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For yoga teachers, therapists, counselors, health professionals, parents, and everyone interested in guiding others to relax and heal. You will become skilled at leading this inspired practice that revitalizes the senses, allowing life to be fully lived and enjoyed by systematically meditating through the koshas—the physical, energetic, mental, emotional, witness, and bliss levels of being.  Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra is one of the most accessible and inclusive forms of yoga and will become a favorite for your students and clients. Jennifer created Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Teacher Training to embody and transmit everything that is necessary and practical for people who desire to lead themselves and others in yoga nidra. Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Teacher Training is taught using an all-senses approach to speak to every learning style. Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Teacher Training has been included in 200 and 300 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings, and offered as a stand-alone advanced training, at studios areound the globe. Jennifer Reis is committed to offering a comprehensive and accessible Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra® teacher certification program that is focused on education, knowledge, experiential learning, compassion and integrity which imparts the ageless virtues and principles of yogic wisdom. Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra CD’s offer a much needed doorway into a world of profound rest and reconnection with ourselves.
Come home to your natural state of balance and peace with Jennifer’s soothing and masterful guidance. Find Yin Yoga & Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, and Yoga Nidra workshops with Sagel Urlacher. Interested in hosting Yin Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training or Workshop with Sagel Urlacher at your studio? Join Jacqui Bonwell and Sagel Urlacher for a 5-day Vinyasa & Yin Yoga intensive at legendary Kripalu! Yin Yoga truly is the “other half” of our practice, so if you are currently teaching Vinyasa or another style of yang-based yoga practice, join me for my Foundations of Meditative Yin Yoga Teacher Training Immersion.  Teaching Meditative Yin allows you to offer your students a complete practice that will be inspiring, safe, and sustainable for a lifetime.
Grounded firmly in Mindfulness Practices, we explore the poses as as “mini-meditation sessions,” supporting the development of our emotional toolbox, a mind that is steadier and less reactive, and the ability to live in greater harmony with ourselves and with the world around us. Teaching Yin Yoga & Meditation allows you to offer your students a complete practice that will be inspiring, safe, and sustainable for a lifetime.

Sagel is thrilled to be a guest teacher in Master Teacher Jacqui Bonwell’s Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, certifying her 300hr trainees in Meditative Yin Yoga.
This training will take place at Jacqui’s studio in Canton, MA from Saturday Jan 14 through Monday Jan 16 2017.  Please note that yes, the training will continue through the Monday holiday. Contact Sagel today to learn more about taking advantage of this very special opportunity.  To read more about the incomparable Jacqui Bonwell, visit her website.
Yogi Desai's classic book reveals how to repair and strengthen our relationships, including the most important one of all a€“ the one we have with ourselves. This program is suitable for everyone regardless of whether your relationship is with a spouse, friend, parent, child or yourself. Yoga Nidra is an ancient sleep-based meditation technique that works by dropping from the thinking mind, via the feeling state to the being that we are.
This Advanced Yoga Nidra Training is a continuation of the Yoga Nidra Professional Training.
How to best bring yoga nidra to populations such as kids, those with chronic pain and more. Would you like to learn to relieve stress, alleviate your symptoms, sleep better, and feel more grounded and calm? Schedule a session with Robin and she will show you how to incorporate proven mind-body techniques into your busy schedule that help you feel better.
Would your professional association or workplace like to learn more about mind-body skills for managing stress?
Would you like to learn more about incorporating mind-body skills into your psychotherapy practice?
Does your yoga studio offer specialized instruction in improving sleep or addressing trauma? The training includes a proprietary 200-page manual containing detailed information and inspiration for understanding thoroughly Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra and its applications.

Lecture with power point, discussion, receiving and delivering yoga nidra sessions, as well as guided yoga posture practice and time to integrate and reflect, allow you to embody key concepts of the five kosha levels of being and stages of yoga nidra.
You will leave this training feeling confident, enthused and delighted to offer others this gift. Emphasis is on empowering trainees and graduates to weave this timeless practice into their individuality and skill set in order to share it within their community, students, friends, family and loved ones.
It was a wonderful opportunity to deeply and completely go within, accept, rejoice and rejuvenate. The yoga practice itself supported the elements and made them very accessible and meaningful. Effortlessly, Jennifer Reis leads us out of our scattered and frenetic lives to a place of healing and peace. Registration for Jacqui’s Advanced program is now open and for this special training, a limited number of spots will be open to others interested in Meditative Yin Yoga Teacher Training. From this place, shifts that are difficult to make in the waking state can happen spontaneously and effortlessly in subtle states of consciousness. Using scriptural teachings of the Upanishads, we will explore the original teachings of Yoga Nidra as an esoteric and ancient mystical practice and will understand more about the anatomy of the causal and subtle body as well as the third eye. You will also learn body sensing exercises to aid those with trauma, PTSD and other forms of energetic blockages begin to move awareness back into the body as preparation for yoga nidra. We will have a more in-depth look at visualizations and image techniques — understanding how they relate to the mental and wisdom body, when to use them, and how to deliver them so they do not bring in the thinking mind. In our modern culture, yoga nidra can bring many restorative benefits to the body and balancing benefits to the mind.

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