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No relaxation techniques mentioned either, which for me is always the way a yoga session should conclude. Having had a background doing yoga, I didn't find any of the postures too difficult to do, although as I've said above, they were all done rather quickly. I think this is a poor choice for anyone looking for a good yoga DVD to get them started with this wonderful form of exercise. I hope you will find the reviews at: My Real Life Reviews, informative, helpful and entertaining.
This is not a given or an assumption that should be made, especially at a beginner's yoga level. Some of the comments I've read elsewhere online from people who have tried this DVD and who were complete yoga novices found the postures difficult and overly challenging.

Not something that's only going to discourage first-timers before they even get started!
I'd still like to find the perfect yoga DVD for me to shake up my current routine a bit. Cheddar, our esteemed housecat, celebrity feline blogger and co-host of My Real Life Reviews, will also be sharing his perspective and unbiased opinion for all feline-related products. I don't know why I gradually stopped finding the time to incorporate yoga into my regular exercise regimes but I hope that I won't make that mistake again.
But I thought it would be nice to try something new at this point and that's why I decided to give Yoga Zone, Gentle Yoga a try. But yoga is so beneficial in that it helps me to slow down, chill, remember to breath (and properly) and stretch thoroughly.

My mom did her routines while I sat on the sofa as a kid and I know my mom enjoyed these quite a bit. I have a post over at My Poetic Path about Ed Allen and it's received about 10,000 hits since I wrote it. We felines (perhaps canines too?) are oh so flexible, not like so many humans I've seen.

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