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These yoga mats are easy to clean and seem to feel better and last longer than most others. This award winning Yoga Kit for Kids is both a game and a teaching tool that combines fun, fitness and imagination. When my hands crawl through my legs and rest next to my feet, I can sit upon my arms as if they were my seat. This award winning Yoga Kit for Kids is both a game and a teaching tool that combines fun, fitness and imagination. On the reverse side of the card is a cartoon and a short rhyming poem - fun to remember and repeat - describing how to move into the pose. Music for Yoga CD (contains 20 minutes of energizing classical music and 20 minutes of soothing instrumental music).
The other day I had a moment where I was invited to look at my attachment to a situation, to look at the expected outcomes I had, and why I was so frustrated when my expectations were not met.

Yoga Kit For Kids combines the fun of pretend play with the excitement of a physical challenge! When I slowed down to look at my own frustration, I realized my expectations were laughable.
Indoors or out it provides hours of noncompetitive fun that develops strength, balance, flexibility and concentration. Kids imitate the illustrated photographs on the cards to pretend to be Dogs, Lions, Heroes and more!
But through my conversation with his teacher I realized my expectations may have been unrealistically high for this child. How can you shift your expectations and meet life’s circumstances where they are and hence where you are? He did do this for a short stint, but for the rest of the class he was off his mat, exploring the space around him, folding the mat over him, trying other mats on when other kids were off of theirs.

How can you honor the distance from where you want to be to where you hope to be finding your precious breath that helps you connect to the present moment? So that gracefully you can show up in the present moment of what is, finding the pure joy of the moment. I just was attached to him doing it better, to him perfecting it, and as I write this I realize where my attachment and hence my suffering in that moment came from.

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