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Yoga Nidra is a powerful practice that supports physical and mental relaxation, which prepares the mind for deeper yogic and meditative practices.
Research shows that a 30 minute Yoga Nidra practice is equivalent to about 4 hours of deep sleep. Come practice Yoga Nidra to experience greater levels of relaxation, energy, and contentment.
The good news is that we can cultivate meditation and mindfulness both on the cushion and in everyday life. This four-class series is a live-streaming, fully interactive teaching examining the philosophy of each of the four chapters of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, written by Master Svatmarama in the 15th century. Lama Marut will provide commentary and lead discussions based on his own translation of this classic yogic text, with an emphasis on integrating ancient wisdom into our everyday lives and practices. Join Denise & Katherine for an exploration of your heart through Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, breath, and movement. Many traditions and sacred texts enumerate the practices that comprise a mindful or meditative lifestyle. Yoga Nidra For InsomniaIf you have difficulty falling asleep, or awaken too often, or for too long a stretch during the night you might benefit from yoga nidra.
Yoga nidra is a a guided meditation where you systematically relax all parts of your body  one body part at a time.
The actual practice of yoga nidra involves nothing more than reclining and listening to simple instructions.
This yoga nidra collection comes from a highly regarded Indian institute, the Bihar School of Yoga, and is excellent. Neuroscientists have discovered that the practice of yoga dramatically increases the brain chemical, GABA, which may explain why yoga nidra is so effective.
Imagine something that could calm you, ease symptoms of posttraumatic stress (PTS), and rewire your nervous system—and all you have to do is listen to it. Yoga nidra, Sanskrit for yogic sleep, is different from other guided meditations in that it not only directs your attention to your body, it uses special breathing techniques and rotates you back and forth from one hemisphere of the brain to the other.
In yoga nidra, you are relaxed and alert at the same time, though if you are sleepy you will likely fall asleep.
Clearly, yoga nidra is an excellent antidote for insomnia and a great relaxation technique. Only use yoga nidra while lying down, never while engaging in any other activity, especially driving or operating machinery.
I too have often thought that this is probably something that is very normal to feel, given what these people have had to see and do. Why does it have to be characterized as something bad when quite honestly the sanest of the sane could very easily fall into this sort of behavior just as easily as someone who is sick could?
I know that the article is about so much more than this but I just had to to state my appreciation for this viewpoint.
Why it has to be classified as a disorder is so people using the DSM, a manual with codes for psychiatric illnesses, can get reimbursed by insurance for treating it.
I am honestly so pleased the hear that the VA is finally starting to think outside of the box a little when trying to get help for so many of our wounded veterans. Ralph: My wife of two years, was abused from age eight for several years, the worst kind of abuse. Shirley: Hello everyone, I lost my husband Willie 3 months ago to what the doctor called a very ugly cancer . is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, medical treatment, or therapy.
Insomnia is characterized by an inability to fall asleep, stay asleep, or waking up tired. But now, my sleepless nights have become almost nonexistent after more than a year of regular Yoga Nidra practice. When you are done, and before opening your eyes, notice if your right hand feels differently than your left one. My experience is that Yoga Nidra reduces the anxiety that keeps your brain from its natural state at night, when circadian rhythms dictate that it is time to sleep.
By registering, you may receive account related information, our email newsletters and product updates, no more than twice a month. By subscribing, you will receive our email newsletters and product updates, no more than twice a month. Meditative Deep Relaxation - Yoga Nidra“Yoga Nidra consists of techniques that trigger a state where your whole being is vitalised - the result is a stable and lasting relaxation of the whole body and all of the brain (to quite a different degree than those relaxations that are based on suggestion).
During Yoga Nidra, you develop the capacity to be fully aware, even in very deep states.” (Swami Janakananda)Yoga Nidra plays an important part in the healing process, eg. ConcentrationWith yoga, you relax and remove what is standing in the way of your concentration. MeditationTo be able to meditate, means in the beginning that you let go of mental tension and worries. Chakra Rohana & Avarohana, the inner sensitivity is trained by singing, or concentrating on certain tones in the areas of the body connected to the various chakras. Cleansing of the IntestinesYoga begins with the cleansing processes: Neti (the nose cleansing, see photo), Kunjal and Shankprakshalan (intestinal cleansing), which we conduct one day early on in the course.

Music and DanceTo play music together, to sing Native American, Arabic or Indian meditative songs, to dance and express yourself in free movements or according to a tradition - from the Sufis, from Africa, but also from yourself - will, when you devote yourself, release energy and cleanse your emotions.
FritidenIn the forests and hills surrounding Ask Retreat Centre you can walk - and maybe take a swim in the sea by the Pyramide.
Come Only For What We TeachDon’t use any techniques (meditations, therapies, massage, astrology, tarot etc.) other than what you learn here on the course - neither alone, nor together with others.
This text is partly from the brochure about the courses at Haa International Course Center. The Submenu of each menu item under the main menu will be visible when you click on the icon at the top left of the screen. What’s the big deal?  Does it have to look like sitting on a cushion for an hour a day?
Learn how to transform your yoga practice, cycling, running, dance into moving meditation and bliss. Books about yoga nidra teach how to record your own yoga nidra guided meditation, but it’s unnecessary. As she guides you through the practice of yoga nidra you may find yourself emptying your mind and becoming more free of the obsessive thoughts which may be keeping you from sleeping. That’s long enough to help you relax, and maybe get to the point of sleep, but not so long that you drop off before the end of the track and thus have your iPhone on all night.
The result is an increase in theta brain waves, a greater ability to self-regulate one’s emotions, and markedly reduced rumination.
In fact, he has successfully shown how regular use of yoga nidra calms posttraumatic stress symptoms in service people coming back from deployment. It has a shorter practice, a seven-minute music interlude, and a longer, 45-minute practice. Just another way we are getting screwed over by the insurance companies when they dictate what they will and won’t pay for. When you try something like this version of yoga, this shows these men and women that there may or may not be a way that they can heal from this stress that they are feeling by something other than medication.
Always seek the advice of your physician or qualified mental health provider with any questions you may have regarding any mental health symptom or medical condition. They have varying amounts of rotation of body awareness, body sensations, breath awareness, visualizations, and affirmations.
On your own, try body awareness, like you did with your hand, focusing on different parts of your body, from top to bottom, before bedtime or when you first get into bed. Set a timer during the day to remind you to relax, focus on your breath, focus on your feet, your hands, your shoulders. After a night of natural sleep, you’ll wake up refreshed and energized to start your day.
Based on a thorough knowledge of body and mind, the yogis have developed the hatha yoga system to achieve physical health and wellbeing.Hatha yoga is the practical part of yoga as distinct from yoga philosophy. These have a special importance for the harmonic unity between body, mind and energy.Through the Mudras, you also become aware of the relationship between your state and the energy field of your body. Therefore it is important to combine Yoga Nidra with the other exercises we use during the daily program on a course.But Yoga Nidra is not just relaxation. The mind, however, should also be trained to use the new openness and focus itself on one thing at a time. In our teaching, we move through the different levels of the mind, reaching what we can call real meditation. The meditation starts in the world you perceive through your senses, in the place and in the surroundings where you are meditating at that moment, and your ability to experience is enhanced.
It represents the heart of Tantra, the tantric attitude: “You accept yourself as you are and the way you live. Through these different dances, you develop a capacity to communicate without words and you experience a feeling of fellowship with others. A few times during the retreat we will have sauna.The different activities we offer during the free time are very much part of the course. Rest is crucial, as it enhances functioning of the immune and metabolic systems, improving overall physical health and leading to higher energy and fewer colds and infections of all types. When the body becomes deeply relaxed and the mind is occupied with various yoga nidra activities, the brain can create new calming neural pathways. The first 15 minutes she is chatting with a fan, so you can skip through that to the one-hour program that follows.
He is a true yogi with an Indian accent, and the CD is done in a serious but light-hearted way, which makes it different from almost everything else currently available. It’s great to experiment with different versions, as each brings something unique to the practice. I think that feeding this with medicine only exacerbates the thoughts that this is disordered thinking and feeling, but with yoga techniques and practices I think that they see that this is manageable and something that they can do to overcome those feelings. Never disregard professional psychological or medical advice nor delay in seeking professional advice or treatment because of something you have read on
While this may be an ultimate goal, I’ve discovered it is a wonderful practice to help fall asleep, which I do before the meditation is done most nights. With diligent practice your ability to focus on your body in the present moment becomes sharper and you become calmer.

You can choose from the many different methods of yoga we teach and use them as you wish.Yoga and meditation are learned in steps. If worries or sickness have limited your energy field, the Mudras can bring it back to its full and natural form.
Here we use different techniques; Tratak where we look at outer and inner objects and Nada Yoga where we discover the inner sounds and listen to them. This is fundamentally different from trance, ‘positive thinking’ or hypnosis (often called ‘healing’ or ‘mental training’), where you manipulate the mind and limit it to your own or other’s conceptions. From the senses you gradually and inevitably move through the states, habits, thoughts and emotions that normally comprise your personality.
A few exercises help to move the water from the stomach through the intestines and out of the anus; then the stomach is emptied of the remaining water and finally the nose is cleansed.
There is no talking, writing or reading during the two and half days of silence.To most people the silence comes as a surprising relief. There is also the opportunity for personal talks with the teachers.During the course you may receive individual advice. As explained in the section on Karma Yoga, you will get the most out of the retreat if you are active - and that also applies to what you do in your free time.You may want to bring a drawing pad, pencils and colours. Then we, as your teachers, can ensure that you get the intended effect - and it will be easier for you to acquire what you came for. We prefer authenticity, and also like to know that guided meditations are ones which have been used for centuries rather than thrown together for a New Age market.
It’s yoga nidra, the ancient guided meditation technique that is currently being used in VA hospitals all across America to ease PTS. Rest also improves mental health by lessening or eliminating insomnia, anxiety, posttraumatic stress, and depression. I might sit in a chair with a book and doze, or stare at sleeping pill commercials on TV, or sweep the kitchen floor. You learn to experience the personality without immediately having to criticise or analyse it, without trying to inhibit or change it.
When you reach a deep state lying or standing completely still in, say, the plow pose, you concentrate on a specific area of the body. Naturally you will want to be better able to deal with the tasks and challenges awaiting you at home. While these could be the thoughts of an organized mind creating a mental to-do list to start a day, they are not. All the while feeling like an apparition wandering through the house while everyone else sleeps. It is not a question of who is the most supple or whether you have interesting experiences. I am impartial, detached and unrelated.” (Swami Satyananda)This meditation is best taught directly from teacher to student, so the mind doesn’t make detours. The mind becomes finely tuned and the learning of yoga, and especially meditation, is enhanced. You may still get rattled by something, but you can rebalance more quickly and easily because your body-mind is so familiar with feeling supremely relaxed. As you train your mind to develop a sharper focus in this practice, you develop an increased ability to relax and stay calm during the day as well. Also found on our website, Bindu #11 contains in-depth articles on Yoga Nidra and Tantra, as well as a scientific study of Yoga Nidra made at The State University Hospital in Copenhagen).With Yoga Nidra, the deepening process begins.
Then you go deeper, through different dimensions of your inner universe, to the core of your being from where you experience.
In Yoga Nidra, they are reached through symbols and mantras.The chakras play a part in influencing the psychosomatic balance in the body and the control of functions normally outside conscious control (autonomous).
The expected results, however, would not be achieved in a harmonious way without outwardly directed activities and common tasks. It cleanses the air passages, relieves allergies and colds, and makes it easier to do the breathing exercises (see also Bindu #3). Silence over a longer period of time removes tensions particularly from the brain and face.As well as the days when we are totally silent, we ask that you are always silent in the yoga hall, no matter when you enter it, and in the dining hall during the meals.
That explains why we also find directions and instructions in Europe from different periods in time, showing a similar insight to the one Inner Silence is based on.
There are also numerous reports that tell of yogis capable of lowering the activity of the heart so that only sensitive instruments can measure that they are still actually alive.During meditation, insight gradually grows about the nature of the chakras, that is, whirls or corridors penetrating your being - where body, mind, energy, and the innermost part of you merge.
Karma Yoga is an activity that balances the whole course and contributes to the increase in your wellbeing.Karma Yoga is part of the program for 1-1? hours a day.
In addition each person helps 2-4 times (depending on the number of students) cleaning and dishwashing after lunch and dinner.

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