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Getting children these days to get away from the TV or computer and get outside can be tricky; but it is essential to help our children grow and develop with the right amount of exercise and fresh air. One way to help do this is to introduce yoga to them at a young age, it helps them to become more flexible, strong, help to deal with stress and become aware of their own bodies and minds, as well as help to build their own self esteem confidence. Classes can sometimes be expensive, but you can find lots of information on yoga poses for kids that you could try and do at home. Make sure you read up all there is to know first, watch videos to make sure you are carrying out the positions correctly.
To help you on your way let’s have a look at a couple of basic yoga poses for kids for you to practice, and remember this is all about having fun too, so don’t show any inhibitions when doing this with your child. First you need to lie down on the mat resting your forehead straight down, keeping your palms on the mat just under your shoulders and your elbows sticking out.
Another easy one, and this can help to relieve the stress and tension, ideal for calming down especially after school or nursery or when getting a little tired. These are just two quick and easy techniques to use, and both work well for the child to remain calm, these can be carried out to start a session and even finish on too, and in between you can have more fun with bigger movements and animals, like a lion. This Week’s Pose (Wk 199) This Week's Pose is One Leg Wheel Pose (Eka Pada Urdhva Dhanurasan) Round 3.
With your mouth gently closed, place the tip of your tongue against the ridge of tissue just behind your upper front teeth, and keep it there through the entire exercise. From mountain pose step your left foot back at least a metre or more, ensure the outer edge of the left foot is parallel to the back of the mat. Take the arms out straight and feel as if your left fingers are being pulled towards the back of the mat while your right fingers are being pulled to the front of the mat. Slightly tuck your tailbone under and draw the belly in engaging the core and pelvic floor mucles.
Take your gaze to the right index finger horizon and stay here for five to 10 deep, long breaths.
Once you have your balance, wrap the right arm under the left arm, seeing if you can bring palms to touch.
It takes so much concentrated focus to keep the body upright in a one legged balances, it is no wonder we feel so clear and revitalised after completing balancing poses. In mountain pose ground down through your left foot pressing into the right and left ball of the foot and the inner and outer edges of the heel.
Engage the core, find a point on the floor to focus on and then lift the right leg, bringing the foot onto the calf or above the knee.

Once you have found your balance bring the hands into prayer in the middle of the chest or open the arms toward the sky.
While the sun salutations are not one specific pose but rather a set of eight, they are incredible for clearing and energising the mind and body. 11AprApril 11, 2015 by Marisa 2 Comments It’s been one week since I started my 30 days of yoga.
The day that I was actually going to start doing yoga, April 4th, ended up maybe not being the best starting date. So Saturday and Sunday both ended up being a bit of a flunk, but I was good to go starting on Monday.
I am not meant to, nor will I likely be able to, do every single pose perfectly or for the whole amount of time. I used to do yoga regularly but life got a lil hectic but I’d like to start back up again. Disclosure: I may be compensated for linking to other sites or for sales of products I link to.
Cobra We've seen you -- pushing up on your arms and into the floor so that you can mimic the exaggerated arch of this pose's namesake serpent. All the force you are exerting to arch your back concentrates at a narrow point in the lumbar spine, causing a compression injury and most likely, a very sore back. Though this may fly in the face of what you've always known a cobra to be, don't put any substantial pressure on your hands when you are moving into this pose, says Rowe. I became fascinated with the article on yoga poses; thanks for giving tips on avoiding pain with them! Get the kids out in the garden when you do this with their mats and wearing appropriate clothing and preferably bare foots, and if it’s a rainy day you can still introduce this great exercise indoors. If you have any doubts, then attend a local class to get the basics, or you could even ask an instructor to come to the house for a few one-to-one lessons to get you going. Breathe in slowly and as you exhale lift up your head and the chest, making sure you keep your tummy on the mat, and press your hands down into the mat. Kneel on the mat as if you are a mouse, leaning the head forward slowly till it also touches the mat in front of you, next put your arms alongside your body and keep the palms facing upwards. The important thing is to have fun with your children and learning about the many yoga poses for kids you can certainly do this. Bonnie received a grand total of 549 likes, 457 from our Instagram and 92 from her own Instragram.

We've got five yoga exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home before or after work today, to clear your mind ahead of the weekend. To give an idea of how this is done, think of someone using a bicycle pump (a bellows) to quickly pump up a tyre.
Completing five to 10 rounds of any style of sun salutation will leave you feeling focused and ready to take on anything.
Now, I don’t know if any of you are like me, but I actually have a really difficult time doing yoga first thing in the morning.
I am a web developer and self-proclaimed geek finding ways to incorporate technology into my daily life. While the graceful position is pretty easy on the eyes, it's not difficult to see how hard it can be on your spine. I am very hyperexstensive and blew out my back afew years ago, which makes yoga much harder for me than the average person. The idea is to stay still and quiet as a mouse, taking control of breathing, keeping it slow and controlled. We asked Kaya Health Clubs yoga teacher, Marike Knight, to give us her top five poses for greater mental clarity. If done properly, you may feel invigorated, comparable to the heightened awareness you feel after a good workout. The best time for me seems to be in the afternoon when I’m awake, my muscles are warm from being awake all day, and my work day is over. Make sure you feel your body lengthening from the front, pulling through your shoulder blades as you move into your arch. Most of these moves are accurate and actually make my back pain worse than any gymnastic moves I still do. If you want to do the more difficult poses, it's a good idea to have a yoga instructor examine your form closely. You should feel the effort at the back of the neck, the diaphragm, the chest and the abdomen.

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