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Enter to win One year subscription to The Yoga Collective online streaming yoga classes (value $130).
I might be on the bedroom floor while my little boy naps or down in the den while the kids are playing. If you’ve been snowed inside for the last few weeks or having a hard time getting outside and staying active this winter, you can try My Yoga for free!
I never tried yoga, but I don’t know if my doctor would want me doing it with a hip problem. This sequence, created by Elise Browning Miller and including the poses Cow-Face, Dolphin, Half Moon, and Reclining Hand-Big-Toe, will help you cultivate a sense of strength, flexibility, and balance leading to complete relaxation in Anantasana (Reclining Pose Dedicated to Vishnu). I have been teaching Yoga since 2005 & I am committed to making Yoga available to all who wish to practice.
VINYASA FLOW YOGA is a rewarding and beneficial form of Yoga which focuses on the use of the breath to help develop a balance of strength and flexibility within your own body. I am pleased to recommend Tess Hayre for all your Yoga, meditation and wellbeing needs: as a yoga instructor for corporate clients, private and classes. If you would like to attend more than one class per week, monthly memberships are available. As with any physical activity, be sure and clear it with your doctor or medical professional before starting a new program. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible.

I’d check my daughters into the play zone and head off to a strength, cardio or yoga class.
Even after multiple attempts at checking him in so I can work out, he still gets so upset that he can’t calm down and see how much fun it can be. For a limited time, received a free 30 day online subscription to My Yoga on Gaiam TV with any Stayfree purchase! I would like to, but I don’t like going to the gym, It would be nice to be able to have it in my own home, on my own schedule.
My aim is to help people experience Yoga as a complete mind & body practice and to assist them in developing their own practice to a level which meets their abilities and potential. As a form of Hatha Yoga, this style of yoga involves the use of Vinyasa which literally means to place in a special way, consciously moving from one moment to the next, lead by the steady, audible flow of the breath. My classes are dynamic, challenging, structured and they focus on each individuals' progression.
Monthly memberships & 4 class packs are to be used within the calendar month they are bought.
The host Feeling Fit, and the sponsor The Yoga Collective are not responsible for injury or undiagnosed medical issues. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. I can pick the level of workout I want and can even choose whether I want a hard workout or something more meditative.

I teach Vinyasa Flow Yoga which is based on dynamic Hatha Yoga with a modern & creative edge. An important part of vinyasa is the use of stages or Krama which allows you to progress through your practice.
Void where prohibited.This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. Through my own experience, I have found Yoga to be a transformative practice with endless benefits.
It is important that you find the stage that is right for you so there is a comfortable challenge to your strength and flexibility.
Currently, to stay cool, calm and collected I take a time out for myself when I start feeling overwhelmed or stressed out. It helps that my kids are out of the baby and toddler stages so that they don’t require my constant supervision.

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