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World 4 in Yoshi's Island DS takes place in the mountains of Yoshi's Island, becoming snowier and colder in the second half as Yoshi scales greater heights. The game follows the same story as its predecessor in which Yoshi and Baby Mario must save Baby Luigi after he is kidnapped by Kamek.
The game features all 54 levels from the original SNES game (which are the 48 normal levels and the 6 extra levels), plus 6 new Game Boy Advance-exclusive "secret levels" (6 secret levels). World 0 consists solely of a short and basic tutorial level, named Welcome To Yoshi's Island, only playable after starting a new file. World 1 takes place in a grassy plain, and gives a taste of the different types of stages in the game. Italic enemies are invincible, and Bold enemies are almost invincible (can be defeated under certain conditions). The Yoshi's Island Mini Battle code was changed (as the Game Boy Advance lacks and buttons) to , , , , (while holding the button). The Countdown Timer ticks down each second now, instead of nearly twice per second as in the original game.
The GBA version allows the player to carry up to 27 items at a time, rather than 25 as in the SNES version.
The original version had 21 red coins in More Monkey Madness (Extra 3), but the remake has the usual 20. All of the extra levels in the original game were modified for this version, most noticeably Kamek's Revenge. The sixth extra level of the game had its name changed from "Castles - Masterpiece Set" to "Ultimate Castle Challenge". As is typical for GBA remakes, the palette is lightened to combat the original Game Boy Advance's lack of a backlight. When Yoshi touches a Fuzzy in the original game, the background smears erratically and fades between random colors.
Probably related to the above, Red Coins were given away in the original; while yellow coins followed the rippling of the ground, Red Coins did not. In underground levels with "sparkling" ground, mushrooms and other foreground decorations sometimes have their palettes changed. The full length opening of the World x-8 boss music plays for all big bosses, rather than for just the Naval Piranha and Raphael the Raven.
In World 6-8, when being chased by Tap-Tap the Golden, the "path to the boss" music is played, rather than the World x-8 boss music. Several sounds in the original were replaced by sound clips similar to the ones heard in Yoshi's Story - most notably the Shy Guys' and Yoshis' voices.
When Yoshi jumps, flutter jumps, crouches, or throws an egg, he will make noises instead of having sound effects play.
Baby Mario's cry, which was a stock sound effect in the SNES version, is replaced with a new voiced cry by Charles Martinet.
At the world 3-8 boss, when Kamek appears, he says in the SNES version, "Give it up, Yoshi, you cutie without a navel! Aqua Lakitu • Bandit • Baron von Zeppelin • Baseball Boy • Barney Bubble • Beach Koopa • Big Boo • Biting Bullet Bill* • Blow Hard • Boo Balloon • Boo Blah • Boo • Boo Guy • Boo Man Bluff • Bouncing Bullet Bill • Bowling Goonie • Bubble Dayzee • Bullet Bill • Bumpty • Burt • Cactus Jack • Caged Ghost • Chain Chomp • Cheep Cheep • Chomp • Chomp Shark • Clawdaddy • Cloud Drop • Coin Bandit • Crazee Dayzee • Dancing Spear Guy • Dangling Ghost • Dizzy Dandy • Dr. Yoshi's Island DS is the direct sequel to Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, an indirect follow-up to Yoshi's Story, and chronologically the third video game in the Mario series.
The beginning of the game's intro, which shows the events that previously occurred in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.
Kamek and his army of Toadies steal all of the babies in the Mushroom Kingdom, as well as in other nearby areas.
Promptly after defeating Bessie Bass on a battleship, the Yoshis and the babies are swept away by a tidal wave in a storm. When Priscilla is defeated, Baby Wario decides to join a team of Bandits in hope of getting money. The team finally arrives at Bowser's Castle where Baby Wario and Baby Bowser are arguing over who gets to keep some treasure. The Yoshis save all the kidnapped babies, and the storks take all the babies back to their home, except for Baby Wario, who is homeless. It is then revealed that the seven star children are Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Peach, Baby Donkey Kong, Baby Wario, Baby Bowser, and a newborn Baby Yoshi, who hatches from its Yoshi Egg at the end of the game.
When a Yoshi is hit by an enemy, the baby is knocked loose from his back crying, and the star power - the source of the protective bubble that keeps the Toadies from taking the baby - goes down by one star per second.
Although Yoshi cannot be defeated in normal circumstances, he instantly loses a life if he touches spikes, lava, falls into endless pits, or gets crushed.
New to the sequel at certain spots are Stork Stops, which let Yoshis change babies, providing different unique abilities. Baby Wario is accompanied by a magnet that attracts coins facing it (even through solid walls) and can move Magnet Blocks and Magnet Platforms. Baby Bowser can breathe fire, but Yoshi cannot swallow any enemies, meaning he cannot make eggs (although Yoshi can collect eggs). There are five types of transportation that Yoshis can use to progress through various levels. The Kangaroo hops on its own, but pressing and holding left or right determines which way and how far it should go. A Yoshi Block is a block that transforms a Yoshi back from his vehicle form after it uses a Morph Bubble.
Stars increase the time that a baby is protected in the bubble when they are knocked off of Yoshi's back.

A Yellow Egg is an that functions as a normal Yoshi egg, but it can rebound off walls only twice (if it rebounds once, it becomes a Red Egg). A Beanstalk grows when its seed hits the ground, the seeds can be found in M Blocks or Winged Clouds.
When a Yoshi waits on a Stork Stop for a certain amount of time, the Stork will arrive and allow Yoshi to change which baby it is carrying. When a Winged Cloud is hit with an egg it will either create a pathway for Yoshi to use, give stars or an extra life.
Any flowers the player collects in a level appears in the goal roulette at the end of a level.
These are the Mini-games that may pop up if a Yoshi is able to get a flower in the Goal Roulette. There is a total of five worlds, with each one having eight normal levels, one secret level, and one extra level. These enemies can also be seen in the Island Museum after they hit by eggs (even if the eggs do not defeat them) in the actual levels. E entao, leitor(a), o que achou dessa versao Yoshi's Island do Super Nintendo criada por Zoki64?
In World 4-5, Baby Bowser encounters Yoshi and his party, and decides to join them on their adventure. Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 was released in 2002 and has a number of differences from the original surrounding gameplay, content and graphics, as listed below. Holding the up arrow on the makes Yoshi look into the air, causing the screen to move up slightly.
There are six new levels called the "secret levels" 1 found in each of the six worlds, making a total of sixty levels in the game. Every boss is just an enlarged version of a basic enemy that Kamek super-sizes with his magic.
The 2-Player option was also removed due to a link cable battle being only featured in the Mario Bros.
These are to the left of the Extra Levels on the map screen, and are unlocked by defeating Baby Bowser on level 6-8. The path the Yoshis follow to their goal is now in a straight line (due the GBA screen limitation), and spots have been added to the map for each world's two hidden levels.
As this is a remake, the credits list "Original YI Staff" under "Special Thanks"; it should be noted, however, that very few of the SNES version's staff members actually contributed to the remake. It sold 1.6 million copies in the US and was re-released in 2006 as a player's choice title.
Compared to its predecessor, this game has fewer levels, remastered graphics (although still in "pen and pencil" style), new babies, and a whole new adventure. The Toadies take the babies to Bowser's Castle, but the Stork comes in and attacks two Toadies, making them drop the babies they are carrying. They figure out that Baby Mario, once again, wants to save Baby Luigi and the other babies from Kamek and his Toadies. Meanwhile, after the Yoshis defeat Six-Face Sal, it is revealed that future Bowser and future Kamek are the ones kidnapping the babies and that they are looking for the seven star children. When Big Guy the Stilted is defeated, he leaves with Kamek, who then returns to Bowser's Castle and uses a Crystal Ball to check every baby they have kidnapped (with the exception of Baby Luigi, who hides from it) to determine if they are star children, which they are not. Supposedly, the Stork adopts Baby Wario and takes him to a raft where Baby Bowser's treasure ends up. Throughout the five unique worlds, a different colored Yoshi takes on one out of eight levels, with a mini-boss in Level 4 and a boss in Level 8 of each world.
All four hidden babies in order can be unlocked by completing boss levels of the Adventure Mode.
A Yoshi can also dash at a faster speed, allowing the Yoshi to escape from certain enemies, such as Chomp Sharks and slowly collapsing ceilings. A fire blast often is the equivalent of an egg, being able to break winged clouds and destroy dirt walls as well as melting ice, but the blasts do not bounce off walls.
To revert to normal, the Yoshi must either touch a Yoshi Block or wait until the time runs out, as the forms last only for a certain period of time. When a Yoshi goes through it, if it dies in the level it will be returned to the Middle Ring.
They can also be played via the World Map screen if the player obtains a total of at least 700 points in a world. They are usually stationary, but if Yoshi approaches them, they will attempt to fly into him. They are harmless, although stepping on them, throwing eggs at them, or using Baby Donkey Kong's charge defeats them. They only attack when Yoshi's back is turned and if an eggs is deflected off a wall at it, it is defeated. Gracas ao indiscutivel talento de Zoki64 na customizacao profissional de consoles, o Super Nintendo tematico de Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island e certamente o aparelho perfeito para relembrar uma das mais classicas aventuras de todos os tempos. However, this alliance is short-lived, as at the end of the world, Baby Bowser abandons the party as he attempts to go off with Kamek.
Holding the down arrow makes Yoshi crouch and if the screen has been moved up it will bring it down again.
The only exception is Prince Froggy, who remains at his normal size while Yoshi and Baby Mario are shrunk; he then eats them and the battle is located in his stomach. One allows the player to put their Game Boy Advance into sleep mode, or return to the overworld map.

Similarly, the Yoshi who completed the x-7 levels was red, but appeared hot pink on the map. Additionally, a "world select" screen was added, and if the player has not yet completed World 6-8, Baby Luigi is shown on World 6's spot on the world select map. Notably, as Hiroshi Yamauchi resigned from the presidency of Nintendo a few months prior to the GBA version's release, the remake's executive producer is his successor, Satoru Iwata.
When they finally get to the top of the castle, however, Baby Bowser tells the Yoshis to leave.
A flying rock hits Kamek's broomstick, and Baby Bowser lets go and falls down right in his treasure.
Yoshi, however, still has a small amount of time to recover the baby even after the Toadies have grabbed. In this museum, all the enemies the Yoshis have defeated with Yoshi Eggs appear as exhibits. Harder versions of all the minigames can be unlocked by collecting all the Character Coins in a world.
Yoshi has one hundred minutes to finish each level - even when the player presses the Start Button, the time continues. Letting go of the button makes Yoshi throw the egg, in Patient mode the player has to press the button again to make Yoshi throw the egg. The eggs do not bounce, but they go faster and create a miniature explosion that can grab more coins, defeat enemies, or activate winged clouds. The Yoshi, however, must touch the Yoshi Block to progress the level; otherwise, he is directed back to the Morph Bubble. Yoshi can jump out of the cart, but cannot Flutter Jump; he always lands back in the cart or on a higher track. Yoshi can throw eggs to defeat enemies, destroy gravel, hit switches and activate Winged Clouds. If it stops on a flower, the Yoshi is able to play a mini-game and can possibly earn 1-Ups.
Para dar vida a esta verdadeira obra de arte, foi utilizado um aparelho Super Nintendo europeu (cujo design e semelhante ao sistema japones Super Famicom).
Falando em snes, quem curte games antigos (e tb atuais) pode se deliciar com o videos do Cosmic Effect no you tube, recomendo. World 4, like all other worlds in the game, has a total of ten levels; six regular, two hidden, and two bosses. Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 was re-released on the 3DS's Virtual Console exclusively to 3DS Ambassadors in Australia on December 15, 2011, and in Japan, North America, and Europe on December 16, 2011. The other, which is a redesigned version of the original's pause screen, allows the use of items, and displays the player's current score for the level.
Not even Shigeru Miyamoto is credited in the remake; Takashi Tezuka, one of the original game's directors, assumed producer duties in his stead. Later on in the adventure, sometime after the defeat of Gilbert the Gooey, a group of Ukikis kidnaps Baby Peach. The four babies with four Yoshis fight against the Giant Bowser using Giant Eggs and are eventually able to defeat him. Some items count toward a score of 100, which is then displayed in the level select screen. If the player collects Red Coins, flowers, and Stars, time is added to the time taken to finish the level.
While Baby Mario stays protected in a bubble, Yoshi is also invincible while in these forms, but if he is hit, he is stunned and knocked into a certain direction, making him lose time. Yoshi Eggs can be rebounded off walls three times, but only if he is carrying certain babies, such as Baby Mario. Detalhes como o logo do game no centro da parte frontal do console, e o simbolo a quatro cores (azul, vermelho, verde e amarelo) do Super Nintendo no canto superior direito fazem toda a diferenca, deixando o produto final com uma aparencia ainda mais irresistivel.
Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 was re-released again on the Wii U's Virtual Console in North America and Europe on April 24, 2014, Europe on April 25, 2014, and in Japan on October 15, 2014. The Yoshis and Baby Mario find another baby, Baby Donkey Kong, who was left behind when the Toadies were kidnapping all the other babies. Kamek kidnaps Baby Bowser (while Kamek of the past tries to stop him), and Baby Bowser and Bowser get into a fight, ending with Bowser causing his infant self to fall out of a window of the castle. If Yoshi hits the bubble with an egg, the bubble gets knocked down, making the baby easier to reach.
When the eggs rebound from walls, from every rebound, they change from green to yellow to red. No controle, alem da combinacao reluzente de verde e branco, temos um Ovo de Yoshi cuidadosamente posicionado acima dos botoes Start e Select; vale notar que a coloracao original dos botoes foram todas preservadas pelo artista.
This probably happens because the Game Boy Advance is not able to handle the Super FX chip-powered graphic effects as well as the original. Baby Bowser lands on Yoshi's back and joins their team, although they are worried that he might attack them.
Se a imagem acima nao te convenceu de que esta e uma das customizacoes mais impressionantes dos ultimos tempos, assista ao video abaixo e veja este Super Nintendo tematico de forma mais detalhada. Additionally, groups of five stars can be found in Winged Clouds and crates, and goal roulettes give twenty additional star power, allowing the star power to max at thirty.

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