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At Earth Spirit Yoga we provide an opportunity for personal change which allows for a potent and tangible insight into our own true capabilities and potential. We can access the part of ourselves that is free of doubt and fear and release an extraordinary force within that is omnipresent and capable of liberation and transformation. If you have the courage to blast through the shackles of your own mind and perception then join us in Peru and Bolivia. At Earth Spirit Yoga we have designed our retreats & expeditions integrating a multitude of powerful experiences to create focussed, profound and life changing journeys for all who want to a€?thrive and excela€™.
We have two decades of experience working with powerful high profile traditional spiritual leaders, wisdom keepers and medicine people and a decade of facilitating our Wisdom Keepers Retreats & Expeditions in South America. We have the skills, knowledge, wisdom and the necessary vital connections and relationships to offer a professional and complete service. Due to demand we have expanded our range of powerfully transformational retreats & expeditions in South America to meet the needs of our clients. With a decade of experience our ceremonies are extremely safe, well orchestrated and refined. Earth Spirit Yoga works exclusively with traditional native Medicine People with whom we have a long standing relationship. The first chakra, also known as base chakra, is attuned to the color red and is located at the perineum. The third chakra, also known as the solar plexus chakra, is represented by the color yellow and is located between your spine and your navel. The fourth chakra, also known as the heart chakra, is signified by the color green and is located at the center of your chest under your sternum.

The sixth chakra, also known as the brow chakra, has an affinity for deep blue or indigo and is associated with intuition and mental clarity. Diane will provide you a window in Balinese culture, as well as a window into your own soul.
Diane has traveled to 19 countries and offered several yoga & spiritual retreats in Bali. Only 12 participants will be accepted, so hurry to secure your spot for this magical, spiritual journey to Bali, Indonesia. Plus, there’s plenty of free time to experience your own sacredness and go deeper while in Bali with self-renewal, reflection, and private time to wander our luxurious surroundings.
NOTE:  If you would like to wander on your own, please arrange for a rental car prior to arrival in Bali.
Bali Retreat PhotosA photo gallery of our Bali Yoga Retreats & Spiritual Adventures in Indonesia. Diane Cline, RYT, has taught yoga to over 7000 people and had several award winning dvds and CDs. Thank you for visiting Yoga InspirationsWe appreciate being a part of your Kundalini Yoga experience on Kauai! Locations include the Peruvian Amazon Jungle, the magnificent Andes mountains, the Sacred Valley of the Inka and the very stunning Lake Titicaca. They cleanse, purify, regenerate, energise and transform our very being to enable us to heal our bodies and minds and connect more deeply with our own inner knowledge, wisdom and power. They carry the wisdom and power of an unbroken and impeccable lineage as the health and well being of clients is essential.

Emotionally, it endows you with a sense of stability and security and is connected with grounding spiritual energies. It is connected to devotion and unconditional love as well as to the heart, blood, and circulation.
The Balinese live their spiritual practice on daily basis, hence this is the best place to expand your yoga practice & meditation into YOUR daily life. Sankara Pillai and Smt Kunjammal Amma and born at pulimoottil house in Eraviperoor village, Pathanamthitta Dist of Kerala, India. Our website will act as a media for the people to express their hope, emotions, attainments, failures and success in spiritual and material world to S S Yogi. The second chakra, also known as the sacral chakra, has an affinity for the color orange and is located just between your pubic bone and your sacrum.
It governs emotions arising out of communication, expression, and fl uid thought and influences the thyroid, the lungs, the nose, and the throat. Great spiritual subjects like Kundalini Yoga, Karma Yoga, Siva Sakthi Philosophy, Advaita yogam and after all direction for leading spiritual attainment life can be achieved through a meeting or regular conversation with this great soul.
It is associated with passion, creativity, enthusiasm, sexuality, and the reproductive system and is an important emotional center.

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