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This isn’t Fonda’s first yoga video—in addition to her 20 plus videos on aerobics, she made one yoga video on VHS in 1993. Fonda, who has had a full life as a performer, political activist, healthy living proponent, and, more recently, Zen meditator, is still quite active in the world and online.
Enjoy these springtime ayurvedic dietary and lifestyle tips to help move out any lingering winter sluggishness and prepare for a vibrant, energized summer!
Bedtime stories come to life with Good Night Yoga: A Pose-by-Pose Bedtime Story (available April 1), ?a charmingly illustrated book that tells the story ?of the earth settling down for the night while showing kids simple, relaxing poses. If you've struggled with meditation but buy into the benefits, it's time to try yoga nidra. A personal affirmation practice can boost your problem-solving skills when you’re stressed and afraid to take the next step. Recently, some ads posted on Facebook by Udemy, an online course company where one of my yoga-and-healthier eating programs is housed, received a lot of flack from a few yogis.
Admittedly, the ads, which I had no hand in creating, mentioned only the weight loss benefits of the 14-day Yoga and Detox course I created on the site. So I had them change the ads to something more broad, including the empowerment and detox benefits of the program, and they did.
Which led me to wonder: what is it about the concept of weight loss as a result of our yoga practice that gets some people ready to rumble? The core point of yoga is to be holistic, not partial, and go deep, not remain superficial. In fact, due to yoga’s lifestyle and spiritual teachings, deeper breathing, focus on balancing holistic strength with flexibility, and the addition of detoxifying moves like inversions and twists, yoga, I believe, can give superior benefits to any other type of exercise. The deep belly work and core breathing technique we use in my classes and videos helps release serotonin, a neurotransmitter that stimulates the rest-and-digest chemistry of the body, so students process food and toxins better, and don’t gain stress-related weight (or eating habits).
Thanks to yoga’s mindfulness and relaxation benefits, we also sleep better and become more mindful of our food choices, all directly improving how we look and feel on all levels. The one-pointed focus that serves us well when we direct it toward our ultimate goal of yoga (unity), and love, can also be limiting and turn us into control freaks on a mission to death grip the nectar out of all the goodness and balance that freedom represents. I’m not a big fan of purely physical practice, in which we show up on the mat to get a better asana, or six-pack, and leave before savasana, or continue to practice the same dysfunctions on and off the mat, realizing nothing deeper than a lower number on the scale. I am a proponent of a physically based practice that leads students into other life lessons as they move. That’s why if you watch my latest Yoga for Weight Loss, or any, video of mine, or sit in a room with me in person, you’ll always hear a full spectrum of benefits you can receive from the time you’ve joined me, from calorie burn and weight loss to weight maintenance and whole body tone, but that’s not all.
Try a 10-minute Yoga for Weight Loss video practice with me that gives you the benefits of 20 minutes of most yoga in just 10! Of course, as I became more strong in my body, and transformed it, I also became more healthy, happy, confident and calm. So, rest assured, when I offer a Weight Loss practice, or anything else, I am quite aware of what I’m doing.
I hear from virtual viewers all the time that they never thought of trying yoga until they found a video they needed for some issue or ailment, like dropping some unwanted pounds or de-stressing.
I haven’t covered every doorway in, but I full well know that some people are attracted through the body.
In my opinion, to try any fitness program, yoga or otherwise, for the sole purpose of losing weight, in a country whose obesity and diet-related illnesses are skyrocketing, is something we should all encourage, not attack. If you are seeking a powerful weight loss routine that has additional benefits, then yoga can be a perfect fit! Just the act of coming to the mat, whatever one’s intention, shows a spark of self-nourishment, a seed of self-esteem and the root of courage that we as teachers have committed to help grow, whatever the surface desire might seem at first. Not to mention that being sick and depressed, too-overweight and out-of-balance are some of the first obstacles that we as practitioners must aim to improve if we want to be able to optimally focus on the deeper layers of our being. As yoga philosophy itself tells us, there is no separation between our levels, and that there are many, many doorways to center. Sadie Nardini, is the founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, an anatomically-optimized flow style that gives you more results and benefits for every minute spent on your yoga mat. She is a holistic anatomy geek, healthy hedonism advocate, yoga expert, author, and TV host who travels internationally bringing empowering tools to yoga teachers and students everywhere.
And thanks to all who are stopping by here to learn more about how yoga can be a useful tool for weight loss–on every level, the point of my sharing.
I love your online classes, and I have incorporated things I learned from you in my personal practice and in my teaching.

I gave been doing a local class for about half a year before I came across your lovely YouTube videos – BOY have they changed my practice!
And on a last note – everyone has to earn money so shameless self promotion is perfectly acceptable in our day and age.
My teacher Nicki Doane always said that our path to the deeper teachings will often begin with the body. A clever invention handcrafted in the United States, the Dharma Yoga Wheel is ?for backbending newbies and veterans alike.
Lay your hands on the floor alongside your torso, palms up, and release the fronts of your shoulders toward the floor. If you have difficulty sitting on your heels in this pose, place a thickly folded blanket between your back thighs and calves. Yoga Journal – самый авторитетный и успешный журнал о йоге, существующий в Америке более 30 лет. On the cover, she sports a pretty long blonde braid and a full-body maroon leotard that is reminiscent of the 1980s. The DVD has both morning practices and evening practices, and she uses props and modifications to make the practices more accessible. She posts a new fitness You Tube video every Tuesday as part of BeFit’s Jane Fonda: Primetime Health and has written extensively about her connection to spirit (she has a whole section on her site devoted to Relationships and Spirit).
Author ?Mariam Gates, creator of the acclaimed Kid Power Yoga program, teaches children to calm their ?bodies and minds while moving from “Ladybug” ?(a squat) to “Cat” (an arch).
I happen to be built like a telephone pole, but I’ve been 15 pounds lighter than this, and I didn’t look well.
Yet nothing could be further from the truth, and thousands of actual yogis who have transformed inside and out are living proof of this. Yet, many more physically challenging styles, like a stronger vinyasa or power-type yoga, gives weight-loss or maintenance benefits beyond other yoga forms. The flowing movements coupled with the Ujjayi breath and valve at the vocal diaphragm creates resistance that tones the heart, lungs, breathing diaphragm and breathing muscles like the intercostals and abdominal wall.
Maybe it’s my New Yorker coming out, but I prefer that my workout come with flexibility training, for the body, mind, heart and spirit too. If you don’t, there’s always “weight” to drop on other levels—stress, tension, old constrictive stories, toxins and anything else blocking you from being in your inherent state of healthy vitality and inner balance. I started with a deep concern about my back fat, and progressed into a profound interest in my own well-being and living the other beyond back fat principles of yoga.
Then yoga seeped in, and here I am today, teaching millions of people about the whole enlightening, empowering, transformative enchilada that a Hatha yoga practice offers them. It’s not always possible, but, when it is under one’s control, when one’s habits are causing dukkha, or suffering, anxiety and stress on the system, then it is quite appropriate to target those areas, and shift them into more sukha, or ease in the body, mind, and heart. I teach power yoga classes as well as classes specifically for people with eating disorders, and while they are quite different on the external level, at the core of the practice (pun intended?) they are the same- they are about bringing the mind and heart to rest in the breath, and cultivating a deep awareness and acceptance of the body.
I began practicing yoga last August (about ten months ago) at age 65 and have tried to attend a class each day since I started. Your instructions are so easy to follow and with the explanations you gave I could feel my body fall into place with those poses and let go of resistance that I kept feeling.
At some point you started doing nothing else but repeating yourself and promoting yourself.
Not because of your method but just because body reacts like that every time we treat it mindfully ! The Yoga Sutras states plainly that Yoga is Chitta Vritti Nirodhah..Sadie do you know what that means??
I feel that you must write more on this topic, it might not be a taboo topic but typically people are not sufficient to speak on such topics.
It makes backbends more accessible ?to beginners by gracefully guiding them toward the ultimate pose, and can help advanced practitioners deepen their pose or loosen up muscle stiffness before a class.
Touch your big toes together and sit on your heels, then separate your knees about as wide as your hips. Broaden your sacrum across the back of your pelvis and narrow your hip points toward the navel, so that they nestle down onto the inner thighs.
Feel how the weight of the front shoulders pulls the shoulder blades wide across your back.

Now, the sassy and svelte senior citizen has come out with a new yoga DVD for those who want a gentle practice—like newbies and other senior citizens.
Her new DVD shows a more mature Fonda (even though she’s wearing a very similar outfit!), with cropped hair and, still, a remarkably youthful figure. We think she looks terrific—not just for her age, but for any age—and hope this new DVD will inspire seniors to keep moving. I invite students to become fit and strong and toned—and at a healthy weight for their frame.
I’ve had participants strap a heart and calorie monitor on in my classes, and I have, too. Shoot–and so did a bunch of other yoga teachers at Kula Yoga Project and some other yogaish places. And if it is the issues that we have with body image or wanting to lose weight that bring us to the practice, whatever.
Dreamed up by international teacher Yogi Varuna, the son of and successor ?to Sri Dharma Mittra, along with teacher Raquel Vamos, both based at the Dharma ?Yoga Center in New York City, the wheel was designed to do so much more than improve back flexibility. Lengthen your tailbone away from the back of the pelvis while you lift the base of your skull away from the back of your neck. Beginners can also use Balasana to get a taste of a deep forward bend, where the torso rests on the thighs. Imagine that each inhalation is "doming" the back torso toward the ceiling, lengthening and widening the spine. However, though she may be Jane Fonda, she openly admits that she’s not immune to the aging process. This is always a part of any discussion about yoga as a tool for inner and outer physical fitness. The heart rate stays in the fat-burning and calorie-burning range for 45 minutes of that hour, at least, and we burn an average of 5-600 calories an hour. Still every time I watch your videos I discover new ways and those edges you keep mentioning are being slowly but surely pushed back on all levels. It can also be worked in various positions to safely open ?up the chest, shoulders, abs, hip flexors, and quads, as well as help improve ?balance and deepen the breath. As you exhale, your partner can press gently down (toward the floor) and, without physically moving the hands, scrub them in opposite directions.
According to her website, Fonda has osteoarthritis, and has had a knee and hip replacement, as well as back surgery. That’s not to mention the fact that long after class, because we built more lean muscle mass through endurance holds, we are requiring more calories all day (and night) long. To come up, first lengthen the front torso, and then with an inhalation lift from the tailbone as it presses down and into the pelvis. I've struggled with weight my whole life and yoga was one, out of many, tools I found that HELP me deal with an eating disorder but more importantly yoga helped me to find a better way with how I take care of myself.
How about we let go of the ego (yes, that's what it is) and find something more constructive to do with our time and energy than point fingers at other yoga teachers for being successful. And it is in this way that it is a truly sustainable practice, one that teaches wholistically, not just focusing on the physical aspects.
Yeah, I've lost weight, and I notice that without taking that time for me on my mat I easily fall back into habits that put the weight back on.
Optimal body size might mean weight loss or gain or no change in the scale at all- I've weighed the same amount for years now, but yoga has definitely changed my body size, helping me to love my body after years of struggle.
In my opinion a person isn't a Yogi if they have aboslutely no desire to do any kind of Yoga for any reason at all.
There are just too many nuances to the poses and truthfully you can hurt yourself if you don't know what you are doing.

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