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I sort of eluded to it a little while back but didn’t want to mention it until I was fully immersed in it. I’m taking the Lifepower Yoga Teacher Training at the Center for Yoga in West Bloomfield and Birmingham Michigan with teachers Jonny Kest and Jason Hulshof.
I counted nearly 40 people in our course, which seems like a lot to me, but it’s not like I know from experience what a typical class is like. Fitting 200 hours of training into 3 short weeks will take a lot out of me, so excuse me if I’m absent. Hopefully I’ll be a bit more present on the mat and be able to share with you a whole host of interesting things that I’m learning over the course of my study. Samantha Menzies is an opinionated young firecracker who just happens to enjoy distracting web surfers with chronicles of her mildly entertaining daily pursuits. I spent the last year in a Karma Yoga program which gave me time to reflect and to study with great yoga teachers.  I want to become a yoga instructor because over the last ten years as my practice has deepened I  gained a tremendous insight into how to self soothe, to maintain my equilibrium and gain an understanding of returning to the present moment. I have chosen the school of Sadhana Yoga Chi Doug Swenson because his younger brother, David Swenson, was my first Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher. When this scholarship opportunity arose and I saw that Doug’s school was an option I jumped at the chance to study with him. If you liked this article and want them to win a free yoga teacher training, then make sure to vote for her by leaving a comment (scroll all the way to the bottom), and sharing this article on Facebook or Twitter. It is imperative that more yoga teachers facilitate the full experience and expression of the practice beyond asana. I not only loved Kerri’s article but know first hand how authentic it is as is she as a lovely human being! She would be a wonderful deserving recipient of the scholarship and her students would benefit learning not just yoga on the mat but living a karmic yogic lifestyle from Kerri. I really like the article because she is so genuine in every word that I almost could feel her thinking and talking all that out loud. Kerry, I loved your essay and I agree with you that we do need to find our inner peace, stop the chatter in our heads.
There’s nothing more rewarding than learning and then being able to pass your knowledge along to others, and in turn, continuing to learn from your students. Dream Job X provides career mentoring and coaching for yoga students who are looking to make money doing what they love.

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Suryalila is a unique and beautiful old renovated olive farm, located near Arcos de la Frontera, deep in the heart of the lovely Andalucian countryside, in the south of Spain.
The residency buildings are charming, spacious and beautifully decorated with an exotic eastern flavor.
The delicious meals prepared at Suryalila are gourmet organic vegetarian, with vegan options.
Envision Yoga® is a yoga sequence created by Vidya Jacqueline Heisel, which artfully combines NLP techniques with movement inspired by Kundalini and Hatha Yoga. The sequence works through the chakras, stimulating each energy center with dynamic movement.
Envision Yoga® is a transformational practice, which will profoundly change your own experience of and relationship to your own body, mind and soul. In this workshop, you will not only learn how to use this powerful technique for your own personal development but also how to teach Envision Yoga® to others. See what our graduates have to say about the Yoga Teacher Training Program for Envision Yoga®. There are people from all over the country plus me (from Canada, of course) and a guy from Mexico, so we’re an international group.
I am not always in the present moment but yoga has given me a road map and tools to return from my head and be present again. David is a very inspirational teacher and a joy to be around.  One of his best qualities is the sane and rational approach he has to yoga and life.
The ashtanga vinyasa system is my core practice, but I am also a practioner of yoga nidra, yin yoga and Iyengar yoga among others. Her commitment to the practice, her own self inquiry, and supporting others in community all contribute to the remarkable yogi she is. Learn to teach this powerfully transformative practice while enjoying the beauty of the natural surroundings. Surrounded by beautiful mountains, with sweeping vistas of lakes and fields of sunflowers, the Centre is resplendent in the endless sunshine.
There are both indoor and outdoor dining areas, a spacious yoga hall, and plenty of cozy hang out spots.

Through the use of personal self-created mantras and partner work, it allows you to reprogram yourself to effect radical change in your life and experience.
This will give you an exciting new form of Yoga and self-transformation to add to your teaching repertoire. He demystifies a complex and esoteric discipline with humor and emphasizes having a daily practice. Or, visit our Yoga Retreats page to explore beautiful yoga vacations from around the world. On your breaks you can relax by the inviting salt-water pool or sway in the hammocks in the olive grove.
The large and happy family of chickens will provide you with eggs and many organic fruit and vegetables are grown on the property. It is a fast track to move you from a small contracted, fearful and limited sense of self, to an expansive, unlimited and free expression of Self. I do not want to be a dogmatic teacher saying yoga  “must” or “should” be a certain way.  I believe it is very important to bring a breadth of information to class. I want to help people self soothe, alleviate even for a single breath the chatter in their heads and help them to find a way to live in harmony with their own personal version of reality.
I appreciate a vigorous and challenging flow in class, because for me it engenders mindfulness and a meaningful connection to my innermost kosha. Doug’s program includes a section on Karma yoga, which I believe to an essential part of the yogic evolution process. I participated in a Karma Yoga program in which I chopped vegetables in an organic kitchen at a retreat center for 8 months and washed dishes for 4 months.
This year of service, or seva, taught me a great deal about surrender and community and gave me a greater appreciation for who I am at the core of my being. I was able to break through much of my conditioning to embrace myself and my life without getting tangled up in the concepts of how I “should” live my life.

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