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Yoga is a unique mixture of spirituality and exercise, Eastern philosophy and Western popularity, and depending on who’s teaching the yoga class, one side or the other tends to dominate.
The conference will be held at the Grand Geneva Resort & Spa in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, approximately 120 miles from downtown Chicago and 55 miles from downtown Milwaukee.
The Well Spa at Grand Geneva is a relaxing sanctuary and an escape from the everyday world, offering facial care, massage, holistic treatments, therapeutic baths, body treatments, hand and foot care, and a full-service salon. Grand Geneva Resort is easily accessible from anywhere in the country, a less than 90-minute drive from Chicago's O'Hare Airport and an hour's drive from Milwaukee's General Mitchell Airport. When you arrive at the Grand Geneva, you must first stop at the conference Registration Desk to pick up your badge and your event guide, which includes complete schedules and locations. Yoga Journal is currently under review for CECs for athletic and fitness professionals through ACE (American Council on Exercise).
The editorial content of Yoga Journal should not be used as a substitute for professional health care. Every two years, Yoga Journal presents a yoga conference at the Grand Geneva Resort and Spa in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The main conference opened with a free community meditation class led by Pamela Bliss, an internationally recognized yoga teacher trainer, meditation teacher, and intuitive. My first yoga class of the main conference was on shoulder openers and alignment with Maty Ezraty, proprietor (along with Chuck Miller) of the Yoga Works studios in Los Angeles.
Cyndi Lee, founder of Om Yoga in New York City, and her husband, David Nichtern, a student of the Shambhala Buddhist tradition, led an intensive on the mind and body. David began with a discussion of the mind, our basic goodness, and how our mind is like a cloudless sky, open and clear. Cyndi described how yoga is a template for how we live life, giving us the skills for when times are tough.
The class delivered this message: when you make friends with yourself on the mat and treat yourself with kindness, the kindness flows from you like the river. His creative instructions made the class a moving meditation as we moved through sun salutations. Dharma Mittra is the founder (in 1975) of the Dharma Yoga Center in New York City and the creator of the Master Posture Chart with 908 postures (1984). Practice began with alternate nostril breathing followed by some challenging warm-up poses. Natasha walked us through a series of poses to help release the hamstrings so everyone could find a more comfortable forward bend.
Natasha’s demonstrations of how to accommodate the limitations of our bodies taught us to accept ourselves as we are. Andrew Harvey is an author, scholar, mystic, and founder and director of the Institute of Sacred Activism, based in Oak Park, Illinois. Julie, a certified Iyengar teacher and physical therapist from Portland, Oregon, who wrote Yoga Journal’s anatomy column for seven years, had a wealth of information to share. The morning session focused on solutions to back problems resulting from an anterior tilt of the pelvis, and the afternoon concentrated on solutions to back problems associated with posterior tilt. Gary Kraftsow, founder of the American Viniyoga Institute and who leads teacher trainings throughout the US, ended the main conference with some important reminders. The importance of conferences like this is not just in the work we do in the classes but in the coming together of like-minded people, the discussions in the hallways, the lunches with strangers, the conversations in the marketplace.
The panel was moderated by Dayna Macy, author of Ravenous, a Food Lover’s Journey from Obsession to Freedom .
Steve reminded us to keep it simple and to pay attention to what feels good, without judgment. Seane talked about keeping the food simple and elegant so the kidneys and liver can break it down. Dayna ended the panel discussion by reminding us to be grateful for our food and to the people who grew it and prepared it.
Throughout the yoga conference the theme of simplicity was repeated: simplicity in our postures, our meditation, and our food choices. Lisa Gniady teaches Hatha, Kundalini, and children’s yoga in Cary, Crystal Lake, and McHenry. Dharma Mittra Vinyasa Yoga Workshop with Kali Om, Meditate – Yoga & Meditation Center, 4237 N. A few weeks ago I was treated to two yoga classes offered at the Yoga Journal's annual conference in San Francisco.
Personally, I loved the incongruity of practicing yoga in hotel ballrooms where wedding receptions and board meetings are generally held.
The Yoga Journal Conference Team had a wonderful time producing our 5th Midwest Yoga Conference at the Grand Geneva Resort and Spa in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Two day stand up paddleboard teacher trainings & four day SUP Yoga certifications approved under the WPA and Yoga Alliance. Paddle Into Fitness, LLC is excited to announce a new two day SUP Certification program approved under the WPA (World Paddle Association) covering water safety, paddle technique, beginner lesson instruction, the business of SUP and more to provide a quality program for paddlers looking to teach the popular water sport of standup paddleboarding.
For students looking to take the Yoga Alliance accredited four day SUP Yoga Certification, they will complete two additional days of training dedicated to learning the three Paddle Into Fitness styles of SUP Yoga – Gentle Wave, Nautical Flow, and Surfer’s Sculpt.
Paddle Into Fitness is also launching a new Affiliate Program to SUP certification graduates, which will give students the right to implement the four signature Paddle Into Fitness classes at new business locations.
Paddle Into Fitness® offers a four day SUP Yoga instructor certification program and a two day Paddleboard Instructor training.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Natasha's demonstrations of how to accommodate the limitations of our bodies taught us to accept ourselves as we are. Eric asked, "What makes yoga, yoga?" He answered, "You." He stressed the importance of a positive relationship with ourselves so we can have a positive relationship with others.
Julie, a certified Iyengar teacher and physical therapist from Portland, Oregon, who wrote Yoga Journal's anatomy column for seven years, had a wealth of information to share. Lisa Gniady teaches Hatha, Kundalini, and children's yoga in Cary, Crystal Lake, and McHenry. The panel was moderated by Dayna Macy, author of Ravenous, a Food Lover's Journey from Obsession to Freedom .
Yoga is also an interesting meeting point for extreme outdoor enthusiasts and people who’d rather just stay in the city. The resort is the largest in the state of Wisconsin, covering more than 1,300 acres of beautiful countryside, and includes two championship golf courses, a full-service spa and sport center, water park, and three restaurants.
All lodging at the Grand Geneva Resort & Spa must be booked by calling 800-558-3417 and mentioning Yoga Journal.

There are three restaurants on the premises that will be open for dinner, and one for breakfast and lunch. Shuttle services are available to Grand Geneva from both airports by GO Airport Connection.
We strongly suggest that you bring a yoga mat and any other props you use in your regular practice. Simply save a copy of your class record (either your badge or confirmation email.) Yoga Alliance will contact you when they need you to submit your continuing education information. Held this year July 7-11, the conference opened with several one- and two-day intensives, followed by the main conference beginning on July 9.
When we go back to basics, listen, and pay attention to what we feel in the simpler poses, we develop a relationship with ourselves.
She defined yoga as relationship: our yoga practice as a practice of movement, our meditation as a practice of stillness, and the combination bringing balance. Accept and let go are what all the students needed to do as we entered Jason’s class on hips and shoulders.
In contrast to some of the other classes I attended at this conference, the room was filled with a younger crowd looking for a more challenging practice. He joked that nobody likes old people unless they have money, stressing the importance of maintaining good health. Natasha, a frequent contributor to Yoga Journal, pointed out that for people with tight hamstrings, this may not be the case. She took the time to demonstrate all the postures, using props, showing variations for the three main body types: stiff, balanced, and bendy. She ended class by asking us to focus on one specific thing we learned in our practice that day and to bring that benefit into our yoga practice. In warrior II, Eric had us clapping to the beat of the music (inhale, open arms; exhale, clap hands in front of the heart). Her small class made for an intimate setting to explore how to use books to teach yoga to children. There was a two-day Yoga for Golfers intensive, an evening kirtan concert with Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band, a discussion on the symbolism of Hindu and Buddhist deities, a restorative Yoga Nidra, book signings, and a Family Yoga class. It is taking what we learn in the workshops off the mat and into real life that is the true meaning of yoga.
Aadil talked about four things to eliminate from your diet: caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, and refined sugar. Taking the two two-hour classes back-to-back felt like a hometown mini-yoga retreat for me and I loved it. I checked in the day prior to my classes and was presented with a reusable tote bag full of health nut goodies: arnica gel, energy bars, supplements, even seeds for planting poppies. One from Ana Forrest, whom I describe as the Ted Nugent of the yoga world, and the other from the well-known Rodney Yee. We are so grateful for our exceedingly enthusiastic Midwest yogis.  The conference featured all-day intensives, classes for all levels in all styles, and a number of special events including music, keynotes, and a film festival sponsored by Luna with proceeds benefiting the Breast Cancer Fund. Paddle Into Fitness has lead eight successful SUP Yoga instructor trainings and has received positive reviews from ambassadors. It will also provide the paddleboard companies web presence through links on the Affiliates page and social media promotion through Paddle Into Fitness’s international following. Maty reminded us of the importance of transitioning, paying attention to what happens in between the poses, feeling the effects of the pose we just completed, which she described as the "sweet part." She talked about yoga as waking up. He questioned, "What kind of life is it if you can't find ten minutes a day to meditate?"--a poignant reminder to slow down to experience ourselves.
She asked, "Can you find savasana in tadasana (standing mountain pose)?" As the poses got tougher she reminded us to soften our breath. Accept and let go are what all the students needed to do as we entered Jason's class on hips and shoulders. He described every pose as "adoration to the Lord." In downward facing dog, he encouraged us to try to touch our head to the floor, stressing that if we don't go beyond our limits, we will stay in the same place for years. Whether you’re in a gym or on a mountaintop, though, the way people contort their bodies during yoga can lead to some great photos. Activities at Grand Geneva include swimming, tennis, Moose Mountain Falls Water Park, horseback riding, biking, and hiking. Attendees staying at the Grand Geneva will receive a discounted water park pass rate of $15 per day.
If you are not a conference attendee, please go to the will call line or the Registration Desk with a photo ID to pick up your badge. She described meditation as the process of observing, letting go, surrendering, and taking time to shut down in order to live a balanced life. She reminded us to hold our postures with gentleness and smiled as she told us not to be fooled by the implied simplicity of puppy dog (down dog with hands on wall) as we worked on the alignment. He went on to discuss the three major clouds: attachment or neediness, aggression or grouchiness, and ignorance or sleepiness. There was a printing error in the brochure, and Jason’s alignment-based class was described as a vinyasa flow practice.
He told us to reach up with the arms until we stop at the top, feel the subtle pause before continuing on, find the stillness, then switch directions. To achieve radiant health, some important things to do are meditation, headstand, shoulderstand, and pranayama. Practice included standing half lotus, headstand, shoulderstand, firefly, cobra variations, and some partner poses. If the hamstrings are too tight, they pull on the pelvis, flattening the curve in the lower back, causing pain in both the hamstrings and the back. She recommended that those with tight hamstrings spend four minutes a day (two minutes on each side) lying on the floor near a door, with one leg up the wall and the other leg going through the doorway. He instructed us to use our yoga practice to broaden ourselves and reach new horizons, not to become more rigid.
We awakened our inner child as we used the children’s books to invent yoga poses using the story. She brought in pieces of a skeleton so we could easily visualize the movements she discussed. Julie talked about the importance of showing people where a body part is and being specific so there is no confusion in instructions for poses. Held in a fancy downtown hotel, hundreds of ladies and a few handfuls of men chanted, meditated, and practiced serious asana for the entire weekend. The Forrest yoga class, titled "Unraveling the Mysteries of the Neck, Shoulders, and Hips," was a great way to start the day.

This was our first time at the venue in the summer, which brought us fabulous Midwest weather and opportunities for outdoor activities –  a yoga for golf intensive, a waterpark, outdoor family yoga, horseback riding and an outdoor pool, making it a family friendly event. For more information, please contact Genevieve at certification (at) paddleintofitness (dot) com. The company has presented at the San Diego Yoga Journal Conference, the Wanderlust Festival Hawaii, and taught the world's largest SUP Yoga class on Lake Tahoe. Practiced with eyes open, with a soft downward gaze, sitting comfortably, we began to pay attention to our breath with a "relaxed attentiveness to the breath going in and out of the body." If a thought arose, we were told to label it "thinking" and bring the attention back to the breath, remembering the breath is simple. There was a printing error in the brochure, and Jason's alignment-based class was described as a vinyasa flow practice. Class began to the sound of Bob Marley singing "No Woman, No Pride" as we swayed along with the music. We awakened our inner child as we used the children's books to invent yoga poses using the story. Her motto, "Eat less, chew more," with a reminder to be sensitive to the energy in the food. The resort fee inlcudes wireless internet in guest rooms, trolley transportation on grounds, access to Fitness Center, lockers, sauna, steam, lap pool, bottled waters and daily newspaper. All attendees will receive a 15% discount on food and beverage in any of the Grand Geneva restaurant outlets during the conference. Some of these items will also be available for sale on-site during limited marketplace hours.
What became apparent as the days went on was that each teacher had a different approach to lead us to the same destination. At this point we were kicking up into handstand in the center of the room and attempting to clap our thighs together. Jason, a yoga teacher trainer from San Francisco and contributor to Yoga Journal , skillfully incorporated both into an alignment-based, slow flow class. He reminded us not to rush, to find the crispness, and then blend it, making the movement more complete. Dharma talked about the impermanence of things, that all things come to an end, eaten away by time: things, food, family, jobs, money, yoga.
Eric reminded us in the beginning of class to use the 60 minutes to find heaven for ourselves, saying we can make heaven out of every environment we are in.
He talked about the dangerous times we are living in, emphasizing that we all know it and feel it, and that this is the condition needed for a massive rebirth. One book in particular, Hey, Little Ant , by Hannah Hoose, Phillip Hoose, and Debbie Tilley, stood out.
Julie said, “We all come to yoga with misalignment, and our yoga practice contributes to the problem. She stressed the importance of taking time in between the poses to feel the effects and learn the internal benefits–a common theme throughout this conference. Many of these were free community classes offered to the public who were not registered for the conference.
Seane talked about eating in a way that respects all living creatures and does not harm or deplete the earth.
We stood in mountain pose while placing our weight on the front of the heel bone (calcaneus).
As always, we could not have done this without our illustrious presenters, the generous support of our sponsors, and our delightful attendees. So many exciting things are happening around SUP Yoga, I’ve been invited to the Maine Yoga Fest to teach SUP Yoga classes and also received an invitation to demo Paddleboard Yoga in Portsmouth.
At Paddle Into Fitness, you will find a unique way to get into shape while connecting with the water, and learn how to share this healthy lifestyle with others. As we settled down into savasana (corpse pose) at the end of class, Eric said, "Rest in peace" (tying it with his earlier comment about heaven) and serenaded us by chanting "Jai Jai Hanuman." As we emerged from savasana, we all joined in, ending class chanting as a community. Julie said, "We all come to yoga with misalignment, and our yoga practice contributes to the problem.
She stressed the importance of taking time in between the poses to feel the effects and learn the internal benefits--a common theme throughout this conference.
Andrew urged us to dedicate our lives to help transform chaos into order, use our strength and wisdom to serve all beings, live in peace and joy, connect with the divinity within, and serve humanity with open hearts. I’d like to give you credit for putting together a fantastic certification program, and for always being willing to share the limelight with us.
He had some people switch directions as we settled down, joking that "people can't rest with smelly feet in their face." We ended class by chanting Shri Ram . When we correct the alignment, balance, and structure, we will correct the problem and help to reduce pain." She explained that the body will follow the path of least resistance, with the stronger muscles or the more mobile joint doing the work. Pamela talked about our culture of striving and achieving and the need to surrender, a reminder that peace begins within us.
Practicing simple poses with focused attention to alignment gave us a renewed respect for the basics.
He explained that when we focus on the third eye, after about 90 seconds our sixth sense becomes activated and we begin to see lights, flashes. She urged us to remember the yamas and niyamas (the ethical rules of yoga), and not to get ahead of ourselves. Concentrating on centering the weight in the front of the heel in other poses made them easier and oddly helped my back. During our practice, no matter how challenging the pose, he reminded us to feel comfortable and find that sixth sense, learning to see beyond ourselves. We were then given the chance to pair up and create a short class from various books Marsha brought to class.
The most profound moment for me in this class was a small snippet Ana said as we held a Warrior 1 for what seemed like 500 years. Even seated poses were about balancing the bones, which made hip openers like Pigeon easy and even. Now, when in line at the grocery store or the ATM, I think about where my weight is and move it the front of my heel.

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