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Clear your Mind, Purify your Body, Empower Your SpiritWe Invite you to join us at Yoga Oasis to experience the benefits of bringing yoga into your life. New StudentsYoga Oasis has been open since 2002 and has taught thousands of students, teachers, and people just like you. I decided to become a licensed hypnotherapist & life coach because I desired to see more vibrantly alive, wildly successful people.
Hypnosis is simply intentionally designing what you want and letting go of what you don’t via your thoughts and beliefs.
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In the year of his grieving, 2001, Scott Willis would hop in his car and just drive south from Brattleboro, Vermont, on Route 5, the back road through Guilford, into Bernardston, Massachusetts, Greenfield, Deerfield, as far as he needed to go until his equilibrium returned. Ten weekly sessions culminate just about the time the golf season opens in Vermont–and then it’s time for the Be the Ball Scramble for all current and former students. In his own case, he’s created a precise scenario that has him shooting a 68 on October 15, 2013, thereby lowering his handicap to four.
Tom has written about golf and golf travel for American Airlines’ luxury magazine Celebrated Living since 1999, and for Travel & Leisure Golf, Golf Connoisseur, Virtuoso Life, Lexus Magazine, Acura Style, Tee It Up, American Way, The Met Golfer and many others.

I have assisted hundreds of clients to address their suffering through hypnotherapy, a process that facilitates change quickly, easily & joyfully.
Hypnotherapy provides you with the ability to change your mind and body on a deeper level by harnessing the power of the subconscious mind (90% runs your life). Reiki or energy medicine is also another technique I offer to activate the natural wellness processes of the body, restore physical and emotional well-being. He would caddy for his dad and mom, he and his dad would play together occasionally, and the pair would frequently watch golf on television together. Then one day, motoring between Bernardston and Greenfield, he decided to stop at Sammy K’s driving range and hit out a few balls. How this is done can be interpreted in a bewildering number of ways, not a few of which Willis has studied. Pretty much like a round of golf.” Willis finds golf such an opportunity to really focus that he has occasionally put together “Meditation in motion” foursomes that play for nine holes in relative silence.
He suspended the class in 2010 in favor of giving private lessons, going a little deeper into the sports psychology angle, but he’s taking them up again early in 2012. Before his first golf article, Tom had established his chops as a beer expert; as far as he knows he remains the only member of both the Golf Writers Association of America and the North American Guild of Beer Writers. Imagine experiencing amazing clarity, peace & freedom even in the midst of challenging circumstances.

Allow your superconscious mind to become the biggest asset in your healing process rather than its greatest opponent. For a time hardly a spring or summer day went by when Scott and his friends weren’t playing or caddying out at the nine-hole Hooper Golf Course in Walpole.
Another day he veered over to the Northfield Golf Club, went to the practice green in a medium to pouring rain and just stayed out there, putting. In place of meditations that might begin and end typical yoga classes, Willis plays taped excerpts from the likes of golf psychologist Dr. And to that end Willis has created methods for players to become more factually aware of their games, and affirmations that help them visualize playing better. But he essentially quit the game after ninth grade, to concentrate on baseball, music, girls.
I think of it as a practice of three things: gratitude, loving kindness and forgiveness, mindfulness in daily life.
There is a spiritual component to it; I encourage people to connect to whatever that means to their deeper selves.

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