteemed teachers like Rodney Yee, Patricia Walden, Baron Baptiste, Ana Forrest, Seane Corn and many more! In addition to our celebrated Main Conference, we will offer two Beginners Conferences, All-Day Intensives, Continuing Education for Teachers, Kids Yoga, and a Business Success for the Wellness Industry Intensive. And for the third year, we are pleased to present Shiva Rea's Yoga Trance Dance with DJ Dragonfly.
Gain in-depth knowledge of how to adjust your students and safely teach inversions and backbends.

Explore the fundamentals at the basis of every yoga class, and develop unique and insightful sequences.
Deepen your yoga practice to infuse a new awareness, insight, and intelligence in your teachings. We're proud to offer a scholarship program designed to support ten low income yogis and yoginis who want to attend one of Yoga Journal’s three 2007 conferences (excluding New York). Saying farewell to the summer season and welcoming autumn's turning leaves is in itself a practice in accepting life's impermanence. The practice of yoga can help us to cope with the changes that time inevitably brings by teaching us ways in which to connect to our true, intransigent Self. Change is celebrated in our culture - but only if it's a change that is expected or desired. But yogic philosophy reminds us that suffering is merely a reaction to a situation, and that the situation itself is not inherently bad. Next time you find yourself struggling to adapt to altered circumstances, take a moment to center yourself and focus inward.
Jason Magness grew up in a fairly typical Air Force family, moving to someplace new every three or four years.
He was an avid bodybuilder through college, spending an average of 15 hours per week lifting weights, and eating at least 20 cans of tuna. He played the lead role of "secret agent Ferdinand Lange" in a B-movie that he refuses to name. He also starred as a homosexual surf bum in Psycho Beach Party and had an 10-second kiss with his co-star Joel. To help his balance, he's developed a yoga practice that is done on a apparatus called a slackline (similar to a tightrope).
When a freak blizzard hit during an expedition in the Cirque of the Unclimbables last summer, he used pranyama to keep from getting hypothermia. He is an accomplished triathlete and adventure racer, using yoga as one of his primary training and recovery methods. In an effort to continue his various adventures, he has made several unorthodox life choices.
In the last five years he has slept less than 100 nights in a bed, and over 50 nights hanging off the side of a cliff.
Since 1998 he has not had a permanent address and his primary residence has been his 1979 VW van. He has held various jobs over the last ten years, including: textbook editor, actor, dancer, model, magazine writer, EMT, Firefighter, physics tutor, swimming instructor, and climbing guide. Despite his unorthodox life choices he has a serious girlfriend of over three years who promises to stay with him as long as he keeps his VW.
In the coming year, Jason will continue his vagabond lifestyle and yogic education as he travels to New Zealand, Thailand, and India. If you ever see him do a move called the "figure four" (anga urhdva ekapadasana) on a climbing wall you'll certainly agree.

Yoga Journal is pleased to host LUNAFESTTM, a national film festival featuring works made specifically by, for, and about women.
Your chance to win fabulous prizes from Yoga Journal, Luna Bar, Lululemon, Marika, Gaiam and other Estes park sponsors and vendors! Special limited time offer from Sleep Garden and Yoga Journal… Purchase 'zYoga, The Yoga Sleep Ritual' and receive 'zLullaby' free. Jason was nice enough to answer a few questions so that I could share with the ele readers who weren’t able to attend the conference.
For the people who weren’t able to join us, how would you explain that as it relates to the yoga practice?
With an extremely eclectic past, Jason at one time in his life, has been a dancer, physics teacher, firefighter and yoga instructor. Last year's conference sold out so be sure to register early to get your first pick of classes.
Tantra Yoga, connect with community, enjoy entertainment and lectures, and shop for the latest yoga gear. The seasons remind us that change cannot be delayed or denied, and that, often, we are only along for the ride.
Illness, job loss, and divorce are all changes that we consciously try to avoid, in order to avoid Duhkha, or suffering. Identify your spiritual foundation, and recognize that there is a space within you that is unmovable. And I think that one of the things that happens in our yoga practice is we’re easily seduced by the desire for range of motion.
Also this month we have an exclusive article from Erin Hull about saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall. Surrendering to life's highs and lows is a challenge, and the ability to accept unwanted changes is something that is honed only through experience. Usually what I want when I’m here to study is I want to work with someone who is going to have a layer of technique and nuance that is going to keep me curious for a long time. But I think that we can very easily sacrifice skill and awareness and comfort to grasp at those things that seem really big and sexy and seductive. Something that I can really chew on for a few months in my practice, and I find that that group of people offers that. And I think in our practice we have to be willing to continue to practice listening and cutting through that drive just to grasp at something because it’s hard and someone else can do it. Everyone offers all sorts of different things, but that offering is what keeps me curious and engaged.
I think another thing about integrity is just the quality of listening, the quality of deeply listening to what’s happening inside of the body, the breath and the mind and not working so hard that you sacrifice the breath and not working so hard in any one place that other places get ignored.

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