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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. It can be easy to become attached to the strength-building challenges the Ashtanga and Vinyasa styles provide, however practicing restorative yoga regularly may give you added relief and relaxation.
Many students have told me that restorative yoga encouraged them to develop a personal meditation practice. To that end, I put together this Restorative Yoga ebook, called “5 Simple Yoga Postures You Can Do At Home.” To receive a free copy of the ebook, simply subscribe above. The moment I opened up the Yoga Resource Practice Manual by Darren Rhodes, I was impressed. The manual is simplicity at its best, with straightforward instructions and great use of graphics and fonts that are eye-pleasing.
The photographs are stunning and give an accurate depiction of each of the 360 postures covered in the manual. Another great feature of this eBook are the Sanskrit pronunciations offered under the photo of each pose. My favorite multimedia option of the manual is the video library that offers short videos describing proper alignment of select postures and sun salutation vinyasas. It goes to show you that even the most well-trained teachers still struggle with the same self-doubt as the rest of us.

One disappointment about the eBook is the inability to search for a posture in the index by the English term, as it’s only alphabetized by Sanskrit titles. I would have also liked to see a section under each pose dedicated to contraindications, alerting those with specific injuries and illnesses to avoid certain postures.
Amy Cushing is a stay-at-home mom and E-RYT® 200 certified yoga teacher pursuing her passion for writing. They work well as individual postures, as a grouping, or as a counter-balance to a more active practice. The eBook also makes excellent use of links, enabling the reader to easily navigate the pages.
Simply click the arrow under the picture and listen as a Sanskrit speaker articulates the selected word. This is especially helpful to new teachers or teacher trainees still learning the Sanskrit terminology.
The video of sarvangasana I, shoulder stand, which demonstrates the necessary use of props when practicing this pose, is worth the price alone, particularly for beginners and new teachers. His honesty let me know I was in good hands as I read through his compelling selection of poses. It could be difficult for the user to navigate the index if they are unaware of the Sanskrit terms for all 360 poses listed in the eBook. It is a thoughtful and well-designed approach to a yoga manual that has the user foremost in mind.

When she’s not chasing around two small tots, she can be found lost in a good book, cherishing quality time with her husband or having a much-needed laugh with her girlfriends. For those looking for a yoga manual that is easy to use, informative, true-to-form and with outstanding photos, then this is it.
You can search for the English term under the search feature on the i-Pad version, but many users may instinctively turn to the index first. She’s on a mission to find simplicity in life so she can spend less time pulling out her hair and more time appreciating those who matter most.
I highly recommend this eBook as a welcome addition to any yoga practitioner’s library.
She loves yoga and music and has been known to bust out a mean rendition of Itsy Bitsy Spider in times of chaos.

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